Solar Storm: Choke on It, ZOG! (7-28-19)

Kyle gives some more information about Epstein and his connections to power, Boris Johnson and the jews, tranny grooming, jewish population statistics, holohoax math, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

Like Trump and all your previous puppets, the jewish supremacists have “groomed” bolshevik bojo to become British PM. To stay in a position of obtaining the leadership after all his so-called non-pc gaffes, means it was (((foretold))).

They now have another clown-at-the-helm, just as they prepare a major false flag event to start their third and final cull of White cattle. It’s just a cohen-cidence that he got-the-nod “99” days before the Oct 31st Brexit leaving date.

PS Cheers Kyle. There can never be too many delightful distractions from our overlords. The negroid-ball season kicks-off here next week, so that’s most of our fighting-age White men cucked and neutered for ten months. Happy daze!

1 year ago

The more filth exhibited before the most casual viewer’s VERY EYES we see everyday, it blows my mind how idiots still sign up for the military. I just don’t get it. Without their goyim army, THEY CAN DO NOTHING. They’re incapable of doing their own dirty work on a world scale.

1 year ago

Hey, I believe in magic and if you say that you Dream Jitsu choked Epstein, who am I to say you didn’t? Maybe you come from a long line of Druidic priests. I’ve accidentally done magic before. I’m not even joking.

1 year ago

Think that maybe the real Epstein is still out and about and that the individual in custody is a body double?

1 year ago
launches following petition against BJ proposal to give amnesty to illegal immigrants in UK:

Meanwhile you can all die of thirst:

-and any thirst for truth too will be stymied (I’m not seeing any pesonal names in this long roster):

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