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1 year ago

1) There is zero proof viruses exist
2) There is zero proof any self-spreading vaccine technology exist

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1 year ago

Let’s remember that a document or a video is not a scientific proof. The self-spreading vaccine fear is a jew trap. And again, no proof covering your face protects you from so called “viruses” or so called “self-spreading vaccines”.

peace potato
1 year ago

Magnets stick to the vaccination spot. This is not a psyop. I have tested this multiple times in real life on numerous people. Hours of footage on bitchute while youtube and twitter are scrubbed.

1 year ago

Eating bugs could be a disaster for the eco-system considering they are an integral part of it and basically build the food chain from the ground.
Of course the jews want the environment devastated and that’d do it!

1 year ago

Sinead: “Plenty of Palestines have blue eyes”.
Some proof, please.
Palestinians are not Philistines.
Philistines were Indo-Europeans. Current-day Palestinians are Semites, they speak the Afro-Asiatic language.
Palestinians ≠  Philistines

Reply to  tgd
1 year ago

Afghanistan’s too.

Konrad Rhodes
Reply to  tgd
1 year ago

So call out Sinead but not Kyle? Who said the exact same thing!? Their are large numbers of Melkite Catholics and Greek Orthodox Palestinians who racially are largely descended from Hellenic people’s and, yes many to this day are very fair complexioned! But I have to ask why make this comment at all?! Rachel Corrie was a very, fair, clearly blonde American young woman who was murdered by the Jews, Israel, eighteen years ago by an Israeli bulldozer operator who photos show clearly saw her, when she was standing in the way of a Palestinians home being demolished! They murdered a young white woman rather than wait for her to be moved which is what would have undoubtedly happened but instead she was just ran… Read more »

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Ronald Busuttil
Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
11 months ago

Well said Konrad and to confirm what you said about that sex scandal in Brazil [I first heard about it through William Pierce on his American Dissident Voices, the name of the show is ‘The Rubes & the Carnies’], here are the names those interested should check : Arie Scher & George Steinberg. Even a name check plus ‘Brazil’ on google will bring up the subject.

Gay-Opt Inspector
Reply to  tgd
11 months ago

A sandnigger is a sandnigger no matter what color they are. I hope they all kill each other.

Spot The Douche
Reply to  Gay-Opt Inspector
11 months ago

I hope daddy didn’t catch you using his computer again. You’ll get grounded with no pocket money this time if he catches you!

Reply to  Gay-Opt Inspector
11 months ago

Okay, Schlomo.

Reply to  Sinead
11 months ago

What is Schlomo?

Spot The ?
Reply to  Leonie
11 months ago

LOL! Someone still hasn’t passed Level 1.01 yet! 😀

Rob n fl
1 year ago

I believe that Jade helm was the preparations for what’s about to happen.

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