The Solar Storm: Confederates in the Civilian War (8-13-17)

Kyle speaks about group conformity and how easily people are psychologically manipulated, then gets into the Unite the Right rally, which he covered in a recent article, with Sinead also joining in to discuss the fallout from the events and the assorted cast of characters involved. In the second hour Kyle talks about slavery, the Confederacy, and the role of jews such as Judah P. Benjamin.

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Wow, some publicity for Hellstorm from none other than Paul Craig Roberts!

The jews have to keep young, intelligent, wholesome White women from joining us, hence the white sharia & THOT narrative. They know these women would wake up all those gullible, well-meaning but simple guys, who were there for the buzz of fighting and defending, at Cville.

The crash was staged with ZOG agency stunt actors and innocent people as “collateral damage.” If there was a murder, that would be an added bonus for the jewish media’s headlines. It was choreographed, like Diana’s car being conveniently forced to drive down the tunnel in Paris. Great analysis as always – thank you both.

You guys are spot on. It is getting scarily clear how they are turning the white folk into the next mainstream, over sensationalized evil boogey man. Post 9/11 it was middle easterner’s, but now with the ”minorities” outnumbering white Americans, the tables are turning faster and faster… If this shit keeps chuggin’ along uninterrupted, it really wont’ be long before white men, women, and children will really be in threatening situations EVERYWHERE, just because they are white. And by everywhere I mean even on the front lawns of their homes, they won’t be safe. Once the ”minorities” realize they out number us, it really will be akin to a light rail ride through South Africa heading towards an Indian future. ”Prayer” is not enough christards!… Read more »

Very interesting show, Kyle, thank you. The rabbit hole gets even deeper when you realize Faith Goldy is an MTF tranny: I’m also very suspicious of Richard Spender; I believe he is an FTM tranny. He’s got those doughy, shallow features that FTMs seem to possess. His wife obviously is a tranny, and trannies always marry trannies. She’s probably his handler.

I was there but they would not show in the media what I was saying over the megaphone to the counter protesters. I found a clip of me, but the new just talks over me an any sounds.

Because I listen to Renegade Radio and read Renegade Tribune, the Unite the Right rally unfolded before me as if it were scripted….(gasp!) And especially the car stunt. You alerted me to the real agenda of the infiltrator (((leaders))) By colluding with the jew mayor, the outcome could be assured and the media is certainly following their script.
Kyle, your voice impersonation of Jared Taylor is spot on and hilarious!

This regime is using Deception and Staged Atrocity events to demonize us. You must understand that this regime is using basic Counterinsurgency Deception techniques here. This kind of operation regards the general population as center of gravity of the conflict. The “insurgents” become a secondary objective. Therefore, the COIN force must earn the trust and support of the people to isolate the insurgents. This is done by word and deed but strategically decisive factor in COIN is the control of information. What kind of “control of information”? Faked events. Faked digital video and high resolution still images. Complicit media parroting rehearsed narratives. I suggest “we” stop “theorizing” in unsophisticated ways and start teaching people how this kind of Deception works – who is doing it… Read more »
Kyle, there are pics of JP Benjamin in the queens barrister uniform. He looked like he never did anything else but that job. He’s smilin’ like he’d never heard of America. Bismark said he was in office with Benjamin and he heard him talking about splitting America and giving one part to Lionel and one part to James Ratchild. That’s when Czar of Russia told them he would strike in Europe the first army that struck Lincolns forces. The bankers had Spanish, English, Austrian and Italian forces in Mexico ready to move north. Maximillian was assigned Emperor of Mexico. He was Austrian not Mexican as movies make it seem like. Odd? Them lying about history. You should see book covers sold in America about Lord… Read more »

Great show once again , I don’t know how but you guys manage to find gold on almost every dig.
Many thanks .

Anyone advocating violence in threads should be assumed to be a fed trying to incite other’s to violent acts.

Kyle, you’re mature beyond your years. Honor and respect to you and your bride. She’s talented to the gills also. Your kid has very honorable folks. He’s lucky.

– Honorable Mr. Hunt. I have a few questions and statements. Thank you for your attention. Do you know how i can find the music in this piece specificly and in general ?If there is some sort of listing system concerning music that i don’t know about i would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me. So much of it is extremely magnificent. – What is your opinion about Bill Rhyes and his narrative? Apparently Bill is approving of Anders Breivik’s deed on Utoya. I don’t know about that, but in many areas i can’t disagree with him. – Where can i view your drawings or paintings? – I recommend Natural Reader as text to audiobook software. I use it to read Hunter… Read more »
Hej lga lga. Jeg har set din youtubekanal. Det er fantastisk, når man en sjælden gang møder ligesindede landsmænd. Jeg er også en dansk nationalsocialist og jeg forstår, hvorfor nogen må synes, at det hele virker nyttesløst, men tab ej modet min ven, for besættelsesmagtens greb løsnes, imens nationalismen blomstrer i enhver krog af vores smukke land samt i hele Europa. Lysere tider er lige rundt om hjørnet og de internationales undergang et blot et spørgsmål om tid. Et spørgsmål om hvorvidt vi kan finde modet og lysten! Og tro mig, når jeg siger, at de nødvendigheder er vi mange, der har fundet, for vi har både sandheden og retfærdigheden med os. Du har ret i at DNSB stort set ikke eksisterer længere og det… Read more »

Hil Thor.
Sikke et navn. Jeg ser frem til at skrive med jer.

Outstanding show. One of the best. Keep runnin’, you will get in the endzone and score big for ALL Americans. Must take my hat off to Renegade. It was new info, “they look white to me”, was priceless. Great zest and motivation. Fair minded to the max.

