The Solar Storm: Fighting the Enemy Within (12-17-17)

Kyle spoke to a last-minute guest who didn’t end up working out after he promoted way too many shills and also dealt with Siegetards in the first hour. Then Heathen Vegan came on to discuss the way to approach the manufactured clash of civilizations and fight against the subversive elements trying to lead our people astray.

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Jewsus lol, goes from chabad to worse. The jews are getting desperate sending in their siegetarts! Willy Schmuck Norris, another slick Langley op imo. UK Mussie – “One of my friends is WN” lol, he would be MI5/MI6 at a guess. Thank goodness
for Kyle & HV – real men standing for White people. Carpe jewem – “siege” the day!

I’m the “UK Mussie” you speak of, my friend does not acknowledge himself as White Nationalist, I just labeled him as such for the sake of the show, he calls himself a “patriot” but our friendship is based on mutual hatred of the common enemy and admiration of Hitler. Unlike most he can see through the bullshit of controlled movements like the EDL and Britain First but he has a lot to learn about how the Jews function, Marxism and other topics like Usury, Spirituality etc. I read a lot, he doesn’t. An “MI5/MI6” agent won’t call out the Holohoax. I have been suspended from work for calling it out by my half-Jew boss who thankfully left so I continue to talk about it. Given… Read more »
Hey Manoz. Political correctness does not affect Muslims it is only used on the indigenous population. As for “Muslims are not afraid of the truth” Then why is it there are zero Muslim movements, Muslim broadcasts, or even Muslims exposing the Hoax terror. Nick Kollerstrom pointed this out on a recent interview with Kyle, How no Muslims support his efforts to expose the fake terror. Your sincerity is impossible for us to know, what is possible to know though is the love for your folk. This whilst admirable as a trait of any member of a group gives us obvious concern. In your short message above it is clear you hold many of my folk in disdain. If you are genuine you would not only… Read more »

Good points HV; they are well made. I have nothing against you personally Manoz, but you know as well as i: anyone who isn’t muslim is an infidel, and must convert or die. We heathens have suffered this before; NEVER AGAIN!

Your imam dictates and guides you; even to the point of harming a beloved family member who has “strayed.” We will not tolerate or allow this abrahamic wickedness to gain ground and flourish; hence our urgent need to remove the jews from power. You will be allowed to leave and rebuild your beautiful land. Have your savings & education on us. We’ll even throw in a sarnie for the trip – vegan of course.

@Anthony Roberts “Infidel” was a term the Judeo-Christian world used to describe Muslims hundreds of years ago. It is not an Islamic term. Come on, I expect better from the Renegade Community. Jew reverse everything remember If you really believe you are an “infidel” and that you must convert or die then you are truly lost. People like you make me laugh. Why aren’t you dead yet? Don’t forget that Muslims are “heretics” and “heathens” too since Muslims don’t believe in the Crucifixion or that Jesus is God or in Usury. Muslims don’t believe in these silly emotional blackmails. The Americans believed the 9/11 story and look what it lead to? And you want to accuse Muslims of hate? Haha get off your horse. Islam… Read more »

I don’t know much about Manoz, But I can See that he Didn’t address your very cutting Points (I haven’t seen ANY Positive “Contribution” by Muslims in White Countries). We see Foreign-Groups Move-in and Stick-Together (even to the Point of Enabling Child-Rape). Now I See Manoz come-in-here and Repeatedly Attack Renegade! Like the Jewish-Lady explained: “We Always DO that: In Europe it is ‘The Holocaust’ and in America it is ‘Anti-Semitic’…” He Doesn’t Refute Your Very Cutting Points (which are So in-our-face-obviously-True) But Rather Immediately Attacks! “Islam” is Obviously a Jew-Shock-Troop-Invasion-Army. And Rape and Barbaric-Terror (Like the “KnockOut Game”) are Obviously an Invading-Army’s: Soften-Up and Destroy-the-Enemies-Will-to-Fight Techniques. Just My Two-Cents. 🙂

Imams clearly have a lot of influence over Muslims. All religious leaders do. If you believe in an abrahamic faith you are mind controlled.

