The Solar Storm: David Dees – An Artistic Journey (10-8-17)

Kyle talks to artist David Dees about his background as a commercial artist for mainstream media companies, his awakening to the world of conspiracy, the spiritual nature of our struggle, the many influential pieces that he released about the most important topics of our time, and his most recent revelations about reality.

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Three words for David “I have a lot of jew friends” Dees, who was so upset about the developments in Sweeden: Barbara Lerner Spectre.

Completely concur with Kyle. I’ve watched a lot of footage of the Vegas “shootings”. A constant rat a tat of gunfire but not one bullet hitting anything, animate or inanimate. Also, note the complete lack of fight or flight syndrome amongst the crowd.

Yea, “it happened just like in the movies” the staple comment of anyone witnessing an event. Indeed it does, indeed it does.

I enjoyed your last broadcast with Sencha MacRay as well as this one with David Dees. Both broadcasts were fast moving and positive. Great radio by the way Kyle. Over before they started.Great info. Thanks. Stevo

I really hope David Dees will return to The Solar Storm. He goes off in odd directions, however I like how he is on his own path and ties ideas together in his own way. I found this show inspiring, and infact it really made me think and feel differently about a number of things, which is better than just a new load of info sometimes.
Looking forward to seeing how the interview looks in video form.

Whats wrong with having broader spectrum of interests, then just Jew bashing 24/7? It gets old after a while and thrives people away.

It never gets old, and nor can it ever be in excess. In fact we need more of it. SO much that there is not one measly corner in this reality where jew bashing is in absence. Then can we say we are getting somewhere. I believe we are.

Fascinating discussion. I really enjoyed the show.

Dear Kyle, David Dees et al. I really have tried to be open minded about the Flat Earth and try to understand how this could be possible? and really the implications of such a radical change in worldview are what are the most disturbing to me but ultimately Truth above all else is what I have wanted my whole life. Simply I keep finding so many problems when dealing with the massive distances involved when traveling in the Southern Hemisphere on a flat earth model. Now I have never bought that NASA is telling the truth or that Space travel is real with the amount of Radiation detected above the earth and when looking into the Soviet drilling into the firmament of the earth having… Read more »

planets/stars are visible blobs. also, I remember reading about ‘phantom’ airline flights from southern hemisphere destinations that are listed that don’t actually take place. I think its like from Capetown to Perth or something like that. Look at the Jeranism channel on you tube; see what you think

On a flat earth model, the required course between any two points would be unchanged because on a flat earth the course between any two points is simply a straight line. That is not what happens. The shortest distance between two points that are not exactly along lines of latitude or longitude is a curved line requiring constant changes in course to maintain the shortest path. This is called the “Great Circle Route”. On a flat earth model the lines of longitude would remain equidistant and would not converge as they extend away from the equator. On a flat earth model you could not use latitude and longitude as we know it for navigation. You would have a relatively simple grid system that would be… Read more »

Pat I did enjoyed your Vegas commentary, but felt a bit uneasy at the way you were brushing off individuals who could not grasp the scam in its totality and kind of trying to make them look a bit stupid. Your flat earth research clearly is in its infancy so I hope people with greater understanding of the subject matter won’t treat you in the same manner.

“Max” my Flat Earth research is definitely NOT in its infancy. I personally apply the math model for a non flat earth every day in navigation. The math model I use is not for a flat earth and it works. Why don’t you be so kind as to explain to us all why. I’d appreciate a coherent explanation as to how Lat/Lon and Great Circle nav applies to a flat earth model. I’m asking a really simple question here. And please tell us how it’s dark on portions of the flat earth at the same time it’s light on other portions. Just answer my simple questions. Max?

Scott the Strategerist

I’m not Max, but I can explain it. The North Pole is the true centre of the earth and Antarctica surrounds us on all sides. So east-west circumnavigation proves nothing. If the earth is not flat, then explain the lack of evidence of curvature? This is just yet another Freemasonic con that originates in the Kabbalah! Are you Jewish? lol j/k !

Poor attempt. If the N Pole is the “center” of the Earth then all lines of Longitude would diverge south of the equator. Why don’t they? Under your model, how does Lat/Lon work? Please explain.

Pat – Have you heard of a Scottish guy doing FE propagation called “beyond the imaginary curve”? I recommend it if you haven’t and anyone else on this thread.

