The Solar Storm: Countering the Cult of Ugliness (11-12-17)

Kyle discusses the war against beauty by a very ugly cult of degenerates, what motivates both sides, why art is so important, the role Christianity played in the destruction and degeneration of “idols” and “icons”, Medieval man-babies, how beauty can uplift communities and more.

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We can all become our own Aryan masterpiece; as best as the gods and your genes allow. Nourish and strengthen your soul in nature, well away from jew ugliness. Be brave, get active!

Happy 5th birthday RENEGADE!! Thank you Kyle & Sinead for all your hard work and sacrifice. You both epitomize the Aryan ideal: strong minds, good hearts and beautiful spirits. Hail to you both, your little one, and all my Renegade brothers & sisters.

Beauty is the root of all things, it is the inspiration behind all true Aryan agendas. From art, culture, religion, social and even political all share the same root, Beauty. It is our duty to seek out the beauty in all things and to bring it forth. The leader in modern times has been reduced to an authoritarian, economical archetype, the tyrant. Adolf Hitler sought the beauty in this ancient position, he brought forth and old but new archetype. he showed the people the true form of the leader, such as compassionate will, heroic idealism and the natural beauty of duty. Our enemies ridicule our sentimentalism our childlike wonder, they cut from the root all our achievement and re plant it in the ugly. They… Read more »

Your solo discussion on medieval Byzantine depictions of babies is deep, with dark implications of the psyche of the Christ insane. So forgive me for experiencing a long fit of deep laughter that is not a frequent occurrence in my life. Sometimes, when facing the choice to laugh or cry….one just has to laugh. Thanks, that was great!

I think this speaks for itself,: Pope Gregory the Great 590 – 604. The accidental sight of english youth exposed for sale in the market place at Rome, excited Gregory the Great’s first wishes for the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons. He was struck with their fine and beautiful countenances; he inquired who they were, and was informed that they came from Britain where the inhabitants were all of the same complexion. When he heard that such an interesting race were still Pagans, he groaned heavily, and exclaimed “why should the powers of darkness have such splendid subjects ! why should the mind be so dark when the body is so beautiful ?” On hearing that they were called “Angles”, the sound immediately associated itself with… Read more »

Here is the reference from which the above I posted: From: “Lambeth and the Vatican: Or, Anecdotes of the Church of Rome, of the Reformed Churches, and of Sects and Sectaries, Volume 1”

Had a long text written -but – if something is perfect, what else is to say. Thank you Kyle for this show and all the work. Congratulations for the fifth anniversary. The topic was so well chosen for the celebration!

Profound show. The beauty of shining eyes…the fresh flower of youth and the seasoned man or woman of character.
Also, is this a factor in biocide? The drive to turn us away from god in nature, to the abstract in art and life (the virtual).

Interesting thought. Art has always been the re-presentation of nature. After all, what else is there? Is it perhaps to live in a self constructed “sanitized” version of reality, where we have control as the artist. Is it a sign of a failing in life? Does a squirrel have the desire to look at a painting of a tree, and what for?

Beyond nature, cannot art also exist as a response or reaction to our inner workings, our fears, disappointments, inspirations and aspirations, even our dreams or other-dimensional abstractions? The whole emotional spectrum, from bliss to despair. This would include the psychological, the spiritual, the absurd or the fantastical. Maybe we don’t fully know what art is. Jus’ speculating. I do know that I look to art for what it moves inside me. No movement = bad art. Snob, ain’t I?



I am sure it can. Art just means “artificial” which means man made or, not natural. It is an expression, but also something that can enhance and take nature to another level (like architecture) if the Law is adhered to. In fact it is violation of the Law that causes ugliness and horror. It is perhaps our best task to elevate nature by using our natural creativity and connection with the Law which allows this.

I cannot be 100% certain that “…it is violation of the Law that causes ugliness…” Some philosophies assert that that there are things we take on, burdens and challenges, that are there to bring lessons or provide growth/learning. It’s possible The Law encompasses that. You may be right, but like I said, I am not fully convinced about it.

You may refer on the concept of catharsis? If you like, go a bit down in the comments you find some of my thoughts about this concept. An interesting discussion. As much as i like to find answers I like to find questions.
Skylgarir had the opening comment. The Nitzsche citation.

