The Solar Storm: Derp McDergal – On the Squawk Box (9-3-17)

Kyle talks to Derp McDergal, writer for Squawker, about a variety of topics, such as waking up to the bigger picture reality, the importance of staying fit, the threat of artificial intelligence, the power of sounds and scripts, and much more, with a new caller from Texas and Bill.

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NO, no, no.
Ascribing some alien influence to the tribe is a con job.
Blame shifting at best or giving them some reason outside of themselves for being the scum of the earth is the game.
The jews never figured out language they simply stole and horded the knowledge about it or of it like all else that was beneficial to all of us. YEARS spent combing first from sedona to every egyptian text available tells me this on both subjects. First they know Jesus was a total lie. Second they know aliens are the smoke screen for all the centuries old real knowledge they have stolen.

Ghost Man O\' War

So true, Jssmith, read if you haven’t already, THE ASS IN THE LIONS SKIN, THE GREAT JEWISH MASK.

derp mcdergal

I think if oyu look at how Saturn has been worshiped, and every major religion’s symbol breaks down into a black cube, there may be something to that…

Anthony Roberts

Re Bitcoin: Would the chosen allow an outside gentile threat to run along side their usury slave system for 8 years? Also, why haven’t the inventor(s) been found? Wooo, so CONvenient! I think it’s just another kosher “chip” off the old block-chain.

PS Typical jews, projecting their rape, torture and murder onto poor cuddly scaly lizard creatures from the 5G dimension. They were only seeking a better plane. Green lives matter! They’re the new dreamers – let’s prEy! Great show Kyle, and thanks to Derp & Bill.


One thing I noticed and was thinking the other day is that many of the mainstream news articles seem to be written in this same monotonouss style of writing and seem very inorganic, no matter the source. Is AI writing our ‘news’ ?

Ghost Man O\' War

That’s called the TETRAGRAMATRON. THE 3 DIM. STAR OF DAVID. The big families if you will, set the gold price themselves twice daily and they own the bulk of world gold. So you can’t beat the market if they themselves run the market, and set the gold prices AND print the money and all industry is owned by the same hive. No one knows what the market will do better than the manufacturers sales dir. He sees the orders before the processor even knows what he will have to gear up or gear down to produce. Oh, THEY own the manufacturing too. So they can’t lose if they tried. They only give a little to get suckers on board. It’s rigged. Legalized rigged gambling. Long… Read more »


The is the main reason why going to the “Gold Standard” for currency valuation is a big mistake. KIKE interests own the gold and can therefore set the price so they can easily set the value of any currency tied to Gold.


Great article! Get cod liver oil, it has plenty of vitamin D.


Hurricane thoughts. Thank you, Kyle, for being there for the cats, and may you and your family be safe. What a gentleman you are and in my opinion, an intellectual giant, not just regarding your knowledge of the facts, but in how you connect the dots and are usually out in front of all the false maneuvers, exposing that agenda ruthlessly. Back to the cats… Here is a quote that really rings true and shines some light on our animal companions: “We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate for having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein do we err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished… Read more »


I love his name though…


According to Chabad, the serpent is good.


Great discussion !


Good discussion all around, especially the fitness aspect of it all. I used to watch that show Kyle mentioned, “Doomsday Preppers” years ago and always got a good laugh at the fatties on there. Generally though, people in the USA are not in good shape and are highly dependent on prescriptions for daily functioning. When the SHTF these people are going to be easy pickings.

mystic mac

Anyone know that song half hour in? “I’ll be around, the black sunlight”.