Solar Storm: Fake Bloodbaths & Adrenochrome Junkies (3-17-19)

Kyle talks about the recent NZ shooting and all the absurd details that should get anyone questioning the validity of the footage. He then gets into adrenochrome and whether or not the “elites” are terrorizing children for harvesting purposes.

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Foster XL

Puke’s latest show “Dr. Duke and Augustus Invictus Condemn the New Zealand Shooting & All Acts of Political Violence and Ethnic Cleansing!”. Yep, just another agent saying it’s real…


I have watched the video of the disappearing shell casings several times and it just looks bogus. There should be visible casings on the ground. It’s not from the frame rate and it’s not from compression. The casings are clearly visible when first ejected and disappear while falling. I call BS on the whole thing…


Don’t know much about firearms, but there’s this hideous looking gun supposedly used by the NZ shooter. And the childish markings- no way!

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“Odd modifications, no flash suppressor, strange stock, none of which is required by New Zealand law….we have never seen a weapon like this…piece of junk”.


Not even the same rifle. In the video it shows an Eotech sight.

Didn’t he have scopes on a shot gun as well?

Anthony Roberts

There is a definite link between these hoax shootings, plane incidents, and of course the distraction of jew-suprem humanity crimes in Palestine. Why was there so much emphasis put on the new Boeing 737 max 8 (max hate?) engines? More spelling? When you realize the Ethiopian Airlines captain was named “Getachew,” (now, days later, changed to Getecho on Sky news), the faggot mockery is obvious. I believe this was another hoax flight 93, complete with diggers already there, creating the gouge and dustbin lorries ready with the “wreckage.” At the very least it damages White engineering from within, like they have with VW and dieselgate. PS Thanks Kyle – very important info that needs to reach our people. Asa-Heim?? LOL. The name alone should of… Read more »


So Kyle touches on the “manifesto” which mentions the shooters inspiration – Candace Owens. The weapon shown here has an NSM symbol on the stock, the music the shooter plays is from Renegade Tribune, and Candace Owens is a reminder for Blacks NOT to vote for Trump. Talk about being thorough.

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Why should Blacks vote for Trump? Do you believe we actually vote the ZOG president in?


Time and again these hoaxes are used to put a crosshairs on Whites worldwide. These things will only escalate, I’m afraid. When will the madness end?


It will only end if/when we stop them. It’s worked like a charm so no reason to quit right?

Lotti Von Hesse

We must expose their evil on a massive scale so that the world will know that we are right, and hopefully, most people will go after these monsters, and they will finally be punished.


I wasn’t sure if Asa was genuine or not but I noticed that his posts were getting weirder and weirder, going against what he has said in the past. Recently someone had left a link to the Hyperborean Frugivores article under one of his meat posts and guess what.. it was gone when I checked yesterday. He had some really interesting info but of course it was just bait.. sick of these sell-outs


These muzzies are the worst crisis actors ever seen.


Supposedly there are 50 injured people. They must be in a local hospital. Is it possible to check if they are really there?


Your experience with the moon is very interesting. I, myself, love the moon. Yes, it is beautiful and classically romantic, and when full can certainly keep one awake. Of course moonness is affected by one’s personal chart and how the heavens move, but generally I have found that the full gives energy, opens possibilities, cleanses, uplifts, and will often reveal what we’re passionate about. Moon-dark attends to the inner, the quiet, the healing, the intuitive, also cleansing, but on a deeper level. Sometimes we’re made to face our demons. Yes, the moon can be invasive. It might just be showin’ us what ain’t workin’. I just had to put in a word for the moon. I seem to always be chasing it down to get… Read more »

Lotti Von Hesse

I absolutely love the orange colored harvest moon!


we need many voices together. otherwise pontification is inevitable, maybe on a short term business plan it succeeds, but it ain’t the truth buddy.

Foster XL

That’s a big word for you “buddy”! Who’s this “we” you’re whining about in your usual antagonistic way?

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Go away.

Go Goyim Go !!

Veterans Today has a couple of interesting articles on the shooter. They claim that he is a Jew who is a trained assassin and that he is 42 not 28. They have sources in intelligence in Syria and Russia, and claim to have been handed documents on this guy back in 2016.