What I mean by that is the kind of things that we have i.e. explosive energy: using decay forces as a means to live, basically a bastardisation of natural Law. The source of Beauty/aesthetics is not really possible to be known or adequately defined; in its essence which is beyond this realm. Think of a photo; yes you can see the information/scene but it is only a snapshot of the experience and information of the real world that was there when you took it and that information is not possible to be contained in that photo, it is only a reference as such, a memory an expression. You could say that aesthetic is the intent of a Creator to make the best and most beautiful… Read more »

ARt = from the ARyan if you ever follow Nikolai Levashov .. just saying.

Good call, very interesting. THe language also reveals as also it can hide.

Art began, so I think, as the materialized expression of spirituality by creating a symbol or sign for aspects of nature and the assumed meaning behind the sensual perceptible. I think the first art was created in a state of trance, may be ritual induced, but this is speculation. I will look into it. Of course in the moment you paint or carve you leave the wholeness of nature, you may be in search for and that an animal has with nature, because the will enters. Even in a state of trance, and inspiration can be seen as related, the separation still exists. The concept of the Muses comes to mind. These Goddesses bridged the world of the gods and our human world. The concept… Read more »

I meant that the show made me think of the theology behind biocide – like that this is the cutting of the grove on a planetary scale, so we finally worship the abstract sky god, not nature.
This interview on 5g is really good, Susan Clarke, on biocide / genocide – she gets deep into spiritual aspect. At the end, the host wonders if planetary biocide is one long death ritual to the god of the shadow powers. Not wise to JP, but fill in blanks.

Our enemies have even been able to manipulate and pervert the meanings of our words. For example, “Platonic describes a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical. If a guy and a girl hang out all the time but aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, they’d describe their friendship as platonic.” I’ll agree with the first part that a “Platonic” relationship is supposed to mean a “Spiritual Relationship,” however most platonic relationships today are far from “Spiritual.” Furthermore, what is left out of this definition is the growth and beauty of such a relationship, which could and is supposed to lead to Tantric Intercourse (a combination of physical and Spiritual sex, which leads to Alchemical ascension, the combining of the Divine male & female), which is… Read more »

While platonic friendships with the opposite sex are great they are not more spiritual than sexual relationships. In nature without contraception the sex act often ends up combining the spirit of the male and female and creating a new person who has traits of both parents. That really is a divine act.

Even Christianity for all it’s faults promotes a healthier viewpoint on sexual relations between men and women than current propaganda. It’s one area where it’s teachings actually make some sense.

Another brilliant show by Kyle. It adds a new depth and texture to my never-ending disgust and hatred for the filthy jew and the blood-drinking, flesh-eating Christ-tards. Did anyone catch the name of the book Frank mentioned about the jew-fucks starting Christ-Insanity? I couldn’t understand what he said.

Great show Kyle, much appreciated. I loved listening to Sinead’s show after yours, and had a hearty, much needed laugh over the thought of ”Waifu with a porpoise!” Living in the jewish nightmare matrix, it’s hard to find the humor amidst all the ugliness. A return to beauty and virtue is inevitable!! Thank you for sharing my comment earlier in the fall over the Oregon fire situation.. Fortunately, our home and family farm was spared from being incinerated.. I wish I didn’t have to wonder what’s next. Last winter, our area, which is typically very mild, with little to no snow, had 4 feet of snow accumulate in three days! We were out of power for two weeks. Almost everyone was taken by surprise and… Read more »
also, Heidi Klum – I couldn’t help but look up what her children look like – and there is absolutely NO WAY that her (I think) eldest daughter Leni was fathered by Seal… I highly doubt her three predominately black children were birthed by her either, they look too black to be a product of such a gorgeous white woman. Some of her ”pregnancy pictures” are highly suspect, and we all know how easily they are faked. Call it speculation, but that beautiful woman is just another, deadly example of MK Ultra Sex Kitten / Monarch programming, designed to destroy the Aryan woman via race mixing with totally incompatible races. Truly evil. I remember when they first ‘got together’ – it was cringe worthy then,… Read more »

I should have searched ”Leni’s” biological father – it’s not Seal – some Italian dirtbag (nothing against Italian’s, just hollywood pervs).
Seal just plays step dad… (gross!)
It’s obvious you don’t get gorgeous when you make mongrel.

