Solar Storm: Hugh – Cult Killers in Clownworld (10-21-18)

Kyle speaks to Hugh Wyatt. They discuss his cartoons, the “Satanic Panic”, Ted Gunderson as controlled opp, Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set, Israel, Manson and Vampires, connections to pro-White personas, the Manson murders, how TV/movies & reality influence each other, some of the most influential horror films, and so much more.


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Anthony Roberts

Halloween is just one more sacred festival that we have allowed them to bastardize into a filth and consumer spectacle.

Very interesting that the latest movie in the halloween franchise is the “11th” version and has James lee Curtis reprising its role.

PS Thanks Kyle and Hugh for your thoughts on this horrible subject.

Foster XL

I dread this time of year now because basically it’s just hordes of non-whites dressed in poorly put-together shitty part-costumes they bought from dollar stores roaming the streets knocking on doors expecting you to give them yet more free shit. It’s bad enough that the government gives them free shit from our hard-earned taxes but now they expect us to hand it to them directly when they come knocking on our doors at Halloween? The sign at my gate says “NO DOOR KNOCKERS! THIS INCLUDES HALLOWEEN! WE ARE CELEBRATING SAMHAIN – DO NOT DISTURB!!!”


iirc, ambrosia was mead and or honey, hence the nectar of the gods. I could be wrong on that, but it makes sense for a number of reasons.


that is the official definition, which Crowley perverted; I was unsure when I brought it up on the show.
then there’s also this Ambrosia

I remember seeing that clip of the Jewish woman on Oprah. She was saying some days good was bad an bad good. She was from a Sabbatian Jewish Family they believe that the laws of Judaism are qliphotic shells that need to be broken to get to the light of ain soph. There was an interesting site called Don Meh West by this Rabi Yakov Lieb, but I think he died, so the material is not easy to find. Although I got some of his talks in audio form still. The Sabbatians are like a Left hand path branch of Jewish religion though basically. I was in the ToS from 1999 to like 2002, but they had this overtly middle class approach to Xeper (willed… Read more »

Foster XL

Nearly all the white “new age” pagans & reiki-practicing wiccans with animal spirit guides who want us to “all just get along” I’ve met are middle-class twats with (masters) degrees in forensic psychology or some such BS! They’re mostly also virtue-signaling pieces of shit who live in gated communities or private camera-monitored roads with other whites & talk non-stop about helping refugees & sleep around with asians between their “serious” white boyfriends (yes, most I’ve met were female). These people appear very intelligent academically but very dumb when it comes to “reality”.

Yeah most occult groups are worried about being huge membership organizations raking in dues, rather than elite initiatory order thats will produce the leaders necessary to make the world an more just a free place.

Why in the world would you listen to a damn rabbi and keep its recordings? Also, why would you be involved in the Temple of Set cult for three years? I find this to be very strange, and suspicious!

That Rabi Yakov Lieb had some interesting talks on: Zohar, Bhagavad Gita an dream interpretations. I got into ToS cause the LHP path of liberation always appealed to me an that lead me to Societas OTO eventually where I found out about Neo Sabbatians, but qabalah in relation to alchemy is what got me looking into all that. I found out about many things through the ToS Edred Thorssons is a magister in the Tos an thats how I discovered esoteric runology an Germanic Paganism. Likewise I found the Fourth Way teaching in the Tos as well. Edred Thorsson was in the CoS before the Tos. Many left the CoS to start the Tos cause they where butthurt about LaVey making famous people members if… Read more »

Heathen Vegan and others could have taught you about the runes – the NSDAP also used runes in their party – I just don’t trust any rabbis – oh, well, that must just be me coming down hard on any rabbinic teachings! There are some good, short videos on the Runic alphabet on youtube – but you better hurry, since YT is removing everything and anything about our history. Thanks for explaining

Renegade Vids could be used to display a videograph, that teaches the Runes.

ETA: The same goes for history and everything else.

I used Edred Throssson’s Rune Song, Furthark an 9 Doors of Midgard program. I have them all in pdf on my site here.
If you work with the runes an the mediations they become a part of you. Doing the hammer hallowing ritual an signing them an vibrating the names astrally around you helps to learn them as well.


Why do you always write “an” instead of “and?”

Too much use of and? I try to to use things repetitively in my writing.


Great discussion, great topics, great show kyle. I have had some of these same Q’s (and many others relating to music and culture in general) over the years. How far back does it go??! I had decided that the Templars found a blueprint of human psychology to explain the last few hundred years, but it was with us before that as well. Seems that whatever “they” can make us imagine has a chance of “Becoming”. Crazy crazy shit man, I guess be careful what you imagine might be some good advice….and definitely stay away from as much of their mind fukery,/thought poison/soul pollution as possible. Yeah, I know huh, good luck with that. At least we should call it out when we see it. I… Read more »

A list of resources for the article “Gender Dynamics in Weimerica”:

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Aren’t several other people as well, who go by the name of Hugh Wyatt man?


as far as I know, there was an “A Wyatt Man” affiliated with the autright a while back; kinda why I dropped the ‘mann’ part from the handle. I don’t think Kyle was aware of this direction on my part when he wrote the description and went off the Tribune posting which predates the change.


There is a saying, “Divine beings watch what humans are doing.”

Good and evil will be repaid accordingly. –

Close-mindedness is NOT intelligence or a manifestation thereof. (

Tarring anyone with the same brush or wishing ill of anyone won’t benefit you. –

Your “Subversion-Pushing Addict” of anti-Communist literature,

Esther Brown – Twin Falls, Idaho