The Solar Storm: Different Perspectives on Organic Farming & North Korea (3-4-18)

In hour 1 Kyle speaks to Mischa Popoff about his time as an organic inspector and how there is a lot of fraud and foreign influence in the rapidly rising organic food industry and how people can get safer food. In hour 2 Kyle speaks to John about how North Korea has been demonized and what John’s experience visiting there was like, and how there is a strong desire to reunite the unnaturally divided country and people.

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I got $20 says Mischa “GMO’s don’t bother me” Popoff is a 100% crypto jew.


Yeah, me too. I can’t say why I didn’t feel trust for Mischa, but I didn’t. It may be that he seemed so slickly packaged. And guess what?! I just saw that tonight, Wednesday, 3/7, he’s a guest on Rense. That’s makin’ the circuit, and somehow I don’t see Renegade as “the circuit,” but more as the edge, actually, the cutting edge, both in content and in integrity. I know we have to build bridges with worldly “professionals,” but my caution bells are ringing. I guess it comes down to the metaphor of the battlefield and who you’d trust to have your back.


Only jews make the circuit. They never have “goy” doing that. Total confirmation to me that the guy is a kikeroach.
I’m glad I heard the show, though. He did have some good information. Jews almost always give you some good stuff. They just throw in a sack of shit with it like “GMO’s don’t bother me.” What a ‘tard. The idea about the USDA’s “organic” program being a scam is spot on, though.


Yeah, and I considered some of the countries he visited… With North Korea it always seemed to me that anyone who visited there in the last decade or so, went with a specific agenda, kinda like certain lefties being allowed to visit Cuba. It did not feel self-determined, but rather a part of something bigger and pressing.

Oh these observations, they’re prompted by input coming from all directions. I wonder if there exists anywhere a state of aliveness where one is free of observing and may rest in simply being.

I thought John seemed pretty genuine. Not sure about Mischa.


So if someone if well articulated and not struggling with words automatically be a jew? That gives them more credence than they deserve.


You might want to read the comments again. It was more than articulation.


Good show, I am not a commie but I can sympathize with North Koreans strong desire to keep to themselves and their traditions, there’s an author who states that the state ideology of the country is race-based nationalism instead of Marxism Leninism. The book is called “The Cleanest Race How North Koreans see themselves”

Kyle, any possibilities of having Makks Damage on a show? He is a NS rapper, don’t let the rapper part turn you off, his lyrics are powerful and he’s got quite a following audience.


I wouldn’t say that NK are really commie. There is so much BS in our media, and all the things we see are all pitifully bad CGI mock ups, so I even wonder if their leader is actually this foreign exchange student Kin Jong Un or whatever his name is supposed to be, as their leader. Even Saddam Hussein was a jew puppet until he went rogue or rather, went sensible. So I would be very loose on what system they have going.


Actually Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” HAS been translated into English. Enjoy:


>Comes on to talk about N. Korea
>Starts off w how Sandy Hook happened because people reported seeing buses


I know a couple of organic food wholesalers. One regularly repackages food from China because he knows that people are skeptical of their standards. Especially Chinese people who know full well what their own people are like.

One other problem is that organic fruits and vegetables are often included in say smoothies or other meals. The country of origin then is further hidden. Probably the best argument for organic food is the environmental factors involved rather than health benefits. Fertilizer runoff has been a major problem for a while now.


Great show.

Everyone here should look into aquaponics. It is the future of farming. Totally organic, and produces 10-15 times the yield on the farming space you have to work with. All you have to do is feed your fish, harvest your desired crop, and replant.

I am going to be starting up my aquaponic setup as soon as my tax return comes in.

It really is a game changer when it comes to farming.


This guy sound like Jordan Peterson.

Great interview on North Korea. I’ve been to nearly 40 countries during my life and have to agree with John, there is no substitute for personal experience. No piece of media is going to tell you how the people really are and how the country really is. People everywhere I encountered are just like you and I. Just trying to raise a family and survive. The countries I’ve been to included those such as Cuba, Burma, Syria, Iraq (Kurdistan), and Israel.


There is no way I will ever buy that, ”People everywhere I encountered are just like you and I. Just trying to raise a family and survive.” While an ounce of that MAY be true, some people just want to ruin you, especially if you are white. I too have traveled quite a bit, not that I counted countries, but I have been to enough places where I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is NO WHERE as safe as a white neighborhood, in a white broader community, in a once predominately white country. Some cultures, Asian’s particularly, are more hospitable and maybe even excited about visiting whites, but overstay your time in the wrong hood in central America, Chicago, Baltimore, or… Read more »

I’ve never been to Africa, Central America, or South America. No, I am not white, I am of Asian decent.


Very sorry. That was a false story about Boston ambush. It was satire and I didn’t recognize it. Apologies.


Regarding the censorship by youtube and twitter the role of nehlen becomes clearer. His shallnotcensor proposal sounds good on the surface but it is inviting the government into regulating what private companies do on the net. In fact the alt-right is welcoming the government regulating the high tech sector in general.

Regulation by the government in any industry always raises the entry barriers to new players and solidifies the advantage of the current leaders. Conforming to government regulations can be very expensive.

If you ask the government to step in and decide what can and can’t be said online you are against free speech.


Putin and Russia do seem legitimate in their rivalry with the US. This doesn’t mean that Putin is pro-White though or that he is good for pro-Whites. At least one Russian on a Russian language site has suggested that it’s in Russia’s interest to see non-Whites flood into Europe much faster than is currently happening. The reasoning is that this will put massive strain on the alliance between European countries and the US. So whether Putin is controlled or not he probably isn’t going to help though him moving forces into Syria did crush the credibility of the US government. The whole “war on terror” hoax got exposes bigtime with that move.