The Solar Storm: A Dirge for Dresden & Vying for Victory (2-12-17)

Kyle speaks about the terror bombing unleashed on Germany, in particular Dresden, during the first hour and then talks about a variety of issues related to our struggle with callers in the second hour.

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Robert Heimdal

Dresden is another symbol that clearly reminds us that we are ruled by criminal psychopathic pieces of shit, both Jews and Shabbos Goyz. No eternal punishment for these disgusting creatures will be enough to compensate anything. They are the ones who deserve hell on Earth, right here, right now.

Mike Angelo

.Thank you Kyle. So much wisdom in your talks.
Another audio to distribute far and wide!.
I apologize that I’m not able to send a donation at this point in my life. I simply don’t have the funds right now. However I am able to give support by disseminating your good work.
Heartfelt respect.


I preferred the first illustration for this show.
It was more indicative of the tragedy of the event at all levels

what that Webb character said reminds me of Thomas Sheridan. he did a lot of work covering Saville and the possibility he might have been colluding with Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper; but then tosses in crap about how the British royals are ‘evil Germans’ etc, etc.


I am glad that Kyle caught “George Webb” and his horrific lies about the bombing of Dresden, I too was appalled while listening to “Day 111” of his series, and am no longer following him. Btw, shortly before that, Webb had announced that he is a jew, and that his family had fled Germany before the war, and that he had met with Oliver Stone, to try to make a movie based on his investigative ‘findings’.

Thanks for exposing him, Kyle, and let’s not feel bad about initially being takin-in by this zionist holohoax promoter. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


Kyle never ceases to amaze me. Fred from New York is a total putz. That douchebag has to be a jew.


“putz”…. is that a kikean slip? Please no jewspeak, let us clear our language from this silly lingo.


Since he’s a tribesman, I used a tribal word which describes him perfectly.


Fair enough. But I think we should start desecrating their language and erasing it from our vocab. Even small things count and we have to cleanse ourselves of jewish influence.


Excellent show. Totally with you on israel, well spoken. israel completely into the bottomless pit.

Kurt Vonnegut on the bombing of Dresden


What a beautiful song by sleipner – bombers over Dresden .


Great show Kyle. Dresden shall not be forgotten.