Solar Storm: Drew – Accessing the Other Realm (12-22-19)

Kyle talks to Drew about dreams, sleep paralysis, out of body experiences, remote viewing, astral travel, and much more.

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The Bull

Our people have their own Shamans some of them just do not known their true nature yet.


Really enjoyed this. Great discussion on a fascinating topic. Looking forward to you guys revisiting it at some point. I’ve been having these so called “out of body experiences” for most of my adult life. Completely spontaneous at first…which was quite a shock to the system. I’m in my mid 30’s now, but when I switched to a vegan diet, around age 26, I noticed a startling increase in my experiencing this phenomenon. Too many variables involved to draw a direct correlation between the two, but I always felt that not consuming flesh allowed me more control over my own spiritual sphere. That being said, I have had these experiences before changing my diet as well…just not as often. Anyway, these experiences have made up… Read more »

Drew (ReturnofTyr)

Thanks for the feedback and the story! I’ve heard that reading is difficult to nearly impossible while in the out of body state, also seems to be very common during trips on psilocybin and other entheogens.

I concur with your feeling about death, after my initial “astral” experience I felt a discernible difference myself on the subject. If that “where” we go when we die, then why fear? Not that it would necessarily be all sunshine and rainbows, but far better than the heaven of singing the praises of yahweh eternally.
Sorry for the late reply, it’s been a busy week. Hope to come back for a follow up show if Kyle wants to dig some more into the topic.


Yes it is hard to read there because everything moves and the letters and words rearrange themselves for me. Though you can get entire schematics of things to make in your mind photographicly. I recently had a lady grab me and shout numbers to me telling me to never forget them. That has a long story attached and I am tired of typing lol. The number is 443970 and no I tried the lottery, it doesn’t work lol. Its a little puzzle for me to figure out, I do actually have a few leads that are weird.
Yeah do another show soon!


Great conversation, I can’t wait for another edition. After the WW2 my grandmother lost her brother. After the things somewhat settled, there was no word of him and everybody assumed he was dead. One night she had a dream of her deceased mom coming to her and just said: “Alois (his name) is not here”. She never said that to anybody, but she said she believed it to be true. More that a decade later, communism felt and the iron curtain was lifted. Next year she got a letter from her brother. He lived in Austria, just some 300km away had family, and all that good things. He was injured in the war in Austria and he was locked in there when war was ended.… Read more »


A couple possibilities for why the witch trials happened: 1. jewish subversion of Europeans so jews can dominate, 2. the state wanting to monopolize power, so they stifle psychic abilities, 3. bloodlines among native Europeans competing for power, or 4. a combination of those.

Anthony Roberts

Very interesting and thought-provoking show, guys – thank you. I’m not so sure i’d be as rational and calm as Drew, if i was having all those bizarre and quite frightening occurencies. Have “they” used Cern to open a portal to these inter-dimensional entities? It could also be experiments with 5 or 6G, and only certain people are affected. I do think the jewish supremacists may know about this phenomenon. I remember the scene in “An American Werewolf in London” film, where the guy has a nightmare about his family being attacked, then wakes up in his hospital bed with a nurse beside him, and then she is attacked and only then does he actually wake up. There may also be the same type of… Read more »


I had a dream that some rabbi looking guy was chasing me, then put a needle in my arm and injected me. My arm hurt in that spot for a while after I woke up.


I had a weird dream about this priest that told me I was vain and then hid under a table because he was afraid of what I would do to him. I think that was me listening to too many CG shows lol.
But ..yeah I have woke up with scratches, cuts and bruises that are out of nowhere too.

Drew (ReturnofTyr)

Thanks Anthony, I too have wondered what role technology plays in alot of the paranormal happening over the last couple decades. I’ve looking into CERN in the past and found it hard to sift through the conspiritard BS and scientific nomenclature of which I have little to no comprehension of.


