The Solar Storm: Daniel Hammarberg – The Abrahamic Impact (10-16-16)


Kyle speaks with Daniel Hammarberg, author of The Madhouse: A Critical Study of Swedish Society. Topics include: the current state of affairs in Sweden, the role Christianity has played in uniting Europeans and also tearing us apart, Martin Luther and his thoughts on jews, how relationship between the sexes have been changed, how Muslims and jews work together, and what ideally should happen in our lands, and much more. Music list

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Daniel, your beautiful people and country are the first targets for extinction by the jews. No amount of hippy-dippy-jew-created christianity will save you; it is just kike morphine to lessen the pain of this slow genocide. We white men need to rise up, in every country and take back control. It is a time for anger and hatred! We need to overthrow these communist bureaucrats that plot our destruction. A poor woman in Gotland was reportedly gang-raped last week. She was out with her friend and went back to his place only to use the bathroom. She was in a WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!! the scumbag b*******. The time for ‘turning the other cheek’ is long since past. Only we, white men and women, can stop this. Relying… Read more »

I agree. Taking ANY legislative or political or any other left brained tomfuckery tricksterism is playing to (((their))) song. It is walking onto their field, onto their home ground, onto their pre-biased field of theatre of war. Why do you think they have created such an intricate and complex web of bullshit and glitter and confuxion? Because THAT is (((their))) advantage position. They have taken the battlefield to paperwork, because that is how they fight. This administrative, political shit-wash is the kike ring of combat.

Thanks for giving us a report from Europe, Kyle! And thank you, Daniel, for staying up! I read an encouraging report from Sweden last monday, I think it was. Apparently swedish authorities are just doumbfounded at what is going on with the swedes. The numbers of batons confiscated by customs have gone up from 120 something in 2014 to over 3000 so far this year! Why on earth would the swedes be doing that when they are building (((The New Sweden))) together??? So the old blood is waking up! I think the europeans have indirectely revolted against christinsanity in intervals. The reformation and Renaissance, the enligthenment and now atheism. Yes, these movements have been directed by enemies, but I think the potential had to be… Read more »

85% of the politicians in Denmark are Jewish, but the prime minister are always a goy. I can’t see why it’s shouldn’t be the same in Norway and Sweden.

Iceberg principle: 1/10 above water (goy) 9/10 bellow the surface supporting it (kikage)

Interesting show Gents, thanks Daniel & Kyle. Like your space for growth point your raised towards the end. Spot on.

One must be cognizant of the developments in the Mediterranean of late antiquity. Monasticism is a direct descendant of the communal living among the ancient philosophical sects. In fact, Christianity adopted the word sect – and the words dogma and heresy – from them.

If monasticism was a conspiracy, may we then cast suspicion on Christianity promoting the nuclear family to dissolve our tribal structures?

“Politics has putrified mankind more profoundly in the last three centuries than in the whole of pre-history. We were more united in the middle ages than we are today; then a common spirit took form.” Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Mea Culpa, 1937

Christanity is the only religion that says all men are equal and of equal worth being judged by there deeds thus the ideas of honor chivalry and duty of a willing free man and mind….. All anathema to the Jews tribalism and demand of a pharaonic priesthood of god men….. The problem is Kyle never bothers to read Marten Luther to educate himself on what he hates that is one hundreds percent Jewish lies. The whole bible from beginning to end is of the evil of the tribe the murder of Gods messengers the rejection of Gods will and the murder of Gods Son so they could steal his glory and kingdom on earth. There is no other dogma that can rally as many to… Read more »
I wonder if Sweden is being particularly targeted for punishment by jwry because of the major newspaper, whose name I do not know, had published an investigative journalist exposee of the fact that Israeli government was routinely arresting young men and harvesting their body parts [a process that has to be done while target is alive] and then returning them to the Palestinian villages with the command that the bodies be buried immediately. But the families would examine the bodies and see the large sewn up incisions on the abdomen and wherever. The Israeli government representative in Sweden was furious and demanded that the Swedish government not allow the newspaper to publish the material then followed a long period of Israeli damage control and revealing… Read more »