The Solar Storm: European Resistance (6-19-16)


Kyle speaks to Georgi from Bulgaria and Chris from Germany about the current situation in their respective countries, what is happening to Europe as a whole, the role of Putin in nationalist movements, and how a larger European brotherhood would be able to easily wrest our destiny back from our enemy’s hands.

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You have a beautiful soul Kyle.
I could hear it speaking the last 15 minutes or so.
Thank you to Georgio and Chris too!
This interview was very very informative, and I will share it to 5000 danes now. I actually feel sad now, because the things you spoke about confirmed so many of my thougths, and I wish they wouldn’t have, because this world is so sick. But yes, we have to keep on fighting until we win!

Anthony Roberts

Fine show Kyle, and thanks to Chris and Georgi. Two brave young men who are fighting for their very existence in very difficult circumstances.
We have to wake people up to this jewish divide and conquer strategy. The jews thrive on exploiting these tensions. East/west, nato/Russia, China/Japan, white/black, men/women etc.
Interestingly, haven’t all these ( so called ) enemy countries joined forces with the Antarctic treaty? Hmmm…i wonder what’s so special about that region?


Headquarters of the Germanic Death Cult?


Blistering show. The last part is very insightful: the psychological consequence of being in captivity in our OWN HOME! The jihadis breed like bacteria because they are being handed the golden keys to the White kingdom, being given our money so they can fuck all day and night long in paradise, at our expense. YES, let us fix this and bring our children in!


another informative show kyle, excellent history plus points on deferred responsibility and trump/putin kosher nationalists and the setup for another jew world war, great to hear more of the fight from our white kin in europe too. can somebody tell me the name of the song and band at 29:30 please


Depression. Pills for it. But isn’t it a natural reaction to an environmentally fucked up situation? The expression “happy as a pig in shit” is a popular adage to describe pigs BUT, pigs re NOT happy in shit. They become insane in captivity, and their mental immune system goes mad and they react to their environment like this. Depression is not salved by a pill to make you accept the bullshit situation and be a happy lobotomised, nullified handicap. The cure for depression is: natural habitat no asphalt, concrete and plastic fields, doing what I want to do painting in my shack in the hills, not obligated to chug a dull job to push a tax cog for the kikeinogenic system, to be around my… Read more »


Great show Kyle. Yes we must get the average person of European heritage to realize that they are part of a CONTINUUM not just a static snap shot in time or just “human resources” to be used and thrown away…

Lets plug into the Dragon current.
Lets rouse the Leviathan..
Lets loose the Kraken..and send these invaders back to where they came from or into the abyss, their choice.

A storm is coming. Indeed.


Not to put down anyone’s religion or un-religion, but after closer inspection of the Bible and comparing it to the message of modern antiwhite Christian multiracialism I no longer buy into the narrative of blaming Christianity itself for the multicult and social decay of white nations. What we experience today is a subverted form of Christianity controlled by humans to augment passages in the Bible that can be easily subverted to serve antiwhite agendas such as: shaming whites to accept multicult, losses of white living space, both parents working, children raised by a money obsessed media, loss of white family structure and values, etc. Yes, the Bible contradicts itself frequently, making it a dangerous TOOL when used in the hands of our *super special* elite.… Read more »


I (after closer inspection of the bi-bull) had almost a panic attack. Religions are for the mentally/emotionally weak groups of people. You either have the genetic qualities to survive, sustain, and prosper (which itself can advance via culturally encoded eugenics) or you don’t. This is my little theory-story. After Semites came into contact with Aryans and mesmerizingly observed the great civilizations that Aryans had made throughout the Middle East they compared those to that of their own nothingness and tried to compensate their inherent inferiority with forceful/authoritarian religions to “better” their societies. For example, they observed that rape was almost non-existent in the Aryan societies so they came up with the crud way of covering up their women (the more south you go in Middle… Read more »


That wasn’t my point. I assume you are either an atheist or belong to a un-religion.

I did not mean to insult your beliefs.


“slightly-above-ape-intelligence literature of Semites” I disagree on that matter. In fact, I used to think that way until I broke out of the Public Education way of thought and overly simplistic reading. At first glance, the Koran and Gita also have many absurdities in them if you read word for word. The writing style of ancient people is not the same as contemporary writers. If you’ve ever looked at the cartoonish nature of an early Renaissance painting and suspended your disbelief and actually contemplate if that is how people looked like back then. Of course, they didn’t, they looked exactly like us (different outfits of course), except they ‘lacked’ the specific things such as a digital camera. I’m not advocating that you run out and… Read more »