The Solar Storm: Chemtrails & Vaccines (1-26-15)


Kyle discusses the spraying of our skies, mandatory and unavoidable vaccinations, and the involved mind control.

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I don’t know anything about this stuff. My friend that worked as a midlevel functionary in a place that had a lot of caged monkeys and realized one time that every now & then a monkey would start rattling its cage real loud . It was his / her theory that the monkey woke up realized that it was in a cage and was never going to have freedom . The next day the controllers of the facility removed the monkey because it was disturbing the other monkeys . The skulls in the sky are always watching & listening & recording everything . In nature it is common that an alpha will organize the others into a group & they will every now and then… Read more »

The Jews are continually using Mind Control techniques to make Aryans think that they are evil monsters and that they (the Jews) are the chosen people of god, and have the right to dominate Aryan Man. Why do we continually buy into their rotten lies?

We kick them out for what we know is wrong, in what they do. Their christian poison tells us to forgive them. Rinse and repeat for 2,000 years. It must end 110 and never again

Nice to see another jew wise pro White speaking of the poison in the sky.
Most of not all jew wise people mock those who speak of chem trails.
If jews poison the water, the food, so on and so forth. Then why would the sky, the air we breath suddenly be off limits?
One would think since they are poising the sky why poison everything else? Because that how jews are. No care for life, especially White life and nature.
A good thread for those jew wise folks who scoff chemtrails off to browse through.

Also, Kyle have you ever thought of interviewing Scott Roberts?

Benjamin Garland wrote an article on the Renegade Tribune: ”The Chemtrail Conspiracy: Show me the Evidence”.
This article is well written, rational and filled with facts and it undermines Kyle’s position on this subject.

A civil debate should bring much clarity imo.

Regards from Holland

@pas read the link I posted. Other deniers should as well.

Thanks Chris, Robert’s long response debunked none of the counter arguments brought forth by Garland and he didn’t provide any proof for the existence of chemtrails (his eye witness report is not evidence) Instead Robert’s gets angry when being compared to Alex Jones, which I find strange because it’s a legitimate comparison. Roberts and Jones both put out that ”chemtrails are real” without having any evidence for their premise but ”eye witness” reports and “inside information”, which don’t hold up to close scrutiny. Roberts even goes as far as to accuse Garland of using ”jew tactics” which I found to be absurd. Those who make extraordinary claims should be asked for proof but I guess not for Roberts. His eye witness testimony is the end… Read more »
Hey… wait a minute , are you saying that there are world rich controlled orbiting sat.’s that ANY person rich enough can access that recorded & stored-(for the past 40 years on a daily basis ) vid. picture data for any city , town , place , & Zoom in on any car roof & follow its movement to any place during any day , on any day , for the past 40 years ? Its know wonder they always know what everyone is doing & where they are going & where they have been . Hell , they prob. remember more about what you did 35 years ago on a certain day than you do in their recorded doc.s & vid.’s. Also in theory… Read more »

And , with that new UT. data center , less Rich Anti-Whites will know more info. about EVERYONE on the planet so there will be less chance of leaks to the public goyslaves & it will make it easier to divert funding to Anti-White interests in secret. Its a Brave new world , 1984 was a good year wasn’t it I wish I could go back in time.

What if you found out I worked for the gov. , It doesn’t matter which one. Would it matter to you ? If I were you , I wouldn’t really trust that person because there would be to much potential that the person might belong to a different agenda even though that person might agree with (a lot!) of the true facts on here. If there was some way you could find out where people work -(Gov . national , state , city or private sector) you could separate out the people that are ACTIVELY supporting the Anti-Whites. It is also true that there are ALOT of private sector jobs / careers that support Anti-Whites & their White race genocide agenda as well but I… Read more »

Apart from listening to this show and reading Benajmin’s article some time back, I have not looked into this issue and never will, simply because I feel that I do not have the knowledge or know-how to determine what is factual. Nonetheless, here is another theory, I have not read it but scrolling through I can see that it is an alternative view to the others I’ve heard so far:

The True Purpose of Chemtrails?