Patty my Man. How’s it going brother? N. and S. and equatorial star trails clearly debunk flat earth. That along with what you just showed plus 100 other repeatable points I won’t bore the people with. Thank god I saw your name on the comments and KNEW I’d go and look and you’d have it right. Thanks again for restoring my faith in this comment section. hahahaha I saw so many A. shills or B. idiots commenting here tonight. One guy said, “thanks, this was the best show you’ve ever done.’ I think he even said it was the best show on the entire interlink. ahahhahahaha Oh brother. Wow. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that comment. Whenever I’m sad, I’ll look it back… Read more »

I apologize. It’s your ship and I respect you. Have a great day.


The universal laws like gravity I’m sure we’ve been lied to about among other things. I posted a link to a Russian site previously that went into a lot of detail on various things like gravity, space and the moon landing scam. One thing that was mentioned was that gravity isn’t based on the mass of a planet. Also that it has a sharp cutoff.

I watched a few of the Flat Earth Videos. Do your own research on the facts they claim and you’ll see it’s total porkies. For example, why would you look at a youtube video to find out if the flights are real?! Call the airline. Bit more own research / critical thinking is what this movment needs, not just quoting some half truth rubbish. A guest of Kyles few month back had it bang on in that perspective.

Love it towards the end of the show. Yeah, let’s just ignore Jewish crimes and chase some ghosts hahaha…. Honestly, if I were so excited about flat earth / north pole / south pole. I’d just go there to find out what’s behind it. Ah yeah, it’s all closed by the military etc (surely everyone fact checked that)…. Maybe worth talking to a few tour guides instead of watching some youtube video?

Richi, try to book a trip to explore the North or South pole… just try.
Odd’s are you won’t, so I’ll just go ahead and break the news to you…. even if you desperately wanted to – you can’t independently explore either pole.
Do you feel the (((”gravity”))) of that?

The question I ask is whether or not the images of Saturn are even real. Does Saturn really have a hexagonal north pole and a eye on the south? I, personally, assume not. Space is a religion to the eyes of our destroyers and with it I believe they inject their own mysticism and occult imagery. But don’t get me wrong I do think that we are living under the guise of a Saturn cult.

The moon, to me, is evidence of intelligent design. Not “God” perse but the holographic universe? I have my doubts but I understand were your coming from.

There are plenty of amateur astronomers out there. Some with very good equipment. You can lie about space but you can’t fake it. Apparently saturns rings are visible even with smaller telescopes so a decent telescope might spot a hexagon.

This would make a great Dee’s cartoon.

This vid does stereotypes justice.

Positive thinking is definitely important as a power especially when combined with faith.

Indeed, there is much to say about the “as within so without” statement. Could be something to do with why (((they))) constantly pimp fear and perversion, and train you to be worthless since age 0.

Whilst I totally agree with Kyle to be open minded; does everyone actually ever fact check anything?! Like it or not. This half truth malarky / allegations etc is what discredits the whole movement.

Thanks again for yet more great input Tony… not.

Discredits us compared to who? Our entire world is based on lies with abrahamic insanity cults being taken seriously as divine inspiration, bogus science like big bang promoted as gospel truth, diversity being promoted as the ideology everyone must believe in and of course the holohoax. Even half truth malarky is an improvement on deliberate lies.

point taken WW. I think it’s a matter of setting the right priorities. What does it change for you if that Devils mountain is a tree or not? The jews are robbing us now, these things are happening now and affect us all

Many of the people that might look into flat earth or question whether Devils Tower is really a fossilized tree are White, probably most of them are. They might not have ever thought to question “diversity” which is more than robbing us, it’s killing us. I see no harm in renegade discussing such topics as flat earth or Devils Tower. It just gives more depth to the site and appeals to a broader base without diluting the pro-White stance.

I see where you’re coming from WhiteWolf, doesn’t mean I agree but I can see certain potential there. Again, it’s math for me, is the “damage” done bigger than the positive effect you mentioned. I’m not claiming to know the answer to that.

