The Solar Storm: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Einstein the MAD Scientist (11-6-16)


Kyle talks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes about his new book E=MC2 and The Jewish Agenda. Topics include: the promotion of the fraud Einstein, the development of the A-bomb, jewish espionage leading to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), Cold War politics, Israeli nukes and the Samson option, Putin’s power plays in the West, the election and much more.

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Nuclear thing is a hoax. Jewish invention. Marie Curie, Otto Hahn, and Lise Meitner were jewish.
Marie Curie real name is Manya Sklodowska (1867–1934). Born in Poland, Warsow chetto.

So was Neil Bohr and Michelson of Michelson and Morley fame (gentile Dayton Miller proved there is ether and it is in motion while the two kikes claim to have proved there is no ether, a ludicrous proposition).

What is the position of “no nukes” on Nuclear Reactors like San Onofre? I used to surf right next to San Onofre. What are these, if not nuclear reactors?

see this
We have NEVER got real picture of atom. Just drawings.

atom means indivisible. it’s supposed to be the smallest unit of matter. yet they talk of subatomic particles.

Go read Nicola Tesla, mendeleev, jj Thompson, Whittaker, Maxwell, sir Oliver lodge, and others from that time period on matter, ether, and motion. Kikes derailed everything they put forth and worked on. “Atoms” represent, in my humble opinion, based upon the aforementioned empirical researchers, geometric patterns of ether as a function of frequency. Go on YouTube and look up videos of people putting sand on subwoofers and then adjusting the frequency. The patterns that pop up are frequency dependent, but they are consistent. Now think of the sand as cohered streams of ether,the smallest particular mass in the universe, the fundamental building block. Those boundaries and patterns of sand are akin to the boundaries and patterns of electrons, and other sub atomic particles, on up… Read more »

The A-bomb movies show an enormous increase in gas volume and pressure, that’s what causes the mushroom cloud and intense winds. But where does the gas come from? The Ideal Gas equation is PV=NRT, and increases in temperature (T) will increase the volume (V) and pressure (P) of the gas. But the increase is so astounding that I have serious doubts. However, regular explosives DO generate lots of gas. There’s certainly room for some skepticism.

The Nuke Hoax: The most obvious sign for that this Sampson option is just a hoax is the lack of traces of any epicenter in Hiroshima. Rubble and stuff should have been pushed out from this center, across the streets and stuff, but there is no support in the published footage of this. Plenty of support in the footage for that Hiroshima burned to the ground like Tokyo and Yokohama though. If they lied about Hiroshima, when was the first nuke fired then? How about never?

Start your own investigation here, after not finding the epicenter in the Hiroshima footage:

This hoax is about as easy to reveal as the lolohoax.

There are articles showing that Chernobyls radiation levels immediately after the hoax meltdown, were lower than the levels in peoples houses where the house is built on granite (which has higher radiation). People with granite kitchen tops have higher radiation levels that in nuclear powerstation workers’ kitchens. It is a joke. Even that radiation poioning hoax of Litvinenko was a joke; how convenient that he turned Orange (Order of Freemasonry) while wearing the hoax green clothing.

I reckon (and this is just me) that 99% of all israels bravado and bullshit is media hype. I am sure of it. Yes they do ha the US and some serious weaponry, but as far as anything that would make them a global threat is utter twaddle. All media and PR stunts to make them seem to have godlike power over everyone. I say fuck it, call their bluff. Just like the little dog in the Wizard of Oz, pulled back the curtain and revealed the whole thing is just pure Spectacle. Pure nonsense, childish, loud and overblown schoolyard tactics.

And modern Hiroshima and Nagasaki are busteling Cities, and big ones, too. Would this be possible on a heap of atomic devastation?

Sounds like Christopher Jon Bjerknes just promotes the theory of atom, atom bombs, neutrons etc. but does not think they are a lie !!!

HE is just a atomic theory PROMOTOR !

People aren’t always deliberately promoting. The learning process is not linear, and even though some people have woken up on some level they are still beguiled by certain lies they have not addressed yet. This is why critical thinking is always to be on.

Bjerknes has inserted himself into this topic some years ago when a massive resurgence of studying teslas work was occuring. He has had sufficient time and exposure to figure out the jewish role in the energy topic. I get the sort of Jon gold vibes off of this blatant ignoring of the jewish role that has been discussed on many electrical and energy forums since 2007. The higher functioning tinkerers and builders on those forums have no illusions as to the jewish subversion, but then you have kike apologists at honeypots like the who are just waiting to patent what others publish as open source research.

Interesting discussion, but why doesn’t anyone mention the Protocols? They say that the Jews will make things extremely bad, then put their own guy up as leader, and he will be accepted by everyone. I don’t believe Trump is that guy, but it’s worthy of discussion.

eensteen worked in a patent office to evaluate patents (hmmm nice way to get to thieve people’s ideas), and had a lot of connections (as (((they))) always seem to have). He also had a publishing buddy that promoted his idea, I am sure it is all in CJB’s St Einstein book. Basically the whole of the narrative is constructed and manipulated so there is a kike in every single twitch.

cant make my mind about Trump (never voted in my life) Why 95% of Jews support and will vote for Clinton, and Jew-medias destroy him 24/7.. it doesn’t make any sense if he was ((their)) man

Very interesting show. In regard to the 6000 years to destroy the goy and then 1000 years of rest for the filthy jew, isn’t this current year 5777 on their calendar? So that would give them 23 more years to finish their diabolical plan. Looks to me like they are right on schedule, maybe even a little ahead. And the overwhelming majority of the silly goy are still fast asleep.

