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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

So true. The jewish supremacists have the vast majority of our folk muzzled, and walking around like zombies, with rotting flesh and decayed minds.
Learn the truth here at Renegade, and come alive inside, while being youthful and bright on the outside. Eat plant-based foods and use natural, hand-made, Heathen Herbs products.

P.S. Dead good show, guys. RIP Dolores of The Cranberries.

black hat mathematics
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

The raw meat diet I’m on is nourishing my body to a degree plants never could, but thanks anyway.

Last edited 1 year ago by black hat mathematics
Reply to  black hat mathematics
1 year ago

Enjoy the mega colon!

Joel Reid
1 year ago

”There are decent people who support Trump. They don’t know what we know.” OK, ya, I get it, but, those same ”decent people” will almost literally bite your head off when you try to inform them about what ”They don’t know” (And as WE know, what they DON’T KNOW,…could fill a fuckin’ library) And, like it or not, they’d probably be very happy to see the Trump Train ram you into oblivion. I’ve dealt with enough of them. they’re impossible. So I can’t agree with, ”there are a lot of ‘decent’ Trump supporters”, anymore than I can agree with,”It’s not all the Jews”. And the same goes for Biden-Bots.

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