One of things that always bothered me about the fake god of the bible was his need to be worshipped. I really can’t stand that personality trait. Anyone who displays it I instinctively hate and consider a pathetic overcompensator. People who accept such a lowlife god as the creator of all things really should think about what their god had supposedly said in the bible.

Excellent show, a very fundamental aspect, force, I may add. I think it was Nietzsche who said; that the only justification for this world is an aesthetic one, or something to that effect. When you look at it, beauty is more than just appearance. I think this should be a repeat topic. Would love to call in and discuss because this is one of my main loves. It runs very deep and is possibly the reason beyond reason.

Hmmm… “The only justification for this world is an aesthetic one.” That’s quite a conclusion Nietzsche came to. I have not read enough of him to know how love might have played upon him. I did read that he struggled with relationships. I am all for aesthetics, but when love reaches an all-encompassing devotion, aesthetics may become secondary. We find ourselves in so many different places in life, from luxury to squalor, high aesthetics to depraved struggle. Yet there, beneath those externals, some love will endure whatever, just to remain with the other. This is not to validate or enhance victimhood but just to recognize that sometimes there’s a fire that leads us where it’s not beautiful. I’m imagining standing at those proverbial pearly gates… Read more »

β€œit is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy/The Case of Wagner

So there you go for the exact info.

What do you mean when you say “when love reaches an all-encompassing devotion, aesthetics may become secondary”?

I think that you might be considering aesthetics in not quite the right way.

Thanks for the quote.

I think of aesthetics as beauty, and an ordered beauty in nature, in the creation. I think I answered your question on the “secondary” point in what I wrote above. Hope you’ll read it again. If not, I’ll try to explain myself better.

This is more to be read with question marks, but I throw it in anyway. β€œThe only justification for this world is an aesthetic one.” Aesthetic is a philosophical concept which contains beauty but more than that. Since Nietzsche who sure could see aesthetic centred in a still European context going back to the Greek and with a hierarchy in mind this has changed profoundly. Aesthetic as a tool or concept to find and create meaning in a world that comes apart and as a compensatory force after the “dead of good” was lost or better wilfully destroyed by jews and aesthetic has been deconstructed and is used to deconstruct. Today art is still used to define and redefine a common worldview or perception and… Read more »
I have great respect for anyone who takes on languages other than the one he or she grew up with. No apology necessary. I did not understand every single word you wrote but from what I did you make some powerful and compelling points. You helped me see the inserted trap of it (art) that has stolen the essence of creation and fuels captivity. I did not realize how far back it went. It is conversations like these on this post that can rescue it back. I feel so much more on my toes in terms of the next time I might view a new painting. I’ll not be able to look at it without asking what the artist is serving. It could be that… Read more »
The modern “aesthetic” (or whatever excuse for it) is that there is no distinction between beauty or ugly, or at least that distinction is fading. This is also the communist notion of “equality” where everything is separated from it’s essence and symbolically interchangeable, hence why we have this mental illness of “gender fluidity” which is absurdity in one of it’s purest forms. The thing is that the jew destroys standards and difference, so that everything is a mass of utter garbage and “equal” meaningless trash. The jew is fundamentally no good at anything, the are nothing other than cancer in anthropomorphic form, and as Kyle said they have to control it in order to change the rules so that whatever THEY say is beauty goes.… Read more »
Ugly seemed to have been launched in the 70’s with the Star Wars movies. From there it took off all the way to threatening and grotesque. And you’re right, Kyle, when beauty is again elevated and revered we will start to heal and remember and move forward unencumbered by rampant ugliness. And yet, when you mentioned VanGogh, my ears perked up and I was prompted to spend some time with his paintings today and realized that art, like life, does have a place for ugly. I think it springs from pain, which likely springs from abuse or confusion. It signals when something is wrong, needs attention. I looked at Vincent’s face and it was so connected to his sorrows, his challenges: financial stress, mental isolation,… Read more »
Good point about art having a place for ugly. Beauty is much more than just art. It’s a driving force in human nature just like sexual attraction. It also makes up part of the sexual attraction force but is seperate from it. People are drawn to beauty or at least their ideal of it. Whether it be paintings, architecture, music or beautiful countryside the desire to be near beauty or possess something beautiful is almost universal. Each race has their different take on beauty but is drawn to it nevertheless. It’s hard for normal people to understand why some want to destroy beauty around them even if no monetary gain is there. Maybe people who have ugliness inside are uncomfortable around beauty because the contrast… Read more »
I do understand your perspective but remembering the moment I was confronted with van Gogh’s art as a child and even a Hollywood movie about his life, I would prefer not to have been exposed to it. I know now how it influenced my perception of the world and even the localization of my self in this world when I was forced to see through the eyes of a very disturbed artist. Art has massive power and you can’t undo the change of perception and the process it started in your bran easily. If there is a place for the ugly in the art then we have to know what this does to our brain or soul. To make it more clear – we can… Read more »
So sorry to hear what happened to you, and it’s too bad that was “forced” on you as a child. I do, however, believe one CAN “undo,” if not the initial perception, the ill-taste or trauma it may have caused. It is possible to heal from that. And life moves one into the greater world, where beyond art, one comes across different forms of ugly everywhere. No longer sheltered as a child, one faces it and tries to see its purpose. I wonder if at some point you came to see VanGogh’s mastery and the profound beauty he painted along with the not-so-beautiful. For me, in just looking at one of his works, I am brought to catharsis, and I am humbled, almost purged. .
Yes, one can undo a lot but first has to become aware. And yes, there are very beautiful pictures in van Gogh’s oeuvre and I can fully understand how you feel about them. But I have to admit that even the brushwork of van Gogh can be too excessive to see for me at times because I can feel the gesture or emotional state behind it. The picture ” Prisoners exercising” showing them going in circles is often on my mind when I see our people “walking in circles” and not lifting their eyes not even aware of the walls around them. It’s ugly but true. But what I wanted to say with my example is how very powerful art is. I can hardly imagine… Read more »