But in general, way too much rubbish coming out, like the “only 2 central banks not Rothschild controlled” etc, hard to convince the masses of jewish crimes if half the message is wrong and can be disproven in 30 seconds

Personally I like it best when you can use what anti-Whites have said. You have more than enough material there. Noel Ignatev calling for Whites to be wiped out on video for example. Most of the things written about diversity are clearly anti-White as well. The only race that is to be diversified is the White race and the only countries White countries.

Bob Whitaker used to teach that you only have to repeat back to anti-Whites what they have been saying for decades. Minus the spin. He was brilliant at it as well. His twitter feed was one of the first things I’d read each day.
Here are a few of his tweets.

Great interview Kyle and thank you Mr Dees. Your art is very creative, original, relevant and much needed. My journey is similar to yours. From mid 2015 i went: flat earth, holohoax, poisons, White genocide….JEWS!! The rest is THEIRstory! Everything evil returns to them and their elitist traitor puppets! I also think the north pole is important, as well as the trees, giants and ancient quarries. My latest path (rabbi hole?) are the runes as keys to free energy and communication with the spirits through detox vegan clean diet and nature ( “matrix explained – knowledge from the abyss” on YT). Always wanted to hug a tree lol. PS When you mentioned cell towers as weapons, my thoughts turned to the poor people trapped at… Read more »

I’m not 100% convinced that Dees is “goy”. I wouldn’t be the least surprised to find out he’s a crypto. Has anyone ever seen a picture of him?

More powerful then detox veganism is detox fasting or lent, whatever you wanna call it, almost every religion has those practices in their traditions and for a reason. Cells can rejuvenate themselves only when they are not overloaded with metabolic activities. I know you don’t believe me, but there have been even instances when person could live years without any kind of food. Those cases are well documented.

Here we go again with the breatharian bullshit. Did you not get the rather obvious hint last time? This breatharian crap has been busted wide open & debunked over & over again. Multiple deaths have been linked to this dangerous garbage so please FUCK OFF! This bitch is just the tip of the iceberg of new age breatharian con artists –

The Devil’s Tower that was mentioned looks almost man made when you zoom in on some of the vertical channels. From a distance it does resemble a tree trunk. One hell of a giant tree if that is the case.

Good talk about the Flat Earth and lots of other topics of interest. Definitely one of the best programs on the network.

Finding out I was fooled by hoax terror productions was painful enough. I don’t want to be shocked again to find out we live on a flat earth.

Yes, the FE truth is painfully shocking so keep drinking the kool-aid to continue your ignorance. Does truth matter to you?

I’ve seen no credible evidence for flat earth. I can look up in the sky and see a spherical moon. Along with the movement of the stars in the sky and the planets. The earth is a globe. You may consider that a theory but it’s a theory without any inconsistencies that I’m aware of. Short of seeing the edge of the world with my own eyes I’m not likely to be persuaded in flat earth any time soon. I’ll look into any out there theory. However nothing about flat earth is convincing to me. Nothing that even comes close to making sense. Though flat earth is more believable than the big bang theory. I can’t believe that stuff is taken seriously. Even as a… Read more »

We’d all have the same daylight hours in a flat earth model. The same stars would be visible as well. That is clearly not the case. We don’t see the north star here in Australia. If the earth was flat we’d see it.

It’s not that I don’t want a flat earth. If I found the earth was truly flat it would mean I could pack my bags and f off from the tyranny of the marxist state, I would be overjoyed. Like you I find that FE people don’t answer any of the inconsistencies. Poles with ice at either end, a spherical moon, if other bodies are spherical is it too much to expect earth is spherical? Coriolis force? what else would explain this effect? We have commercial airliners that can fly thousands of kilometers don’t you think one of them might have over the last few decades strayed close to the edge? “whooaa Captain that looks like the edge of the earth” Copernicus, Galileo, Isaac Newton,… Read more »

Richard, you better watch out! I’ve been training in Gracie Ju Jitsu and can put you to sleep in 6 seconds. Nighty night! Don’t let the NASA wet dreams bite!

If anyone can master Ju Jitsu or any other mma discipline or any other ANYTHING, it’s you my dear child. You’re about the brightest light in this whole movement imaginable. You’re what you call a “winner”. I told you long ago I had a newborn granddaughter and if she grows up to be half as bright as you I’ll need to wear sunglasses at all times. Well, she’s a year and she’s walking around like a little busy body and she’s so bright I have to wear a welders helmet. Seriously though, you and Kyle are truly special and I can’t see anything you guys team up on failing. I just can’t see it. Steady as she goes because I know you’ll find a way… Read more »

Ask any pilot who has flown around the world if the Earth is flat. Ask any sailor who has sailed around the world if the Earth is flat. Then as they “why” they think what they do.

