The Solar Storm: Dr. Fredrick Töben – Struggling for Truth and Justice (9-24-17)

Kyle speaks with Dr. Fredrick Töben, the legendary seeker of truth whose work can be found at The discussion centers around Dr. Töben’s trials and tribulations in and out of court, his experiences as an educator, his work with the Adelaide Institute, his trip to Auschwitz, the monumental conference in Iran, and much more.

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Kyle, epic interview! Thank you for setting this up and conducting it so well. Dr. Toben’s even tone and honest speaking style only further enhances his reputation as a credible source. Excellent interview. Thank you Dr. Toben.


He sounds much like you’d expect a teacher to sound like. The shameless persecution of him shows just how low anti-Whites will go to prop up their lies.


Dr. Toben comes across as a composed and even-tempered man of wisdom. If hearing his story doesn’t make clear who and what the problem is – then perhaps nothing will.

Interesting that so many employed in the system just “went along” with his patently unjust treatment. These things are commanded by a very few from the top. They rely on every-day workers to carry out their plans upon fear of being fired from their job.

There are MANY people who would “do their part” to unjustly send you to you death …. only to keep their job.

What this means is that the fight needs to brought directly to the string pullers.


Yes there was a Holocaust…it’s called Dresden


It was a holocaust against the German people during the war but especially Its all in here POST WWII. Mass murderer war criminal EISENHOWER starved two million German POWs to death in open fields with no shelter, no ablutions, (and they had to dig holes to attempt to shelter from the extreme weather conditions). Other German POWs were exported by the All Lies from Germany AFTER the war as SLAVES to France, Britain, Russia etc and sold for profit (the French excelled at this money racket) German women and children AFTER the war were also starved on purpose by the All Lies. Also 15 million German civilian families were tossed out of their homes and their countries in which they were minorities, and millions… Read more »


Good show, thanks Kyle. On a side note – apparently now you & Sinead are the “spawn of Satan” according to this Shaun Surplus kook! HAHAHAHA! I kid you not! Here’s the direct quote – “If there is a Satan, they are the spawn of it.” Man he’s really been hitting some pathetic lows since he left Renegade! I’m actually ashamed to call him a “fellow aussie”! After saying repeatedly he wouldn’t ever have anything to do with Renegade again or mention them on the show he sure has been reneging on that promise on a very regular basis! Is he actually fucked in the head or is the only way he holds on to his few listeners by entertaining them with regular gossip &… Read more »


That clown consistently supported government official stories as well. He did that in the face of massive quantities of evidence that the government was lying. I’m glad he’s gone. His bullshit did damage to the credibility of this network.

Foster XL

“Clown” is a perfect description. Problem is he’s not a very entertaining one. Once you’ve heard 2 or 3 shows you’ve pretty much heard it all – the same old stories over & over, the repetitive posturing about how tough he is & total lack of any factual evidence to back any claims up, etc, etc. At least this little “spawn of Satan” dribble shows clearly just how far down the barrel he’s scraping for made-up drama to entertain his tiny handful of regular low IQ flunkies. In the words of one of my good Australian friends “What a complete fuckin’ dickhead!”.


LOL! Thanks for replying guys. Here’s the comment in case he deletes it. For reference, in the (clown) show he calls Sinead all the usual names he dishes out to everyone (yawn) for apparently making a comment about Evalion’s miscarriage (who knows?) but then starts down this weird path of saying he thinks Sinead & Kyle probably do satanic rituals in their home & worship the devil LMFAO! Oh and he brought up for about the 50th time (and remember I’ve only listened to a few shows!) that they “brought his daughter” into some argument – like he hasn’t slagged off at just about everybody over & over himself! Isn’t she really like the daughter of some guy that was banging his missus anyway? I… Read more »

Thanks Kyle and Dr Töben for this interview to highlight the desperate cowardly tricks that jewry would resort to shutdown Holohoax investigations.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to Australians who share and like the overall general Renegade approach to fighting jewry to network and connect. I am in Cairns and trying to form a resistance group so that we all don’t feel so isolated on this vast Australian continent in the struggle. Please see my gumtree online ad for contact details.

We need to unite and cooperate at some level if we are to make any progress.


what a wonderful guest & yes, would be great to hear from him & great questions asked. I grew up in adelaide & knew nothing of this teacher. Have bookmarked this source,
heils & odin bless


*hear more from that is..


YES! I just saw the other day the AfD got seats! FUCK YES. Now, I know that politics is a sketchy area and hopes should be given with revervation, but I think (((they))) have to start conceding no matter how small, or they will expose themselves by implication in keeping a totalitarian rule. It might just be that the kike will paint itself into a corner with time because every time they have to concede to keep the subterfuge intact, they fuck themselves over that one bit more.


Great show and guest. I feel bad for the guest’s experience at the hand of the disgusting hellwhore that is the stinking kike. The kike will fail, and be defeated utterly. The jews are the spawn of satan.


Its high time Australians supported Dr Toben against tyrannical censorship and persecution as they will all be next. Moreover, having Jewish Prime Ministers (including Malcolm Fraser who persuaded Margaret Thatcher to annihilate White Rhodesians via a Mugabe marxist one party State) is a potential conflict of interest as pressure can be applied to conform to their tribal nation’s interests.

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