The Solar Storm: Dr. Nick Kollerstrom & Dr. James Fetzer – Hoaxathon (10-22-17)

For hour 1 Kyle speaks with Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, author of Chronicles of False Flag Terror, about the evolution of the hoax style of PsyOps, how the actors and organizers operate, and what the purpose really is. Then in hour 2 Kyle brings on Dr. James Fetzer for a discussion about his being fired from Rense Radio, his breakdown of the Las Vegas event, as well as his work on Sandy Hook and 9/11.

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STAGED ATROCITY Las Vegas was simply an Staged Atroicty designed to further the Civilian Disarmament agenda set forth in the UN Arms Trade Treaty. BAN SALE AND PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF ALL SEMI-AUTOMAITIC WEAPONS Provisions of the ATT would compel the US gov to confiscate and destroy all ‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course)” and “ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons.” ATT would ban the importation of firearms in the United States by classifying American gun owners as human rights abusers “because U.S. laws allow crime victims to shoot rapists, arsonists, and carjackers. The UN uses an organization called “Small Arms Survey” as a key consultant. Their Mission Statement includes this: “The proliferation… Read more »


Was really struck by the observation that the Muslims immigrants in the West aren’t protesting being misrepresented, and intellectually submissive. Well yes, because Islam means “to submit”. To who? The Jewish God. No doubt it was started by b the rabbis in Medina for the same reason as Christianity in Rome.


Shame Kollerstrom got saddled with Fetzer and his endless gate keeper yap; Rense to Roberts to Cassidy proven schills all. This guy is a POS and why he gets any airtime anywhere simply points to the fact of how stupid and owned everyone really is as well as the fact they do not care how many facts you might be given. You are goyim and swollow it like the cattle you are with zero recourse at your disposal, so stew in it courtesy of Fetzer and the rest of the alt con artists as designed. I would like to believe renegade knew better in the first place while fetzer is a draw of sorts to the channel… Used just as he uses all others.


jssmith is right about Fetzer. Fetzer co-chaired Scholars of 911 Truth with Steven Jones until Fetzer himself kicked Jones out and now co-chairs with the JEW Joel S. Hirschhorn. Jones was glad to sever ties with Fetzer because of Fetzer’s unsupportable assertion that energy beams directed from WTC 7, or from space. Cue: Jew D Wood. Fetzer’s track record clearly shows that he seeks to infiltrate and than implode the organization of any real investigation into jewish bullshit. Now Fetzer is attempting to infiltrate the discussion of Staged Atrocities such as the Sandy Hook and Las Vegas FAKED SHOOTINGS. As he did with Scholars for 911 Truth, initially Fetzer will play it straight. Then, he will steer things right into the ditch – just as… Read more »


Some of the commenters here seem to think that if one simply listens to a guest that we have bought into everything they purport. I trust my discernment and can hear anything from corporate news to Sorcha Fall and can readily sort the wheat from the chaff. I formulate my own truth as it resonates with me. I believe most listeners of Renegade are like myself and are not so easily led down anyone else’s path.


Well said, Crystal …. we also get additional information from a myriad of sources that we have to critically evaluate and that ultimately forms our own unique positions.

Anthony Roberts

These staged events appear to be a grander form of flash mob. Gov’t agents, with a few out of work actors ( who think it’s a drill gig & sign con-fidentiality contracts ), intermingled with large crowds. Like all jew deception, it serves numerous agendas and even gets logical/critical thinkers divided. Talking of which lol, both of these guests, like myself, believe William Shepherd took over the role and corporate name of James Paul McCartney in late ’66. The beatles were a Tavistock/MI5 creation, designed to hook the boomers with catchy love songs, then guide them, from ’67 onwards, towards a darker LSD, free love, diversity lifestyle. This sowed the seeds for the destruction of the White family unit and our planned genocide. Paul was… Read more »


It is CLEAR that the US gov though DHS and FBI are staging FAKED shootings. This issue should be brought into the Court system so that fact-finding can be done publicly. I see nobody in the Alt Media pushing for a phone call/email campaign to their elected officials calling for investigations into DHS and FBI faking events. I core issue here is that this regime is faking events for political purposes. I fail to see how a government can be even remotely thought of as legitimate when they do these kinds of things.

