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Joel Reid
10 months ago

Hearing Kyle speak about The Handmaid’s Tale, I had to check it out. In the sixth episode of the first season, several Handmaids are taken to some party, as a privilege or special outing. To a party for the upper echelons of their society, the ruling class. One of the Handmaids says, upon entering the venue,..”I think I came to a Bat-Mitzvah here once” Just one of those little things, I guess. And had to point it out.

10 months ago

Oh how the leopard can never hide its spots

Steve the bicyclist
10 months ago

Them pentecostal nut jobs love their gibbering blather! They are a special kind of crazy, and the only thing blacks fear is crazy! Pentecostal people are also a smug ignorant group. Perfect for blacks! They get the benefits of rhythmic gibberish and all the attention of a voodoo possession without the chicken blood mess. I figure it’s a way to put the “genie” (monkey) back in their bottle. Remember, the jews controled their slaves with chriSTAINity long ago. I think they want to Catholic them. Lots of pomp and rituals to satisfy them. Make them feel important… Blacks are a very superstitious group but they don’t like Latin! My guess is they want to unify – and reorganize – their jewsus game. Complicate it to… Read more »

roland avery
Reply to  Steve the bicyclist
10 months ago

i understand your general sentiments ty

roland avery
Reply to  roland avery
10 months ago

i think the assemblies of gawd are the most brainwashedthe pentocostolist in far in the rear here

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