The Solar Storm: Dedication and Disappointment in DC (4-2-17)

Kyle speaks about his trip up to DC last week, the pizzagate/ pedogate protest, the AIPAC demonstration, and all of the circumstances surrounding this crucial period of time. Unfortunately most White people couldn’t be bothered to actually do anything about their enslavement, at this event or in any other way, so Kyle shames these people and calls on them to do more in the future.

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Am I banned?

Cuz I feel the need to point out that voting for Trump was a major mistake. The police and military junta has only grown in might

Trump appointed his buddy fatso Christie from NJ to export NJ’s Stasi State to the rest of the country. I can’t believe I thought the symbolic victory of a Trump win would get us anything.

Had HIllary won, our people would be militarizing instead of sucking on the trojan pacifier.


My only question is to what extent is Trump being used as a cover by wilier elements in his own administration and surrounding it or is he more fully in control of the path Team Trump is forging?


Trump is a puppet of the Deep State, and I have concluded that he knows it, and is willing to play the part. In his campaign stump speech,, he cleverly includes the poem about a dangerous serpent being welcomed, AND we should by now realize that he was talking about himself.


Has Trump connected the dots between his cited “Fake News” and any one of the various Staged Faked Atrocities that are used to scare the sheeple?


No discussion of any of that.

And I expect there never will be.


It is horrifying: USA is run by pedophiles and that nobody SEEMS to care It was after a blogger I know who had been very active in the Republican party realized that even though the former Republican
Speaker of the House had been found guilty of offenses related to his pedophilic acts, little critical investigation and reporting was going to occur, that he committed suicide. The fellow was a homosexual who had become aware of how his community and the politicians were so wiling to be permissive about men having sex with boys, and also being a great researcher into what forces are destroying the USA, had lost his faith in Zionism.


Yes, the situation is horrifying. Sick, sick nation. I used to think the people would finally wake up and put a half to things when the pedo agenda got rolling. Now, I know, the people won’t even stand up against the pedos. Pedophilia will be completely in the open soon and the average amerikan will either engage in it or, at the least, accept it as completely normal and wholesome as they now view homosexuality.


And when Alex Jones (who threw his two former reporters under the bus) has the degenerate, to say the least, James Alefantis on his SHOW, will ask him to talk about the information one can gleam by engine searching the words, “James Alefantis owns a pig farm.” I wonder which Infowar presstitude will do the interviewing, and will be wondering whether Alex will later denounce him/her if they “offend” the accused.


The thing that might’ve thrown a wrench into AIPACalypse was the sudden departure of Chris Dorsey, the originator of the idea. It was unfortunate with blame if there is any on both sides of the divide, not the least of which Chris’s own hubris (moral absolutism/failure to admit to mistakes).
But he hammered it, every episode before he left he reminded the audience where he’d be.

I don’t think he’s an agent. But if there were agents at work they might’ve exploited differences in personality and outlook to rid this site of a host and activist, taking wind out of the sails of AIPACalypse in the same move.

David Dauterive

That’s right,if not Chris Dorsey,then who is the agent here for de railing support for the militia mustering in Washington. If Kyle was for real,he would have waited till the event was over then get rid of Chris. What gives Kyle,it’s nobody’s fault but yours for non of your people showing up.


Go teach your Honduran g/f Spanish you untermensch. Fight the jews by race mixing and literally TEACHING an invader English. What a joke.


I got on a thread on the internet and sent out one of my flyers. Many of these complacent white folk on the list, including a local politician, indignantly asked me to remove them from my “list “. A Jew that I had a run in with a few years back, didn’t say anything, at least not openly. If he had called me a racist, I would asked him to sponsor some Talmud Study Sessions to clear up this horrible hate issue, once and for all. I doubt he would have done that….. 🙂 It is sad to think that in a huge country like the US, only 4 representatives for white people showed up at AIPAC. 🙁 Surely some renegade fans lived nearby? However,… Read more »


I saw a sign downtown today called “in the event of fascism.” Besides being composed by a stupid nigger with all of the major grammatical errors the chimp could make, it was quite alarming how downright stupid these non white people really are. I never really thought about it but now I know white people are superior on all levels. Thank you Renegade!!! For bringing me to my senses about this disgusting filthy Jews!