I can’t believe I missed this show.. I have some interesting stories related to this. I am convinced sleep paralysis is because an entity is trying to enter your body. You may have been away from your body sleeping but there are walkers between the light of all kinds that may try to attach to you. Drew you need to burn sage and seal your windows and doors any entry way to your home and at the head of your bed where you sleep. At night before you sleep spray with sage oil in water mist even if you wake at night. The sage smoke pushes entities out of your space. Plus try to keep your mood vibration high as when your energy is higher… Read more »


Also, want to add that me and some friends have been suspicious of the “harry potter” type of cloak because some of these beings seem to wear them. I believe that some may be a type of avatar presence they can walk unseen into your home with technology. Because the hands you feel and the weight you feel is real, something IS there. It may not be as magical as you would think but actual gang stalking with technology we are not aware of. This is similar to the scifi stories of the invisible man and predator. I do think its a possibility too. One more thing, there are many people wearing these “fit bits” when they sleep that monitor your sleeping. My sister is… Read more »

Drew (ReturnofTyr)

I too have heard stories and seen pictures/video that appears to show something in some sort of an invisibility cloak. I have searched multiple times for a case I heard about on a podcast, something about a radio host being stalked by cloaked entities, referenced “glimmer man”, and the government being involved. So far have no been able to find a single thing about it, if anyone does be sure to let me know. As an interesting side note; there have been a number bigfoot sightings that involve cloaking in a similar fashion. I remember reading reports of people being burned by their FitBit’s about a year ago. I think the cover story was that it had something to do with the rubber/plastic band, but… Read more »


To add, on controlling my dreams… One of my best friends told me how he goes into what he calls his “sleep cavern” every night where he imagines a control panel and sets the controls for his dream. Now thats too complicated for me I do something where I create an etheric box of blue energy almost like a snow white glass chamber and encase myself and float up. I call it my dream ship and I travel in it where nothing can get through it. Something like this could help you with your dreams and astral traveling. When I am tired or on my stomach sleeping you can even fly over cities etc and right out of the roof. All depends on how creative… Read more »

Drew (ReturnofTyr)

I half disagree that sleep paralysis is caused by an entity trying to pull you out and or enter. I believe that it may be possible under certain circumstances, but not all that common. My understanding is that we are far more powerful in the astral than these lesser entities, and that they use fear in an attempt to cause use to feel powerless. We saged the house about a month ago, but it’s probably time to do that again. I too have wondered if I have brought anything home considering how many places I go for work and otherwise. Haven’t seen/heard/felt anything to indicate such a thing, but it’s all together possible I suppose. I think there is too much fear about the paranomal/anomalous… Read more »


A not so short story.. My mom is an apt manager and when I lived above her I had one of these experiences of being held down. I was wide awake and have never been paralyzed in my life but this one time and never again since. I literally looked at my “wind up” antique clock, what ever was on me had 4 arms and one hand on my mouth I could only breathe from my nose and it was breathing and growling an inch from my face like a psycho. This lasted 2 minutes while I struggled ready to fight. My whole body held down until I got free. I jumped up but there was nothing, I could finally shout etc. Well I moved… Read more »


One short note… yes these entities can absolutely kill you. Think of a negative thick plasma cloud you cannot see that can attach to you that is called a thought form and it can drain your energy if it attaches long enough even when riding a bus next to someone. Covens drain the energy of their members, thats why they select people for spells. Drugs or alcohol can open up portals in a mind where other things can for a short time inhabit a body all the ANON leaders will tell you they believe it. But all of this seems to be based on the will power of the person, if you have a strong will, then you are right, no it won’t effect you…… Read more »

Neil Haworth

Once my cousing and my aunt shared the same weird dream on the same night. What are the odds of that?

Like Drew, I also experienced sleep paralyses I didnt know there was a name for that. I freaked out the first time It happened but then I would focus on moving my hand so the rest of my body could wake up. Next time I will not react and just stay still so to see what happen lol.


My son and I have had shared dreams when we used to sleep next to each other.


Female angelic realm ? Wow ! This is similar to the myth in Bulgarian mythology. The myths of the WHite ladies called Beleringi