Solar Storm: Doubling Down on the Damn Dam (11-4-18)

Kyle speaks about the current events shaping our reality, including the PsyOps, shills, “anti-semitism” in the spotlight, the continuing crackdown, political commentary, and a literal example of the Bagelian dialectic.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s absurd how nobody asks to be shown any evidence for these hoax events like the all-homo 49, the Vegas nerve 58 and now the chosen 11. Our folk don’t even realize that there are no “independent” journalists questioning these charades either.

PS Another fine summary Kyle and a great call from Eric. I admire any person who survives childhood then poison trauma, both administered by our masters. We need more strong souls like him to come forward, and give hope and guidance to all the White victims.


I’ve actually heard Steve West (aka Jack Justice) on the radio several times. He has definitely said some very true things about the tribe….things which good little boy and girl goyem are never supposed to say. He says things I have never heard on a radio station. (Of course, it must be said that KCXL is one of the tiniest radio stations around and is literally begging for on-air “talent”.) I quickly soured on West, though, because he is a 100% Christ-tard. Half of the show he bashes (tells the truth about) the jews, the rest of the show he is extolling the virtues of “the one truly good jew.” Having escaped the muck and filth that is Christ-Insanity, I can only listen to so… Read more »


I too finally escaped the muck of Christ insanity. Unfortunately it was after I raised 4 children who are still in it and are now convinced I’m the devil. Same with my spouse. Oh how I hate that cursed religion!


That is heartbreaking Jmcaul.
Christian hypocrisy can be maddening.
When I read about Europe’s trend of ditching christ insanity, my only sadness was that the empty churches were being turned into mosques.
Waking up to the christ mind virus is a huge mental/emotional/spiritual hurdle for our people.
Congratulations on the achievement.
Like most, I still can’t believe I tried reading that gobbledigook trying to make sense out of something so non-sensical.
I have only ever met one person who has actually read the book of double bullshit, cover to cover.
That person introduced me to Hellstorm, and well, the rest is history.
That person is probably one of the smartest men I have ever met, and NOT a christ tard, even though everyone in his family is.


I try to always remind followers of abrahmic cults that christianity only became dominant by way of the sword and coercion.
The crusades were against their own people.
Mass executions were one of the ways – 4500 Saxons beheaded at Verdun in one day.
Those who didn’t convert to christ insanity were killed… the same with islam, so are either worth following?


Thank you to Eric for sharing his experience. My father suffered an injury to his shoulder at work, that entered our family into the nightmare that is the American Medical nightmare.. For ten + years he suffered with debilitating pain, undergoing surgery after surgery, being on high strength pain killers continuously until he finally overdosed. I know now that his death was the intended result of those currently running the our world. They loathe and fear more than anything else, strong, healthy White men. He suffered so much because of his addiction. He lost his ability to work, and he lost his family. His entire family shunned him, except for his mother. As a confused, propagandized American teenager, I hated him for what he did… Read more »


looked on jew anglins site for the trump anti antisemitism speech , you guessed it nothing iv always been anti immigration, pride in my European heritage , im from canada born in 82. i lived out in the woods on the east coast and worked out west since i was 19 we never/or i havent experienced any of the anti white stuff as a child. perhaps because i took french immersion and skipped class all the time. belive me or not on this but i remember watching schindlers list in grade 7 or 8 and that was when i said the holocaust never happened. i never did any research on it then but always held that position and even said(forgive me for this but this… Read more »


lmfao that was my same thoughts on redice… oh we also have a strike we are also bad lmaf we arent controlled , i did find you from them … i think there change happened in 2015 tbh