“AIPAC represents Jewish power over the U.S. government, not Israeli power. Israel is a euphemism for Jewry and Jewry finds its real power in America,” so wrote J.B. Campbell at “Kill the Killers.” Absolutely true.

Angry Martie

Hi, Thank you for the informative dialogeue about Kyle’s trip to Aipac and what took place. My focus for the last year or so is on how to respond to people who honestly want to know what i have against jews. Kyle’s communication with the JDL and their questions seems consistent with some of the responses I heard from so called “inquiring minds. I will listen to the recording once again and take notes especially on how Kyle responded to the JDL.
Angry Martie


Why do you suppose there would be a giant flat earth map in front of the National Archive building?
That is interesting….


Have you ever used a Sextant?

Do you know how Latitude and Longitude works?

If is’t flat – how do the lines of Longitude get closer together as you move away from the equator?

Just asking.


Because the earth is a disc – flat, round disc.


Is that right?

Please explain how one can travel East or West continuously without encountering and “edge”.


That does not explain how Inertial Navigation Systems work. And they do.

Can you please explain how an Inertial Navigation System allows you to fly “East” continually without encountering an “edge”?

Also, this model does not explain how Sextants accurate fix latitude.

It also does not explain how the Northern and Southern Hemispheres experience totally different constellations (stars, etc.)

I’m not ridiculing anybody here – just trying to understand the position you’re taking.


The gif you posted seems to depict the Earth as a “Half Dome”. Not “flat”.


That gif looks pretty flat to me. Did you forget to take off your VR goggles?


Please explain to me how (according to that gif) that lines of LONGITUDE could possibly get closer together as they extend “South” of the “Equator”.

Also, please explain how INERTIAL NAVIGATION SYSTEMS work with respect to a “Flat Earth” model.

Modern Inertial systems use Ring Laser Gyros. Not mechanical gyros.

Please explain how navigation fixes expressed in LAT/LON (expressed Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) work with respect to a “Flat Earth” model.

I’m not saying that what we’ve been “told” is true.

I’m asking rational questions.

I think it would help a lot to be able to refute these things in favor of the “Flat Earth” model.

Jim Bob

Haha! Yeah I was just thinking the same thing! How many people realistically have access to actual workings of that technology. Not talking about “users” – most “users” of PCs or monile phones for that matter haven’t a clue how they work either.


Do they really get closer south of the equator? The lines exist on a map not in real life, they are just markings.

Write to aerospace and ask them how a internal nav system works, say you are a student or what.

Angles work on any surface, they work the same on anything, they are 2D a quantity of measuring the inclination between two lines. Therefore the nav system would use that to calculate the direction and distance I suppose once it has the coordinates.


‘But how can you control matter?’ he burst out. ‘You don’t even control the climate or the law of gravity. And there are disease, pain, death——’ O’Brien silenced him by a movement of his hand. ‘We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull. You will learn by degrees, Winston. There is nothing that we could not do. Invisibility, levitation—anything. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if I wish to. I do not wish to, because the Party does not wish it. You must get rid of those nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature. We make the laws of Nature.’ ‘But you do not! You are not even masters of this planet. What about Eurasia and… Read more »


1984 – wow; no wonder a well-off relative of mine in a book club told me when I suggested they read and discuss 1984, oh, but it is so scary. Sure is, eh! Thanks, Massimo.


You’re welcome Brigid, Orwell (Eric Blair) was, along with Aldous Huxley, a big time insider. This passage shows the full circle ellipse experimental neurosis the jews induce on us since long long time. It began with monotheistic religions, the theft of Aryan knowledge, the imposition of new interpretations of reality perceptions, history, eating customs and practices. As O’Brien says, (((they))) control our minds though doublethink and newspeak. Globe earth, for instance, is a perfect example of both.