Solar Storm: Don’t Blame the Lab Rats, or “Stop Hitting Yourselves, Goyim!” (10-18-20)

Kyle discusses how we are being experimented upon like human lab rats and how our tormentors use their knowledge of psychology to get us to act against our own self interest. Although we should not blame ourselves for the terrible condition in which we find ourselves, it is our responsibility to change things for the better.

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Arman Minasian
3 years ago

The parasite is half of the problem, the other half is the host. Blaimng only the paraite won’t get us to realize our strong and weak points. The parasite won’t have any chance against a healthy host. As an Armenian, I really understand the reality of our situation much better now. What’s happening to us will happen to the rest of Europe including western Europe, Russia and Asia if we don’t start thinking correctly. Thank you for the podcast.

dedicated reader
Reply to  renegade
3 years ago

We sure do!!! Michael O’Bernicia’s lawsuit against the UK Parliament for Covid Fraud is llkely the most significant criminal prosecution that has ever been pursued.

Reply to  renegade
3 years ago

Tell Sinead that “Treespiracy” was great and that I am already waiting for future parts. But only if she has enough time and nerves, of course. No rush.

Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Like all psychopathic beings, these parasitic scientists are always thinking ahead when experimenting on their cattle, and will have all possible outcomes evaluated. If one group wake up, they can steer them into another, future cage. When intelligent White women (of all classes) were waking up to the prison of the christian patriarchy, or equally, White men waking to zog’s disasterous family legal system, the jewish supremacists made sure that both genders were programmed to blame each other, the White family structure broken, and our genocide would continue. But our Aryan strength and soul will overcome their depraved scientism, and we will regain our natural way of life, once more. P.S. Thanks Kyle. Please support this brave young couple, who are risking everything to bring… Read more »

3 years ago

If I remember correctly,the tide turned within weeksof the last election and Trump was given more favorable press or rather, Hillary was given worse. I see the same thing happening with the Biden laptop. So I see that. Also more and more right wing Jews are being feautured in the media, i.e. Joe Rogan, Dan Shapiro, etc. So we do seem to be headed for a right wing, Zionist lockdown on the government as you’ve mentioned.

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