It’s clear that they are making out the FF theme into a joke.
Just wait till everyone catches on and then they’ll pull off a really big one that isn’t fake and no laughing matter. The joking leadup catching on currently will ensure maximum fear through surprise, when they do pull off the big one. That’s what i’m thinking.

We need to be on our toes ..


Jason Aldean is an obvious tranny. Look at the creature. How any country redneck can fall for that douchebag is beyond me.


The numbers are judaism and kabbalism. They have an obsession with numbers and counting. The false flags are so amateurish because jews suck at art and visual spatial intelligence. It’s like a colorblind person who doesn’t even know they’re color blind trying to pick the right colors. People have known this for thousands of years and there has never been a great jewish artist. All they’re good at is counting money, scams, and spinning words and manipulating emotions.


Uncle Fetzer is heavily promoted in the “truth movement” that is created along same time with 9/11 attacks. Alex Jones begun his operation five years prior to that incident and along with assassination of Bill Cooper, emerged as unofficial “king” of “truth community”.


One other thing I have heard was that the crowd size 22K was total for all the concerts over a few days…. only 6K there “that night” …. also Jim and Nick interrupt poor Kyle all the f-ing time … Kyle is very cool about it.

Dd Gg

You’re probably already on this, but Black Pigeon Speaks is doxxed:


Glad to see FETZER figured it out, he was insisting people died the first week. Dennis Cimino and others set him straight. JF had a good show with a researcher MONA who found 6 people died in other states than NV.

Spectacular show from Brian after a 2 year layoff covering 9-11, post Sandy Hook PsyOps, the Moon Landing Hoax, the total bullshit institution which is NASA & satellites. Some technical difficulties in the first 20 minutes, but after that FULL-STEAM ahead. This is only part 1, haven’t listened to parts 2 & 3 yet, but they’re posted at Fakeologist He also put some really great new graphics on his updated site:


Rense endured 2 separate engineered SUV crashes in 2015; the first one especially should’ve killed him. Then around top of 2016 IIRC, the whole tone/theme of his website & shows, conspicuously transformed into absurdly over the top scary-muslim-savages-booga-booga theme parks. Really tragic; JR’s in his early 70s, should’ve just retired rather performing than this deal with the (((JWO satanists))) nonsense… it’s undignified, being a kosher organ monkey.


Here is Rense’s account of his April 24, 2015 crash, complete with pics. Take a good look at Rense. Does he look normal to you? I think it’s clear that he is and was being paid by the Feds through earmarked funds made available to certain Alt Media personalities.


Fetzer single-handedly scuttled the credibility of “Scholars for 911 Truth”. Fetzer personally kicked Steven Jones out. Fetzer is the one responsible for associating the unsupportable “Space Beam” hypothesis with real investigations to destroy their credibility by association. Fetzer’s new co-chair of the Controlled Opposition group “Scholars for 911 Truth” is a Democrat JEW named JOEL S. HIRSHHORN. Fetzer’s “split” with Rense was pre-planned to try to spilt the audience into conflicting factions.


After many years of listening to his podcasts, I’ve concluded that there is just not much substance there anymore. It’s the same guests, mostly and the ridiculous alien agenda/secret space program stuff. Fetzer is full of himself, but has accomplished a lot in life, so who can blame him for that? Honestly there are so many podcasts and so little time, This was a great program though with Fetzer on tonight. Very good job Kyle, as this was one of your all time great shows. For the average white nationalist/separtist out here though, there is just too much information to sift through and no one has the time for it, lest that person starve. We all know the world is crap, and the best times… Read more »