The Solar Storm: Common Education for Goyim Slaves (7-30-17)

Kyle discusses the state of education, Common Core’s anti-White and perverted agenda, its jewish roots, the destruction of our instincts through indoctrination, learned helplessness, and how psychological experiments have been performed in order to perfect social control of young goyim.

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Great show Kyle. Super important topic. Education, or rather modern indoctrination and dumbing down, is ground zero for the parasites. It all begins there, for good or ill.

“The hips on the drag queen go swish, swish, swish……”

It’s holocaust time, boys and girls.

Excellent show! If I could hijack all the FM stations at rush hour drive time and broadcast this show I would. Guaranteed to wake up many with a hunger for more information on who the decision makers are and how they’re chosen for their agenda and not their credentials. Marxist egalitarianism is always a race to the bottom. In my grandparents day they use to advance (skip) or hold back students according to their abilities. So the standards remained constant and the question becomes how long will it take each individual student to achieve the next level. This is fair to all! And it worked in all white communities. Why? Because the worst behaviors were “chewing gum” and “talking in class”. They didn’t have to… Read more »

Try using an FM transmitter on your way to work tuned to a popular radio station. I don’t know if you can overcome the power of the stations but you’ll be closer so you never know.

I got the idea from an old host in the early days of Renegade. To be honest I don’t want to catch the legal heat. The point I’m trying to make is we could wake our people up if only they heard us. The facts are on our side. Imagine how many hits Renegade would get if Kyle got a 3 minute commercial on one of the major cable networks at prime time. Do you think they would sell him the time? At any price?

If his name was Spencer, Anglin or Duke they’d give him free time. They’d even pay him. Kyle is as ignored as the late Bob Whitaker. He’s doing something right.

Cities and towns are being destroyed by sh#t modern architecture, turning everywhere into a corporate shopping zone or condominium complex, often done by Jew-run development companies or funding. In the 80s they brought a Canadian rabbi, Paul Reichmann, over to London to ‘develop’ the Docklands, he called it ‘Manhattan on the Thames’. This was the template that was then rolled out over the West, with Jews and Arabs (Saudi funding) turning our cities into over-developed clones of Jew York, with no individual character and no soul.

Duke Pesta sounds gayer than that drag queen.


Great show as always .
Found it interesting as my children brought homework the other day and it seems the school thought it would be a good idea to spend a full term on humility which is defined as :
the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.
I explained to them the fallacy of this idea and what detrimental outcomes this can lead to .
Great thing to be teaching our children that they have no real importance or special qualities.
Thanks Jews .

Regarding BIll Gates, I’d guess the rich are the most easily coerced since they have so much on the line. Would you be a traitorous slave to the Jews if you had $50 billion on the line? The money system is so problematic in so many ways.

The poor guy with $10 in the bank and kids to feed risks the same if not more. A billionaire who is poverty stricken by only having $599 million is “suffering”. Lol sure sure

It’s why the first million is the hardest after that people are begging to be your friends and take there money first born virtue etc etc. T poor man often is the virtues man

Interesting the caller made fun of family’s staying together “children” returning home what losers”. Every culture the tribe starts at home working together so the next generation can supplant the sacrifice of the previous one

In the U.S. We are taught to kick out our offspring and pretend our job is done our linage dead. Most countries ours included in times past family’s sleep in the same room with built in caregiver grandparents passing on information and history of the clan

Many Americans go back to day one of this country without a foot of land to call there own

It’s why they need to brainwash us night and day as Jews steal it all

Yeah, keeping the family members fighting and isolated and all living in different pretty houses they have to slave away to attain — that’s precisely the Jew agenda. See this: (About The Banking, Capitalist & Communist Housing scam)

No idea why you were downvoted. It says right in the Protocols that inherited wealth and united families are the enemy.

“and pretend our job is done our linage dead.”

Perfectly said. Are you really Cobra Commander? You can see it today in America the boomers are more interested in living it up than in leaving any kind of genetic legacy. And they seem to drink beer all the time…..

Nah I go by the Latin version online since the 90’s. Decided not to confuse the kids. Sometimes I put Rex in front

Nature is full of animal slaughtering animal for food. The whole vegan thing was very much a Jew construct and provably so. It went with whites being only allowed gruel and liking it

What is lost in seperating us from life and death is an instinctual appreciation of either. It’s why offerings were made for a good hunt often bringing the wit and strength of the clan tribe together as women collected nuts berries and the like

Now money is god we pay homage to the whore and her minions prophets the Jews

The jew doesn’t want you to live long enough to collect your retirement, That is if your lucky to have a job & make it that far.