Thank you. Appreciate your input, as well.

I am now wondering if art is, in fact, subjective. Hmmm, that’s an ages long consideration.



Oh, yes I think that the perception is partly subjective because you read a picture a bit like a text with your personnel background as a filter or reinforcer but the other part is, or so I think it is, cultural and genetically inherited perception. But back to van Gogh and this has nothing to do with himself and I do not want to change your perception of his art. I think he was used as a tool to install the character of the “disturbed genial artist” who lives among ignorant people. This is a sort of archetype created as a door opener for more and more disturbed geniuses which the Art Mafia and Hollywood like to present. Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, both became Hollywood… Read more »

Well, gotta say, I see Vincent and Pollock as a 180. But you may be right about all the contrivances. As far as art as purely subjective, I guess I house an inner idealist that thinks it may also have universal absolutes. Perhaps like the perfect sunset.

Philosophy is so damn endless.

What’s the deal with Ezra Pound’s account of the Byzantine Empire relating to Ewes ? was this just made up in order to promote “Christianity” ?

Thank you for the interview. Beauty, like Nature, heals, restores and uplifts. Art can also serve this purpose. I am thinking of the Italian Renaissance Masters; Sandro Botticelli springs to mind and, The Birth of Venus. There are artists who are indeed tortured, but their work can also heal and inspire: Brett Whitely, Vincent Van Gough-for example- and yes, both took their own life; the former through the self-sabotaging (drugs and alcohol). It takes courage to be vulnerable and to open up the creative channel ; to paint, to sketch, to draw…with integrity and truth; the world can be harsh and alien for the truly sensitive soul. Art is needed for expression- we live in duality and there is joy and sorry; beauty and ugliness…but… Read more »

The funny thing about beauty and ugliness is that we can describe something as such without actually being able to define exactly why it is beautiful or why it is ugly. It is something we can usually agree on but it can’t be written down in a formula.

You could get a hundred people who all agree something is beautiful and not one could really tell you why. Beauty is something indefinable yet we are all drawn to it and repelled by ugliness. You’d have to assume that it plays some sort of evolutionary or survival role in nature.