Heathen Vegan Political correctness does affect Muslims, it is more then just the indigenous population not being able to speak up for fear of being called “racist”. This is absurd btw, how can you be called racist in your own lands? Of course my knowledge of this mind control is more advanced then most so I can see the absurdity just like you. As for political correctness and Muslims. The enemy is very deceptive remember, it blames “radical Muslims” and invented groups like “ISIS”. This means it is not blaming Islam directly yet the enemy has NOT attacked radical Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia but harmless ones like Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. We are being lied to as as much as you. Political Correctness means… Read more »
Mano. First point id like to make is the one you didn’t address, that is advocating your folk (middle eastern/Pakistani) to return to their own lands. As some one such as yourself must see the deliberate use of your people to cause division. The Nick kollerstrom point regarding the lack of Muslim activism, doesn’t cut it. There are none, they are so rare infact you are one of the only ones I have met. You say you do not disdain my folk yet, later in the same comment you say “Muslims have kept their high degree of morality while the Whites have lost theirs” Firstly Muslims in England are not very moral, this you know. I am originally from the big city Birmingham, where we… Read more »
It’s not as simple as “advocating my folk to return home”. People are not going to “get it” like we do are they? Gulf State Arabs like Saudis and Qataris can leave because they have intact rich countries, other Middle Easterners would require reparations for the illegal wars conducted against countries like Iraq and the support of Radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS which destroyed Syria and Libya . Many non-whites have been here for decades and have businesses here, including my father. Of course it is easier to send people away that have come in recently in the so called “migrant crisis” which was basically Panic Mode by the Jews. Nuremberg Style Laws are much better where Whites are given priority for larger families. If… Read more »
Reparations? and who would you have pay them? I am guessing you believe my folk should foot the bill. I will keep this reply short. For all your words, you cannot help but insult my folk whilst excusing yours, all the time claiming to “understand”. This though is to be expected given the nature of folk I believe my first thought on you was correct, you are attempting to “sell” Islam to my folk. You are not as subtle as you think, or as good. Your Semitic God had nothing to do with the creation of my folk, the very fact you believe this shows your arrogance in its true form. There will be no conversion in my lands, I would rather suffer the fate… Read more »
How can you think I was talking about “your folk” in regards to reperations? The General British Public are clueless to what is going, because they have been lied to by the deceptive media and politicians so naturally the reparations should come from the deceivers, not the deceived, the ones that own the media and politicians. If you want to regard my opinion of your folk as an “insult” then that is up to you. Lack of knowledge and being led astray is not an insult, the system deliberately keeps people in the dark. I have every right to insult all the folks which are involved in the intelligence agencies, media and political structures though including Muslims, Blacks or whoever. The God of Islam is… Read more »

You present some interesting views and a lot I can agree with. One thing I can not agree with is Islam or any abrahamic faith saving Whites. Those cults belong in the middle east. If you guys find them helpful then I’m happy for you.

They have been helpful to preserve our communities, peoples and culture. Think about that. Cultural Marxism has destroyed White Culture and White Countries. Marxism cannot get a foothold in Islamic countries (the Bankers use terrorism instead).

Heathen Vegan’s ignorance on the matter makes me think he just another shill.

At least the real National Socialists never spread lies about Islam. They dropped leaflets in Syria in 1942 warning the Syrians that if the Allies won the war, they would destroy the Middle East for a greater Jewish State. This was before Odit Yenon’s “Greater Israel Project” was written.

” Marxism cannot get a foothold in Islamic countries (the Bankers use terrorism instead).”

They don’t use anything against islam because islam is the front for the jew. You are part of the same agenda. The difference is the jew is the scum that lurks and avoids public scrutiny what with their protected status and media control. They use you as their screen.

They don’t use terrorist false flag attacks and illegal wars against Muslim countries? They don’t support radical groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS which have killed mostly Muslims? they don;t use NATO to bomb countries like Libya and steal the gold? Here’s NS Propagandist Johann von Leer’s view on Jews and Islam. [The Islamic World had kept the Jews suppressed, whereas in Europe they had been allowed to emancipate. The Islamic struggle with the “Jewish problem” had already begun in the times of the Prophet….Infuriated by their treatment in Muslim lands, Jews had become the fiercest conspirators against Islam, even orchestrating Christian polemics against Muslims.”It may thereby be noted that the Crusades were, to a not inconsiderable extent, also unleashed by Jewish agitation”] von Leers later… Read more »
Christianity has literally killed millions of Europeans over the centuries. You can understand why I have no love for the religion or it’s related religions Islam and Judaism. Heathen Vegan doesn’t seem very shill like to me. Like pretty much everyone around here he’s not into abrahamic cults. The wartime propaganda by the NS doesn’t mean the NS had any love for Islam either. You should know that the codeword used for the genocide of Whites is diversity not cultural marxism. You think Muslims are immune to the propaganda of the people behind it yet they are enslaved to one of their ideologies. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Marxism and diversity are all the products of the same group. Many Muslims are already the result of race… Read more »
I wasn’t talking about Christianity when I was referring to community but Bolshevism has done a lot of damage to Whites and Christians too, Armenian genocide too was done by crypto-Jews. In the grand scheme of things Islam has done very little like that. Bosnian genocide was done by Christians, likely with a Jewish hand. A lot of views in the western world of Islam are tainted by Judeo-Christianity, the National Socialists saw through it because they knew better and saw past the deception of Christianity too. You only have to see the sheer amount of false flags , hoaxes and psychological operations conducted against Islam like Charlie Hebdo to see the agenda Most Muslims in the world are Indonesian. Race mixing is actually rare… Read more »