Kyle and Renegade are the best. Fuck the jews and their fellow-tribesman Shaun Slurpus.

My bad….that would be 223 years…..but it looks like they only need 23 years at most to finish their plan. They are way, way, way ahead of schedule.

Crackle pop
Went to the toilet
Plop plop plop

No doubt twee is a tribesman.

Why’s that? Are you so dumb you think only Jews find scatological rhymes amusing? Lol.

I could never figure out why the Boston Bombing was done by two terrorist from Chechnya. Now I have the answer.
Check out this video….

Enola Gay is: Alone Gay. The atomic skyfaggot.

I was in the chat room during the broadcast and brought up Edward Teller; Hungarian Jew involved with Manhattan Project. CFR & CNP member among other things.

See video:

Praise to Christopher Jon Bjerkas for not soft pedaling the truth a’bout the Jewish Agenda. We definitely need to read his book, which has documentary evidence proving the Jewish plan to exterminate all of us. HOPEFULLY, if ever again a Renegade host has on a guest who states that he works with Jews, that that host will at least ask him to name those Jews, and that never again it will have a host that on air apologizes for Jews, even praises them. No one has to be a jew; there are NO good jews. I also agree with Christopher positive message, that we CAN save the white race if we don’t relent in letting them know the truth about the Jewish agenda, and guard… Read more »

Re the Manhattan Project, I am under the impression that it was named that because Jews ran both, the project and Manhattan. I am so grateful to Michael Collins Piper teaching us how our Honorable John F. Kennedy tried the best he could to keep the Jewish State of Israel from getting nukes, AND to plan to take back the nukes from China. FINAL JUDGMENT.

Wasn’t an argument for the United Nations, was that it would bring peace among the nations?? Now it is an empty shell waiting for a (((Billionair))) to come along and empower it with money to do his bidding??

Just finished the whole show. I think this might have been one of the best Bjerknes show I’ve heard. Some of the suggestions that he made regarding Putin are very good and things that I had not considered and deserve very serious consideration. I’d have to put some my reservations about Bjerknes on hold based on this interview. All of the political moves he mentions regarding Putin are highly plausible and I don’t think I’ve heard any one else make these propositions to date. Well done. I can overlook the atomic issues as the result of him simply needing more time and exposure to earlier researchers, but in all seriousness the atomic issue is like 911. The how should be of greater concern to researchers… Read more »

I haven’t listened to the whole thing but have heard him before.
My main beef of him is his dislike of Hitler.

Was Hitler’s anti-Semitism real ? Who knows??

I don’t know if nuclear explosions are real. But there are a lot of people who got cancer from something..

Very new to the subject matter (flat vs. circular earth)

What would be the flat earth interpretation of the Red Bull – Leap from Space event?

About 3:05 shows a view from space showing earth to be round. I know other pics exist as well. Remember watching a documentary of another man who died doing this stunt back in the 50’s/60’s. I think I remember photos from the balloon showing a circular earth.

Just curious. But to be honest……………I really don’t care in the grand scheme of things. More just intellectually curious. It’s honestly sad to watch us fight over this.

4:14 — view of curvature.

so the curvature is because of the fish eye lens. if you look at 2:15 the internal camera shows the flat horizon at eye level. ask yourself this – if earth is spinning on its axis and orbiting the sun at a constant speed – why aren’t days and nights 12 hours long all year round?

Its the lens, you can see the pod clearly bending around towards the edges of the picture.

Interesting show, cheers gents. One doesn’t always have to agree with everything that’s been said. I don’t think the evidence provided Putin being behind immigration in Germany is as rock solid as we’re were led to believe by Jons statement. It’s pretty laughable actually when we have all the jews in Europe promoting immigration to make this reach. Just a thought

and what Drugs is Jon on takling about Russian being the agressor hahaha… You don’t really need to be too smart to see reality there. The show really took a dive after my first comment. Bless this fella.

Why is Kyle promoting the Flat Earth Lie and the Atomic Bomb Lie? Each night we have a round Earth shadow being projected onto the moon and exploding rocks cannot create black carbon smoke and yellow/orange flames. Very interesting when people promote lies and deceptions…

I would say atomic bombs are real. My father who has no reason to lie was in the navy in the late 50’s and early 60’s and was involved in the Bikini atoll atomic testing. He talked of seeing the bones in arm during one of the explosion. He was looking when he shouldn’t have. He also stated they would place the bombs at different specific heights and depths, some were placed on towers also. There were also ships placed near the explosions to study the effects. I remember looking at his navy scrap book as child and not really knowing what the mushroom clouds were on certificates for participating in the tests. He also stated he did get to meet Werner Von Braun during… Read more »

Not saying he wasn’t lying but he had to go along with them for the job, and would have believed them, like I did once.

High energy particles occur during these blasts, which in no way require “atom” splitting. X-rays are one emitted particle form.