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2 years ago

If race is some kind of psychological phantsmic illusion then tell that to the blood lab that has to process your blood sample according to which race you are because of the difference in parameter s involved… Tel them its an imaginary political construct when science is involved , you cretins you.

2 years ago

So race and gender are hallucinations yet, the oscars require more nonWhites…

2 years ago

I had a co-worker who got caught selling child porn (his own niece). He had the decency to blow his brains out before the feds could arrest him. If only more of these dirt bags took that route.

2 years ago

So two black men volunteer to reinforce the negative stereotype (truth) that black men lack impulse control and are prone to violence? I’m not buying that they would both go along with this.

watson Clerk
2 years ago

You need to offer an MP3/wma download version like you used to have. I got work to do, so itrs good to listen to on my MP3 player when I’m out turning compost, painting the fences, etc

Reply to  watson Clerk
2 years ago

You need to…


YOU need to be proactive instead of relying on others to provide you with everything or you’re just not gonna make it in this world! It literally takes less than 5 minutes to download the Bitchute video, extract the .aac audio & convert it to .mp3 using freely available tools. How about you do that while you’re having breakfast before you head out to “work”? Stop telling others what they “need to” do & get your own sh*t together you lazy f*ck!

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