Islam won’t save you from subversion anymore than Christianity saved Whites.

btw NS “wartime propaganda” was about propagating the truth. The Allies propagated the lies and call it “The News”

“…real sharia would mean … and non-whites would have to leave.” Is THAT What “Real Sharia” is? — My, oh my! — How IGNORANT am I! 🙂

“I do not need to “expose the criminals in my community”, I do not know any. The only thing I need to expose is Ignorance on both sides.”

Please define “ignorance”. Sounds a lot like a coded euphemism for something. But what does it mean to you?

MUZTARD’ AS per live chat, fuck off, I have zero tolerance for peodo worshipers be they is-scum or jew-shyte. Your efforts are better off waking your arabs the fuck up & not sticking your jew gened nose in our Aryan business. There is really no end to my hate of muslim filth. I dont even tolerate christ tards, there IS DEFINITELY no way I will tolerate religious nutjobs such as you or any other Muscum. Get the Fuck out of OUR pagan Aryan country’s & cry us a river elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know HV, I might go crying to my local MP about being attacked by hate speech and racism by an occupying BROWN MAJORITY. Do you think I would get very far being a white heterosexual male?

If you’re an arab that still adheres to islam, then you’re a fucking retard who doesn’t belong here. Go away and worship your pedo god elsehwere.

I agree they shouldn’t bring it here. I myself don’t care for Christianity or Islam – I subscribe to no organized religions. I wouldn’t dismiss them all (not saying you are) though, because most of them (anytime soon) are not going to let go of their organized religion. Unfortunately, I say this. But at the same time I completely agree they need to not come try to promote or spread it here. If they want to have a discussion they should probably consult you/Kyle and see if you guys approve them coming on for a show or something. Not promoting or making it a primary topic of conversation in the comments. On a side note, it could just be the Siege-tards trolling in various ways… Read more »
Manoz, Manoz, Manoz if you were calling from the Middle East, you would have some semblance of a premise. However being an abrahamic cohort of the jew (yes you are being used by the jew as a “footsoldier” to cop the front line) here as an alien in my and my folk’s homeland is at best offensive, and at worst a direct affirmative declaration of war. And you have the audacity to feel as though you are being treated unfairly, in a place which YOU KNOW you are in because it is infinitely better than that of your origin, and completely without permission (jewish agencies letting you in does not count as such). That is a fact. I was going to dissect your gigantic post… Read more »
Funny post. What have the Americans done with all their guns to take control over their country so it isn’t run by corrupt Jews who use America to wage war on defenseless countries (mainly Muslim in the last few decades)? How does one protect themselves from a giant wrecking ball while minding ones own business on the other side of the world? Quit swinging the chain. Muslims are NOT a protected class you dumbass. Minorities are a protected class, some of them happen to be Muslims. Where was the “protection of Muslims” during the Afghanistan war? the Iraq War? Gitmo? Abu Ghraib? The term “racism” existed before “Islamaphobia” btw. The Jewish papers just keep Islam in the news to direct attention away from themselves. The… Read more »

And your true colors show. Go the fuck away. You belong in the desert far away from us.

What do you mean “true colours”? I am only telling you what you should have already been able to work out for yourself. I guess the commentators on Renegade aren’t that smart afterall

Funny but true. Anyway, there appears to be an inordinate amount of confusion and mystery in your argument as to who and what this “corrupt dark force” is. What and who do you think your “wrecking ball” is? You act like you don’t know. Is that true you can’t specify WHAT that force may be? Or perhaps the abrahamic trilogy is truly operating as one whole.

