Solar Storm: Charles Giuliani – What Is Wrong With The Bible? (10-7-18)

Kyle talks to Charlie about his new book What’s Wrong with the Bible? (also on Amazon), delving into Charlie’s own experiences with Christianity and his extensive research into the problems with crazy cult and its teachings.

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5 years ago

Great surprise. Thanks Kyle and Charlie. My book is on order through Lulu. One channel I find interesting is Sun of Saturn. Lots of great info especially on languages and mistranslations. 😊

5 years ago

I was thinking Kyle helped Charles snap out of it. Kyle precede’s Charles with my religious delusions. I too was raised catholic and found it very creepy…

5 years ago

Does anyone know Charles e mail? Thanks.

Reply to  Frank
5 years ago
Some Guy from Aus
5 years ago

Hello Guys, Great Show, I have discovered something taking over some Christian Facebook groups, people are believing Jesus and are NO longer being a Christian LOL It is something called ” Israel Only Full Preterism ” After study you find out the bible is true but the truth is SHOCKING. Here are the Basic 2 things you learn – 1. Jesus Already came back in 70ad temple destruction 2. Jesus was NEVER mine or your saviour, Jesus was ONLY sent for ISRAEL —> Math 15:24 I believe all the Elect Gentile Israelite Christians ( Remnant from 12 tribes ) were resurrected/raptured at 70ad temple destruction when heaven and earth passed away. Ever since all the True Elect Christians left the earth at 70ad, Christianity has… Read more »

Reply to  Some Guy from Aus
5 years ago


5 years ago

Am interested in ordering the book. Is there a way to purchase anonymously on Lulu?

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