Solar Storm: Debating the Alleged Matriarchy & Semitic Scapegoats (5-19-19)

Kyle interviews James True in the first hour, but the interview turns into a debate when James asserts that a matriarchy rules over the USA while Kyle vehemently defends his position that child rapists and homosexual jews are ruling the roost. In the second hour Kyle goes over some recent news stories and talks about how war is waged against us through deception.

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Anthony Roberts

The jewish supremacists use women exactly like every other expendable being. When you control every major gov’t in this world, it is easy to insert a jewess, rewarded gentile or even a fake tranny into a advantageous position.

Mr “True” is a jew, or agent. His job is to distract and deflect from the fact that jewish men hold ALL the power at the very top. This “ex” military person needs to hand back his male card. He comes across as an emotionally butt-hurt mgtow.


lol @ this little faggot’s tweets:

”look, look, look…. it’s pretty much every one else but the jews. Ok, ok, I’m not anti-semitic, but it’s a few jews too. All we have to do is stop consenting! It’s that easy! And love everyone.. except for the controlling women, they’re apart of the problem, because their the real narcissist’s, not jews… buy my book on Mind Control. It’s not about jews.” It’s tough to say when sympathy should turn into a GTFO. When you’ve been burned (intentionally infultrated) as many times as Renegade has, I can understand why the fuse is so short, but knowing when enough is enough, and if someone is salvageable can be a tough call. I guess it comes down to how much time do you want to… Read more »

Cue McGregor “Who da fook is that guy?!” gif. There’s no way this guy is White. He’s got to be of considerable Injun ancestry. Check out this “indigenist” fetishism crap. “Bioregionalism”. Also notice that race and identity (aside from the “Cherokees” of course) play no part whatsoever in the makeup of these various regions. Yeah, bro, you have a large amount of the population who can’t even cook for themselves and they’re ordering Taco Bell delivery on a daily basis. Let’s overnight break away from the nanny state, form militias, and all of a sudden become self-reliant. I’m sure millennials experience with years worth of Fortnite playing will definitely come in handy when the US Army comes storming in to regain their territory. From… Read more »

Another bit of hypocrisy from this guy, to add to the mountain already. – Praises David Irving for his work on “Nazi Germany” – Compares National Socialism to communism.
“Patriots are sick of coercion and national socialism is used as camouflage. National socialism is communism. But local socialism is volunteerism. From our soccer fields to our fire departments, volunteering is compassion-based local government. ”


Foster XL

FTM or just a wimpy-looking dude?

comment image


Men do make more money than women. And I do agree that in some jobs men are at a higher risk and should. But men do make more money for just sweeping than women do. It would be okay if that man had a family and didn’t spend weekends at strip clubs. At 42:51 I was thinking Kyle might just hang up. At 47:00 I was like.. Kyle please… just hang up. I commend the patience.


These creatures don’t deserve patience.


I see why his friends didn’t stand up for him and assumed he really did beat his wife.


It’s pathetic to know we have a Jewish Terrorist government, and literally blame White Women (OR women in general, that is still stupid to do and just blatantly incorrect as to what is actually going on!) instead of the fact that No White Gov exists because Jew Criminals are in power and destroying us and using their control of the government and thus all other levers of power (media, etc – the control the masses of ‘followers’, which sadly the masses will be just that always followers that is why it isnt hard to fix the situation with the right people in control) to carry out the White Genocide agenda against the White race in America. And America helps in the ZOG Empire’s occupation of… Read more »


You have tons of patience for being able to debate these MGTOW retards, this guy is apparently like 40+ years old and sounds like he’s maybe 18 or 19. Just super soft and weak.

I had to skip ahead to the 2nd hour after like 30 minutes.

@Jtrue no wonder your wife left you man, good to know you’re getting 119$ per month via patreon though.