Or we could go back and forth with anonymous internet characters about it.

Which makes more sense?

This pilot says it’s flat. Sooooo…..?

That person is NOT an Airline Pilot.

Jalena – go get a Pilot’s license yourself – and then tell us the Earth is flat.

that vid will address most of the questions you have

just wait til you find out everyone is a tranny

I was shocked enough to read that Serena Williams had a child. Not that I think she’s a tranny, she’s more of a steroid abuser. I just can’t imagine her being attractive to anyone. In some photos she looks like Tyson in drag.

she’s for sure a tranny, but yeah that’s another topic for another day. trannies have been winning women’s tennis for 100 years. it’s actually permitted in the rules.

No, they just look masculine, because they are professional athletes. You’re just a dummy.

“Everyone is a tranny”? Really? EVERYBODY? And you discovered this after watching a Youtube video. I’ve watched a few of Dubay’s vids and I don’t find them compelling. If you look at the moon through a telescope, you can see the curvature with your own eyes. Do you have any clue what this looks like to normies? It makes us look like tin foil hat donning lunatics. Stop it.

As designed. Associate real investigation with total crackpot bullshit. End result: Real investigations are discarded along with their associated BS.

What were the comm sounds at the end of the show that you could hear over the we will kill them all track ? Sounds like renegade had some high level listenership on that one.

Just listening to daviss show and heard it again , ha my bad what a goof

VERY INTRIGUING STUFF! I’d like to hear what mr Dees thinks about how diet effects our life?

Not a bad guest, but man, he is very enthusiastic about lovin’ the baby penis bitin’ white phosphorous droppin’, child killin’, land grabbin’ degenerate agenda pimpin’ kike-a-likas…

I love the idea of the earth being flat. It makes much more sense than it beaing a pear shaped, bulging in the middle Bal spinning through space at 6 kajillion miles an hour.. It’s been quite a while since I’ve tried to visualize the Bal earth theory, and they whole idea of it gives me a headache, (like head spinning?)… I wonder if that is the point of it.. Project an idea that is so fantastical, so ridiculous, that it takes such incredible leaps of logic the ”student” shuts off and accepts said idea. Once you innerstand how insane and atheistic the idea’s posed by force fed (((Science))) are, you really do wake up to the reality that literally EVERYTHING you thought you knew,… Read more »

Amber, you typed your comment on a computer. And it displayed on a website. Using electrons. Does the concept of electricity make your head spin? Would it be easier if we just said it all happened by magic?

Great interview Kyle. Thank you for entertaining the flat earth concept in a mature fashion. Here are my reasons for why we (the entire truth movement) should be interested in flat earth: 1. It is 100% provable. In other words, the shape of earth is a physical fact that can be proven with absolute certainty. 2. We have noting to lose, but a lot to gain. If the standard heliocentric model is true, so what? a few of us will feel like fools for a while…whoopie do! IF however the standard model is proven to be false and FE is proven to be true, then NASA and every other “space” related program on earth is finished in one fell swoop. Even the most ignorant of… Read more »

Spherical Trigonometry accurately finds the distance between any two navigational points on the Earth. PLANAR trig will give the WRONG answer. Explain this.

Flat Earth reality is supported by science based logic and reasoning. Could seas and oceans be curved water bodies on a ‘globe’? Ball-earthers simply believe in this but not a single scientific evidence can be found to support such an absurdity. Water always find it’s own level and takes the shape of a container. Curving water on a gigantic ball? Stupid Ball-earthers. Thanks Dees for staying true to clear artistic perspective logic in support of Flat Earth. We would not have the lovely sunset/sunrise scenery with sunlight glimmering on the water surface if Earth is a ball. Takes just a bit of logic thinking to realize this Flat Earth truth. Only on flat water would sunlight reflect off the water surface as it does. Ball-earthers… Read more »

Explain why Low Pressure systems ALWAYS rotate counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Explain why Hight Pressure systems ALWAYS rotate clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Should be easy for you.