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Anthony Roberts
8 months ago


You’re welcome and great show, guys.

P.S These are just my own opinions, Birmingham magi-strates.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
8 months ago

Corona lie-rus

8 months ago

Similar minds think similarly 🙂 I made this vid for Der Führer’s birthday 🙂 I also love Ace of Base

8 months ago

great show

8 months ago

Noahide Slave Masks / Muzzles

8 months ago

In regards to wearing glasses Sinead mentioned…
I don’t know if you are familiar with exercises for your eyes to help you improve your vision as written about in the book you can find on scribd.

I have a personal experience with it and it works. I have started to write an
article about it, but have a hard time finishing it. I just wanted to share it here before I will find more time to write again.

Reply to  Slavik
8 months ago

I don’t wear them for vision. I wear them to filter out blue light when I’m working on the computer. Cool resource nonetheless.

8 months ago

Just yesterday, there was a half-woke worker in my train home. He did not even have a face diaper with him. Throughout the whole trip he spoke to two German boys eating McDonalds bullshit (and not wearing theirs either) and made fun of the Catholic martyr girl. He was amused when I called it a “Gesichtswindel” (face diaper) and added that I could tell him a lot more in privacy. I would be proud if I at least had promoted the spread of this term.

Roman salutes from Germany!

8 months ago

Up here in NY, Andrew “Love Gov” Cuomo has made it a Dept of Health thing, so that businesses who do not enforce the mask rule will be fined. My wife works for a busy convenience store (we have been skeptical all along, btw) and is now being forced to do the job of police. A 55-year-old woman is being forced to confront people who are not wearing masks! (She doesn’t, of course, and I said it’s okay if she gets fired for it) On top of it, of course, she herself has to wear a mask and a lot of what she does is physical (stocking the beer/milk, etc, emptying trash, cleaning dishes, scooping ice cream, etc), so the mask causes much discomfort. There… Read more »

8 months ago

heh I was at a free party on the weekend in UK (that made the news), great vibes, nice to see a good crowd of folks who don’t believe the corona lies. Still a few mask wearers, either way reminds me of how much this summer has been getting hoodwinked from us. Break the cycle, go to a beach, celebrate with some friends! Great show thanks!

8 months ago

Does the O2 concentration in the blood, after wearing the mask for 2 or 3 hours, decrease? If so then is there poof of that?

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