Solar Storm: Chabad Mafia Politics & Epstein’s Funding of Cybernetics (7-21-19)

Kyle talks about anti-White presidential candidates and other current events in the first hour and then gets into how Jeffrey Epstein is pouring lots of money into neuroscience, systems research, and artificial intelligence, which is quickly creating a very alarming future.

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White light thru a prism divides into all the colors of the rainbow!

Anthony Roberts

Is all this leading to a fake/real assassination attempt on (bad) actor Trump, or his lookalike? The shills left on jewtube, are linking something around bath house Barry’s foreign-birth day on 8/4. An Iranian sleeper-cell will be blamed, of course.

PS Good show, Kyle. I don’t envy you both having to decipher this netflix horror show.


I have to leave this comment from my mom, she says… Sophia is was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia, so technically these little Sophias are “spies” and mentions that Sophia said she wanted to have a family like humans do… and now she is releasing her “children”
Have to add that for her.

Thor's Disciple

Great show Kyle. Seeing all ‘Big Money’ is produced from not really working (ie jewsury), but off the people who are, it’s no wonder all these degenerates would magnetize with each other for some nefarious purposes…

Hey Kyle, you’re one of the very few men out there I find genuine. Even with our very different beliefs on the origin and veracity of the Bible, we both share a love and passion for our own people without an animosity towards others. You are also one of very few revisionists who have ever answered my email queries. I just want you to know I appreciate being able to share in the work you are doing. My best wishes. Jon