Mr. True (hard to call him that) likes to air his wounds. Then come his distortions of who’s running things. His wounds are the impetus for his conclusions and sadly the weight of them falls on the other half of the creation: women. As I see it, the psychopathy has the patriarchy calling the shots but fronting a false matriarchy to appear as currently in charge. Most who are advancing and supporting that matriarchy do not know they are being used and when necessary, the psychopathy run by the patriarchy will turn on them, ruthlessly and fiercely. Jewish power has so many faces, sub tiers, to distract from themselves, to create the age-old phenomenon of divide and conquer. Real men and women are beginning to… Read more »

Foster XL

Surely this “guy” isn’t a drooling clinical moron so the only conclusion one can come to after reading stuff like this is that he’s very obviously an agent of some sort, probably fairly low level & completely compartmentalised, believing he’s being smart & deceiving others. Entry-level shabbos goy stuff here for sure – “I don’t think it’s jews behind everything. Blaming jews ignores the decrepit nature of the crown, the Vatican, the Bushes, the Egyptians, the Black Nobility, the illuminati, and the psychopathic atheists.” I don’t think I really need to break that down for everyone here reading this right? LOL! If not, and that’s a big if, then he really is just an ego-driven entry-level little troofer like soooo many we’ve seen come &… Read more »


Yep, that quote denotes a failing of the litmus test.

Not difficult to see the tippy-top of the pyramid when it’s so obvious and pervasive.

The story of James Benjamin True Jr. (July 1, 1880 – September 1946) is much more interesting than this modern day imposter. While the real James True is accredited with originating the term ‘America First’ as a label for isolationists at the dawn of WWII, he served as president of said organization, and according to wikipedia, he is quoted as having said in reference to FDR: “Obviously following the theories of Karl Marx, your administrators and advisers have based their plans on the Soviet Russian system of regimentation and collectivism”. True named suitable candidates for dismissal, Interior Secretary Harold Ickes and Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, the U.S. Ambassadors to Germany and Russia, William Dodd and William Bullitt, and more than a dozen others.” Also according… Read more »


Well that was a rather muddled interview. When pressed to support his position, James provided arguments for Kyle’s, all the while reiterating that Kyle was the one missing the point. I must have missed the point too, especially as it veered from rule by matriarchy, psycopathy, to finally cultural matriarchy. “American Zionism, those aren’t jews,” astounding.


So your guest gets screwed by some b…. ( if the story is even true ) and then builds a whole theory of a female dominated / oriented society around it ?! Wow. There isn’t really anything I could contribute which hasn’t already been mentioned. I guess this is not going to be very constructive – but I will say this, my ‘gaydar’ goes off at both…..Robert Bitto and this dude…….

OK, I’m a little late listening to this but he says the Catholic church isn’t jewish but it has been infiltrated by jews since the days of Ignatius Loyala, founder of the Jesuits, a jew, and Protestantism was influenced by them. Calvin was a jew and Martin Luther was originally influenced by them. As to the British Royals, they are deeply inter-married with the chosen. And as you point out, the Catholic Church was influenced if not in cahoots, much earlier in the game.

Jews also were behind the women’s movement, post 60s and the men’s movement later.

And, cultures such as the Chinese, the Indians and Africans all practice extreme forms of patriarchy and they are all coming into this country en masse.


Thank-you for setting the jaded man straight early on. After hearing your correction Kyle on the “iarchy” showa/game I stopped listening. Types like this are just as frustrating to listen to, as the SJWs, and I have little tolerance to hearing anyone whine especially grown men who I naturally like/look up to (until they give me a reason not to).


When Jan Irvin kiked out, I was eviscerated. He was a great mind and he turned. Fuck them all.


I would have liked to see the disussion steered toward MGTOW. I think women would still be beating clothes on a rock, if men ever go their own way. I don’t believe we are in a matriarchy, although the laws are designed to hamstring men. Take the recent case in Canada. A father under threat of penalty must address his child by their selected sex. My observation is white men are targeted in this society, and around the world, but so also are Christians. It was not bad karma, although many use it to justify their actions.


You know what I find funny is that when our dryer broke down my ex fiance had no idea how to fix it and didn’t dry his clothes for three days. I had to climb behind it and get a damn clamp and secure the hose because it over heated with no exhaust venting and that is all that was wrong. He wanted to pay $300 for a repair man. …. way to GO MGTOW morons.


We did a really good job of eradicating this homosexual BS from here and now it’s back. Yay.

Anthony Roberts

Who currently hold the power to target White men, Roger? All the evidence points to a small group of jewish supremacists and their proxy army of elitists, masons and non-Whites. Too hard for that logical male-brain to comprehend? Roger and out (as they say down the lodge).


This is all over.. a girl I follow posted this on her channel, a guy praising Chris Watts, I wonder if its a human or robot voice