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Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

You maybe right about 5G being the latest jewish toxin that triggers our body’s ‘waste management’ system into elimination mode. Their faulty beeping-box test devices would then pick up that particular damaged cell matter….and it’s off to the jewlag!

Trump also passed the 5G Bill (Gates), or the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act 2020”, on March 23rd (two 3’s), which was six days into, and an obvious distraction, this chaotic damnsemite er, plandemite…oh pandemic!

P.S. Cheers guys. It’s so nice to hear common sense. Btw, “challenge” vids? Got my chips, fizzy soda, comfy sofa and besides some dodgy christardary and Antarctic nazis, watching Russianvids on jewtube was a breeze. Pffft, got the burping sown up, too!

Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

Happy 131st Adolf Hitler’s Anniversary (for those like me who wish to celebrate it). Thanks for the program Kyle & Sinead. Cheerio.

Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

More confirmation about the Coronavirus bollocks: ‘Respiratory Doctor Blows Whistle on FAKE VIRUS PANDEMIC’ (April 20th, 2020) Holocaust Lies Exposed

A very good question asked to Trump-dupes at the end of the video.

Ed in Salt Lake
Reply to  Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

No such thing as a ‘respiratory doctor;’ it’s a respiratory therapist!

Ed in Salt Lake
Reply to  renegade
2 years ago

I was basically referring to the terms usage in the field, not whether they exist existentially. And I was being constructive and not de-structive! Also, the gentleman in the video is a RT and not a doctor.

Foster XL
Reply to  Ed in Salt Lake
2 years ago

Ed in Salt Lake said – “No such thing as a ‘respiratory doctor’…”

Sounds like you WERE saying they don’t exist by that statement right there. Would’ve been better saying that the video was probably just mislabeled 😉

2 years ago

Hello Kyle (& Sinead) -Thanks for your great work over the years – I’m a long time renegade listener. I’ve been in the Shadows for a while, observing & learning. Just feeling this whole thing out went through a tough road getting here, everyone thinking I’ve gone mad with my conspiracy theory mindedness (now people are finally looking much differently at me. I seem a whole lot more respectful, they have tons of questions),Of course, like most, I started out at AJ because of a 911 vid, worried about illuminati, feared Germanic Death cults lol, satanists etc ventured on to DBS (french connection), found John F, J Kaminski (listened to them for hours & hours to finally get to “sneakrulers”) from them I found SR… Read more »

Reply to  plannedemicDOTcom
2 years ago

I think you can’t focus on the money problem enough. Naturally one of the main motivations for a plannedemic on this scale is to manage the financial fraud that the International Jew uses to spread and increase it’s influence. Most of the country is in debt that ( under the current system ) is impossible to pay back. So what is going to happen is that people are literally going to become perma-renter serfs ( more than they are now ) OR theirs debts will be leveraged to accept policies that attack the real wealth in this world even more ( Northern European Bloodlines ). It will be interesting to see the direction that bailout policies take going forward. I actually do not have a… Read more »

2 years ago

I’ve been banging my head against the wall for years trying to wake my sister up to our plight. The other day i showed her Sinead’s bitchute, the Taylor Swift parody and another with commentary by Sinead, and she thinks Sinead is the greatest thing, watched her videos for hours, and most important, she’s waking up, researching and sharing truth. Yesterday, she got banned from faceberg for sharing jew stuff and Sinead vids. Lol But that just showed her these pedos real face, mask off communism. I think she relates to another woman and how Sinead doesn’t take any crap. The down to earth, unscripted fire from her, she relates to, iimo. Just thought i should tell you guys that your work is making a… Read more »

Janet McAuliffe
2 years ago

Lol Sinead made it into Owen Benjamin’s podcast! (1st five minutes) he even comments on the jewish angle!

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