Solar Storm: Christianity is a jew Coup (12-8-19)

Kyle talks about some current events then gets into how Christianity has acted as a weapon against White Europeans up to the present day.

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Very important and great show! “Animals are soulless beasts for us to exploit, have dominion over, and use as we please.” Hmm sounds strangely similar to how jews view non-jews. Obvious proof of their fingerprints IMO. One theory that I subscribe to is that they invented christianity to weaken Europeans while also inventing Islam for the arabs shortly thereafter, a very intense and aggressive religion, with the intentions of sicking the muslims on Europe to steamroll and destroy the Europeans weakened by Christianity (welcome the stranger, love your enemy, turn the other cheek, etc.). And it seems like they’ve had this long term mind-virus progressive software plan where Christianity would eventually update to liberalism, then Marxism/communism, to cultural-marxist neoliberal progressivism, with international racial marxist communism… Read more »


Probably more than anything else the Christ hatred of this site is why I’ve taken to boycotting it. I just can’t endure it anymore.


LOL! So much stupid in just 2 sentences! 😀


It is my understanding that Catholics invented Islam & used diff players;some wealthy woman,JesuitsJesuits?A coup ?The Apostles said they didn’t invent anything & were witnesses of everything.Jesuits,Jews,this that the Universe is not self existing nature is not God nor man.I still trust in Jesus.I see this as the only hope of immortality and freedom from the imperfect World & me.Go To Christianity Beliefs The Fuel Project,Christians against Zionism Facebook,


Thanks for letting us know you’re retarded.


Is this a comment or a plot summary for “The Da Vinci Code 2?” Truly riveting stuff.


Sinead will put this cuck’s balls in a steel vice if he dares accept Christ into his life. So instead of Christ he gets Sinead McCarthy. LOL.

The Bull

Is that you Shawn Slurp puss?


By his own recent admission he says he makes troll comments here just as you’d expect from a lonely manchild with nothing better to do so it’s highly likely. Poor bastard.


Dude fits all the traditional markers for a (((psychopath))), which is a condition brought about by torturous child abuse, which Slurpuss himself admits he was subjected to.
Psychopathy is just one of the many blessings yahgay has bestowed upon the world with his diaspora of infant genital mutilatng, baby penis sucking, child sodomizing supremacist chosenites.

“Psychopathic Child” AP Psychology
Taken from :


Further down the rabbi hole I ended up finding this seriously disturbing vid – ”Mother Love (1959) Full Film – Monkey Maternal Deprivation Experiments” Only supremacist soulless alien parasites could inflict so much suffering on other living beings for the sake of appearing more ‘human’. (((Their))) whole desire up to now has been to blend in, and slither their way to the top of every center of control and influence by their dark magic of usury. They don’t give a shit about blending in anymore, and the coming days will be more horrific than the worst nightmares of the survivors of the bloody Bolshevik revolution. Curiously, at about 18:18, the torturer’s describe the baby monkeys behavior as ”autistic”, which they claim are characteristics of… Read more »


You’re right of course Amber. This is very much the message being consistently broadcast via Renegade which ALL the detractors including O’Neill fail every single time to acknowledge. Their whole approach is very clearly just to criticize & attack the messenger – a simple over-employed method straight out of the Frankfurt school of non-logic ie. TJB ie. typical jewish behavior. O’Neill’s calling out of Kyle & Sinead as “kikes” is again TJB ie. simple projection. Everything this damaged manchild does is so clichéd he’s like a walking parody of himself! Despite him bolstering up his own ego by telling anyone who’ll listen that he “gets a lot of emails” & has “thousands of listeners” I think most people who hear this wanker speak for more… Read more »


The sad reality, is that Americans and hollywood watchers have been programmed to find depraved, grotesque, vile, perverse, and malicious – aka TJB – riddled content, such as at WTFradio as ”humorous”. While many are repulsed and over the ‘trash as class’ imagery, there are still too many that indulge in the brain poison out of boredom. I agree with you though, I very highly doubt that he has more than 15 listeners, maybe 30. Most likely he is being trolled by IDF agents to bolster his already inflamed ego, fueling him to run a network that exists solely to troll Renegade. It’s so obvious, but it’s worth repeating for those who don’t have the words to understand what they are witnessing – his agenda… Read more »


The classic quotes from Mr O’Neill just keep flowing! The guy is like a modern philosopher poet or sum sheeeeiiiit!

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Ah there is no unseeing that, Mary! A bizarre glimpse inside the Castle of Wa…I mean Wings.


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And that explains why he doesn’t have any children of his own, and why his ex doesn’t want anything to do with him. His best, and only bet is an internet girlfriend in a far away country, or a sex bot.
People really don’t spend much time thinking about the word vomit that leaves their mouth, or in this case, fingers.


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Jesus was literally a circumcised rabbi.

The Bull

Your name should be Jewishman, as you think like one.


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