As for my previous post, please disregard the part after “good show” as the product of a very bad day, triggered by my own hypersensitivities to anything relating to the war on pain patients (something I definitely need to work on). I hope people take note at how Kyle and Sinead allow all types of comments, even unfair ones. I don’t know about you, but to me this says a heck of a lot about their characters.

So the garbage pile known as VICE has a video out. It might be worth saving for evidence to analyze as they were there the whole time and interviewing all the alt-right controlled op characters. I haven’t made it through the whole thing yet but I think because there hasn’t been an organic open growth of white nationalism that they’re deciding to push the anti-white agenda by lighting the fire themselves. Here’s a screenshot of one of the characters tied in with the chaos star emblems. It’s tattooed on his arm so I think it’s safe to say he’s a member of whatever club they have going. People should keep an eye out for more of these characters so they can be doxxed if possible.… Read more »

The (((Solomon))) Asch experiment like most of these experiments of that period were designed with a political agenda(anti white authority). Some have even been debunked and their mostly left wing participants have admitted to acting up. The Stanford Prison Experiment is an example of this. The main prison guard was a jew playing the character of a evil goy.

Can someone save me some time and define who “we” refers to in these comments. So you are not the Alt Right. Are you certain groups? If so, who? Or just a bunch of individual whites with no group? I am trying to understand who all the players are on the right. I am looking to get involved. So AltRight seems to be more like White Supremacy. That isn’t me. I have listened to Spencer and that isn’t me. I don’t believe that the USA is for the whites only in any way. But I do believe in Honest Equality that includes white people. We have to stand our ground firmly against those that wish to destroy us. A line in the Defense of White… Read more »
About Quality/Equality Equality is simply a weapon that lowers all potential future quality down to the lowest common denominator everytime a choice is made. Nothing is more destructive than the idea and pursuit of equality. The more equality the worse the effect. Have a look at this. The grade (E) is the lowest grade before complete faliure. That is (F). What the enemy wants is (E-)quality which eventually will become an F when everyone is gone even the enemy itself. What we want is (A+) quality for the well-managed population of our planet. Furthermore we want the entire grade system to reach new heights of standard that none of us could even hope to imagine but to a limited extent know the direction of. The… Read more »

ok, i will keep searching.

Guardian of Scandinavians response on YT: “There are some interesting theories and explanations as to why the alt-right would be controlled opposition, but i have a hard time believing them. I actually like Spencer and he was a key personality in my redpilling process. ~Peter”

Wow they keep it up they’re gonna being labeled as Pro-White-Genocide and exposed for it.

I understand that you do not want violence Kyle but at this point there is no avoiding it if the white race is to survive.I believe Saturday’s rally kicked off a war that cannot be turned back.The pro whites need a genuine leader to rise out of the ashes of the initial defeats they will experience.If that does not happen whites are doomed.

Violence that results in no change? Sorry. That sounds pretty retarded and counter productive. It’s time for violence against the ACTUAL criminals and not some dumb brainwashed millennials. Yesterday kicked off a JEWISH narrative and for you to be so idiotic as to celebrate this, just shows why we haven’t gotten anywhere in years.

If you think that that Staged Atrocity Rally kicked off some kind of “war” – and you’re encouraging violence… Well, thank you for identifying yourself as an Agent Provocateur. This regime is acting fully within the “Law”. Staging Faked Atrocity events is perfectly LEGAL here in JewFuckistan. And turds like you are encouraging “Violence” in response to a completely made-up faked scenario? Wow – thanks. Please go back to your daddy anglin the mixed race midget FBI asset. Leave now.

She was making the point that you want to support beating down people who are retarded on the left and we need to cut the left/right party politics. It gets us nowhere. I don’t agree with Sinead there but you have no reason to call her a fed for it you may as well call Daddy Duke (I’m sure you love sucking his tits like most), KikeFront, Fed Spencer who chills with Laura Bush, Vladimir Jewtin and Jew Donald Dump. The point is we should not be beating down innocent people like Antifa or ‘leftists’ they are (when not fed agents dressed up, which is very common!) retardified. I mean, there’s a lot of retardified cuckservatives out there too. Should people beat them down? Sinead… Read more »

That was my first reaction to gammaray’s comment. Usually when some one steers a conversation in that direction they’re fishing for some condemning statement that can be used against you. I didn’t like it when Jeff on the Round Table was soliciting ideas on how to genocide the Jews. I think John Smith handled it well.

Good show. Saw the preview for the “opiate crises.” Well you guys should be pleased: DEA looking to cut hydrocodone production by another third, greater push for even more incarceration and civil asset forfeitures, and in general, pushing more LEGITIMATE pain suffers onto the streets. Great news right Kyle and Sinny! I mean just conveniently forget and omit to tell the gullible idiots that opium has always been around and revered (Jefferson’s opium gardens at Monticello), that there isn’t any historical outrage against this substance unlike booze, the fact that tobacco kills hundreds of thousand more per year than opiates; that booze kills tens of thousands more than opiates; that processed sugar (leading to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease) kills hundreds of thousands more about… Read more »

Oh gosh I think you’re onto something! …NOT

Uhh I’m confused. Did titus have a beer before writing this or am I just lost?

I don’t know that they promote drinking beer much at all. I’ve heard them talk about it, but not much at all and from the sound of it Kyle/Sinead don’t even drink often or all that much. Don’t see the big deal on that part.

How do they promote the ZOG Israeli Drug War in USA?
They don’t. Renegade has discussed topics such as this.

Chris Dorsey, yeah I’d agree. He’s right about a lot of things. I wish he were still on here but that is besides the point.

I don’t know what else to say I’m a bit confused at your comment here Titus.

Titus, are you growing poppies or cannabis for yourself like Mr Jefferson? If not now, I imagine it’s on your “goals” list right? Maybe you live in an area where growing these PLANTS are restricted / prohibited…. So the solution would then be…?