Solar Storm: Charles Giuliani – Controlled Opposition Christianity (7-28-22)

Kyle talks to Charlie about the Christian control over right wing reaction, the end times playbook, the role of Satan, and how the Bible is a load of crap.

Charlie’s Channels:


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13 days ago

Great to have you both back lads!

12 days ago

Hell yes! The Bros!!!! Thank you Charlie for coming back to Renegade you’re simply ❤️ amazing, and as always thank you Kyle for your weekly updates and just being real 😁

10 days ago

It’s great to hear from Charlie. I’ve been missing his great intellect and Christian bashing. Nobody covers the bible better.

4 days ago

Haven’t watched the whole video yet but wondering Kyle, if you’ve looked into this young woman Eva Vlaardingerbroek yet. She is saying all the right (no pun intended) things in her videos but also says the only way to fight the sheer evil of the enemy is with religion. See attached video link – She’s obviously very intelligent, very eloquent & looks amazing in front of the camera but she’s also all over the enemy’s media outlet Youtube speaking out very directly against the enemy. The main thought I’ve always had at the back of mind is that the eventual goal of the enemy is not to actually carry on with a “liberal democracy” as the ruling system but to in fact make all… Read more »

Reply to  Mary
4 days ago

Sinead did an article about Eva on her White Fem website, but unfortunately she took down that website and I couldn’t find an archived version of that article. The article was titled “White Women, Stop Running Cover for jewish Men.”

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