Here’s a kicker for the christards, “Iaysus” or “Jesus” was a derivative of “Yayhoshua” (Joshua), which is a stock European name and “christ”, is a Greek term “kristos” which means lord, master, sir, NOT capital LORD as in THE LORD. Call it “lost in translation” or more appropo: “deliberately trifled with by a grotty jew in translation”.

I put sarcasm HTML around the “which is a stock European name”.

Why create division amongst a white stronghold? All white men in any religion is an asset. Why create more enemies? A mans religious beliefs are subjective and personal to him. But, genocide is an issue of nature and tribal low level conflict. Also, the Bible is an esoteric encoded text that was intentionally put forth to the GOYIM just to mock your ignorance. They have no problem putting their esoteric ideas in front of the goyim. It’s insane you have never took the time to break down the numerological and cosmological nature of whats in the text. They laugh at us and call us cattle because people like you are just like the people you condemn. You’re so interested in physical division, white and black,… Read more »

The bible might contain numerological and cosmological code but that doesn’t make it any less harmful or any more spiritual. The people that wrote it deliberately hide the truth form people then think of them as ignorant. That just makes them assholes not the superior beings they imagine themselves to be.

Thanks, but please leave the discussion to those with brains larger than a particle of dust. Thank you.

As Li Hongzhi says in in the second volume of Zhuan Falun, “The Buddhist school holds that everything goes through the stages of formation, stasis, and degeneration. Formation means taking shape, while stasis means remaining in a certain phase.” (Page 25 of 50 in this PDF file: )

Screw Li Hongzhi ! Some things go through formation and self improvement. This guy sounds like god’s approved eugenics expert. The Buddhist is an extension of the yewish mind. πŸ™‚

Then what facts do you have for any proof, other than the Dalai Lama, that Buddhism is Jewish or Satanic? Also, if the following sounds like a eugenics expert, think again, perhaps: “I saw Master’s [Li Hongzhi’s] law body come to me last night when I was considering how to cooperate with fellow practitioners on a task to validate the Fa. Master’s law body was huge and I was tiny in comparison. Master put me in his palm and put a golden yellow robe on me. He then put me into several project teams of various sizes, some with just a few team members, and others with dozens. I was responsible for different tasks within these teams. I was able to observe myself using… Read more »

Buddhism : the first Religious Endorsement of a Multicultural Melee which ended up with the Degeneration of an East Aryan Empire, 7,000_years_ago, and that which remains is a failing Cast System in that region, perhaps ..

Li Hongzhi actually outlines the history and details of Buddhism in his work Zhuan Falun (both volumes), both of which may be incredibly different from the opinions and “understandings” of people with poor spiritual insight (and possibly poor mental insight). In fact, it is taught within Buddhism, that no two or more cultivation ways can be mixed together. (For example, those who practice Pure Land cannot and should not practice Zen, or Tiantai, or Huayan; and those who cultivate in one of the three aforementioned practices can’t and shouldn’t practice other cultivation ways, perhaps including but not limited to anti-war Islam.) Also, the Buddhist school regards little of ordinary human notions and attachments, such as those concerning money or fame, so if the men and… Read more »

Also (from Zhuan Falun Volume II): “The Buddhist school takes human matters lightly, and in its view, who knows how many parents a person has had over his many lifetimes.”

β€œThe Buddhist school holds that everything goes through the stages of formation, stasis, and degeneration. Formation means taking shape, while stasis means remaining in a certain phase.”

Yes, things are born they exist then they eventually evanesce back from whence they came. This is common sense obvious in absence of Bhuddism, so what are you getting at?

I’m suggesting, that this Earth is in a state of degeneration as evidenced by the presence of ugly “artwork” and “music”. And that a new Earth is possibly in a state of formation as evidenced by the fight against modern art.

Oh. Well it certainly is in a state of degeneration, that I can state with certainty. I suppose it would come down to which agency prevails. Whether that is on account of some cosmic wheel of Yugas, that will eventually cycle back to the Golden Age, or NOT, is something that I am deliberating. There are some fundamental assumptions in either case. Although the Yugas do describe the current state of things, I am skeptical to the notion that things will tick round and work out again. It could be that things have been declining from day zero and only because of some hidden agency ((())) constantly at work to bring it down.