The Solar Storm: Electroshock Troops and Robotomies (4-16-17)

Kyle speaks about the advancements of computing, cybernetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, the singularity, transhumanism, the jewish connection, media portrayals of our mechanized future, and much more.

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In short, transhumanists are weakly cowards that fear their own mortality. Life demands change. Our bodies are changing biologically every moment. Eventually our bodies will “die” and transform to become new life so that it may feed future generations. That is the way of all things here. And for that reason, we should not fear what lies just beyond the human vale. We need to be like our ancestors and take that plunge with bravery and courage. I do not believe for a moment that death is the end of all things, but we must call come to grips with this reality. To embrace life one must come to terms with death, and that, my friends, is what the transhumanists have failed to understand.

The Abrahamic religions were designed to screw up our relationship with death.
One of the many reasons why I hate them

On the whole when you take into account all the research and analysis done on humans, it looks like the jew wants to be the only race on the planet with their robot and machine servants that are as smart as humans but ones they can completely control because all their systems are externally controlled.

Just listened to this great show, thanks Kyle. Good call Bill, if you were nervous it didn’t really show. You should call in again whenever you feel the need to 😉

Well thanks for the reply. If you pay attention to how I spoke I must have stated “…To be honest with you…” like 10 times when talking to Kyle. Who talks like that? O.o (you are your worst critic)

Actually Bill, I would say, transhumanists really fear being an individual that takes no guidance from any external entity and has full responsibility for what truth is accepted. One could say that a simple appeal to authority is a form of transhumanism because that is placing truth in the control of a self ordained godlike entity known as an institution. Ultimately it is a monopoly on reality. The transumanists (trannies?) worship the technology that makes them more dependent, lazy and stupid which is always marketed as EASY, make life EASIER EASY EASY. This is evident in the 60s innocent vision of the future where machines would do the work we did not have to in order that we could have more leisure time, and the… Read more »
I can’t disagree with you on that one Skygarir. Its very sad, the few people that I know that have fallen for the transhumanists honeypot seem to resist the natural world. They are addicted to technology and this naive beliefs that it will somehow solve all of the worlds problems. They are both addicted and enslaved to the “smart” grid. Yes, you are right about that Skylgarir, transhumanists do fear their own independence beyond the matrix. However, the Transhumanist longs for community and belonging. They too want a purpose greater than themselves. The Jews know that. So they poisoned them with this idea of a hypothetical global civilization bound together in solidarity with technology. Tranhumanism is yet again another Jewish created promised land of the… Read more »
1 thing, yes they do fear their mortality, but at the bottom of it they have no greater context that will allow them more autonomy to become as great as they can be. I would add and say that they fear death because they know they have not lived, and that this jew shitcube will not allow us to reach our full potential insted leech it for themselves. transhumanism is a replacement of nature, but a jew controlled one. What people are looking for is all around them, by that I mean the natural world. That sense of belonging comes from living in these concrete and plastic shit environments we are forced to live in, doing crummy jobs which we all do that creates the… Read more »
I was really quite nervous calling in for the first time I overlooked some ideas and stumbled on my delivery. The move that I was thinking of was OBLIVION (2013) staring Tom Cruse. In that move Tom (Jack Harper) was a clone duped into thinking he was a real human so that he would service and maintain the robots that serve a massive space station AI called Tet. The Tet is exploiting planet Earth for its water and oceans on the claim that a new colony for humans will be built on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Again, we see the Saturn and the AI angle. The Tet (let us stop there for a moment as Tet could be short for Tetrahedron, or pyramid) utilizes… Read more »

Beyond Otaku: Transhumanism and Judaism, Joshua Fox, 18 August 2011
[which I have saved for ‘posterity’ at[SLASH]Fz2pO
Golem: egregore, homunculus, etc…
Google’s chief engineer [Ray Kurzweil]: People will soon upload their entire brains … [June 2013]
Timothy Fitzpatrick: ‘A specific aspect of the agenda of the Hollywood Kabbalah cult is the robotic agenda […] It involves the externalization onto the masses the goal of trans-humanism, a Kabbalistic alchemical process that purports to elevate man to the status of divinity through the advancement of technology and the integration of man with technology.’
Great show, by the way, Kyle.

Unless we remove all jews from gov, banking and academia, while this tech is in its infancy – relatively speaking, i fear it will be beyond our control. jewlarping over a antifa flag or red cap won’t stop FrankenSTEIN! We need to be clever, but we also need positive action now!

PS Great show – a musK listen. Please remember: Kyle & Sinead are not robots. They are inspirational Aryans and splendid human beings. They cannot do this on their own. They deserve family time away from this jewmare too. Please support them with content, or a few dollars if you can afford it – thank you.

The comparison between HAL and the Golem is not far-fetched whatsoever, especially taking into account that ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ was directed by a Masonic Jew.

The latent premise is putting your trust and life into a mechanical artificially created contraption that is supposedly superior to you because it manages your life support system.

ty Very interesting. I wish I would have heard it live and interacted 🙂 I came to these similar conclusions

Good gods, synkronicity, talk about the golem turning against it’s creator, this reminds me of a story on yahoo about how the israeli army wanted to start forcing rabbis and orthodox jews in isreal to be in the military and the rabbis had a big prolapse fit and gathered in a squealing faggoty mass to protest this OWTRAYGE! I thought the monster the jew created to do its dirty work is turning against its rabbi creator of this Frankinsteens monster! Honestly I could not stop laughing as these vomitous parasites that created their killing machine and hid behind their legs, now wants these filthy, cowardly, garbage bastards to come and get killed. Sorry but I had to LMAO at the irony. Let us all focus… Read more »

The sad truth is that if humans could just eat a raw vegan diet, we could virtually end disease and live longer healthier lives without medicines and machine parts.

Good in theory, like communism 🙂

Come on trolls!
Take this and run with it and distract everyone 😛

@ Joyster – Keep being a boring attention whore, and one day you might graduate to troll.

I don’t think communism is good in theory at all.

John, I fully agree, but it’s not always easy to do. Many folks say doing it even 70 to 80 percent really has positive results. Proof in the pudding. It’s especially beneficial when there is illness. I think some people have trouble with it because they go all in suddenly instead of gradually. I know it makes animals happy (grin).

Meat, to some people, is like an ADDICTION. Most of my family just LOVE meat. They simply can’t get enough of the stuff. My mother tried going vegi but gave up because meat “tasted too good.” My father, on the other hand, attempted to lose weight by going on the Atkins diet… disgusting! I also had a brother who couldn’t/wouldn’t eat fruit for the longest time rather preferring meat over everything else. I even have a friend who lives off of the chicken breast diet. To think of all those poor animals 🙁

Hal in Coptic means simulation.
Judy Wood said the jumpers at the towers in 9/11 were being microwaved

Many, many videogames coming out on the theme of robots taking over. This one in particular hits all the points discussed in the show & is released in December 2017 – “DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN”. Check out this extended trailer, you’ll find it VERY interesting!!! “In near-future Detroit, mindless androids have replaced humans in almost every job. They’re the teachers, law officers, and factory workers that support a second industrial revolution. Appearing just like humans, robots make the perfect employees. They never complain or fight back; they’ll just do their jobs until they break and you replace them. But something strange is happening at the factory and the androids are starting to wake up.” Also the British TV series “Humans”, based on the earlier Swedish… Read more »

Were there three people involved in the ‘discovery’ of the “Gaia Theory”?
Did you say Lovelock and Margolisheim or was Heim a third collaborator?

I want to know as this is ammo against someone that is a major proponent of Gaia theory.
What did I hear Kyle say?