I don’t know if you are being disingenuous or deliberately coy.

The Dark Forces are Judeo-Masonic Money and Power. I thought that much was obvious?
The “Wrecking Ball” is the America military and other western militaries like NATO and also UN “Peacekeepers”, Operation Gladio etc.
The wrecking ball aspect is mainly the American military, they are the ones that practice “Shock & Awe” and drone operations.
During WW2 it was the so called Allies, look what they did to Germany

I just don’t see what you would be getting out of this. There is no incentive for non-whites to oppose the jew. None. It is a very difficult situation for whites because EVERY channel is against whites. I have not seen ONE legitimate outside party, by outside I mean non white, even other whites are against us, be pro white, REALLY pro white. If you would go and form your own nation and leave then that would be the fatal blow to the jew because they depend on you to fracture our nations. But that won’t happen because it is too good feeding from the white man’s bone marrow, otherwise it would have happened.

The whole premise is to spread islam i.e. the vehicle for judah. You are doing the wretched snivelling cowardly jew’s footwork. You are their tools.

Judah was in Europe for centuries. In England, for the last 300 years. The Muslims were driven back and out in the middle ages. Anyway the problem is racial, many migrants coming over to Europe who are not Muslims too.

“Feeding from the white man’s bone marrow”? When the money is Jewish? Fair enough that White people make better civilisations but places like Libya were holding off the African hordes and it is only because the Jew destroyed it that Africans came flooding into Europe. The Jew who has control over white lands also advertises to the world how great it is and gives promises of freedom and opportunity”, can’t blame stupid people for falling for it, especially when their countries have been destroyed.The problem is that it happened in the first place. This stuff only happened because the White man’s pride was taken. The Zionist Jew threw the immigration spear at you but the Marxist Jew destroyed your shield before hand over the course… Read more »

Additional: The last two paragraphs are essentially the same argument but for two separate parties: yours and mine. Is that not uncanny?

I wanted to call in to your show Kyle, however I understand how you discontinued callers from calling in due to those Trolls. Very much liked what Vegan said about the need of a legitimate National Socialist movement conducting legitimate activist roles in order for us to gain control of our people, our land and our culture. These ‘Alt-Right’ and ‘White Nationalist’ pedos have nothing to do with our beautiful philosophy, and therefore our folk

I know it’s unpopular to say this here but you’ll sell NS a lot easier by not calling it NS. Heathen Vegan mentioned how many “NS” people are just into the symbology and uniforms. That is because of it’s name and association with Third Reich. Kyle on his shows often promotes NS views and they are views that many would agree with. He doesn’t need to mention NS to promote those views and I’d argue that it’s more effective not to mention NS. There was some controlled opposition protest in a small town a while back. You had Spencer, Enoch and some NS larpers on one side and some antifa mob on the other side. They probably all went to the town on the same… Read more »
NS is not something that has to be sold. It is an energy a principle description of a life force that expresses itself through us (those who are). It does not have to be SOLD as some kind of commodity or idea. If it does not come from within you and connect with those of your kin then it is not real!!! This is not a sales pitch or a method of generating customers for fucks sake. If it does not speak to you in essence then you are not OF the essence. Again the whole focus seems to be on propaganda and how many votes you can get, not about ANYTHING REAL. This is not a fucking pantomime: this is how we live.
I don’t mind promoting National Socialism. I don’t mind calling it what it is. Otherwise people will very likely not understand your point, if you can’t really mention Hitler, NatSoc, etc. Therefore, what’s the point of trying to promote it? They will likely misunderstand you and wind up over at The Daily Stormer or worse. And for promoting it. To each their own. I wouldn’t say that Kyle dedicates the network to that, but I find the idea of self-censoring to the extent you mention to be a bit too far. Back in the days of National Socialism’s creation, it was very popular to promote it and educate people about it. I, personally, don’t see this as a bad thing. I also agree with Skalgarir,… Read more »
The point of promoting NS is the same as promoting any pro-White viewpoint. You want others to see the light so to speak. With NS since it’s been demonized much more so than general White nationalism calling the ideology NS has some problems. The demonization is bad enough but the symbology creates a further problem. Because of the well known symbology it’s too easy for controlled opposition to discredit it. All it takes is a rabbi to paint a swastika on a synagogue or some NS larpers to go to a Charlottesville type psyop and real NS takes another hit in credibility. Promoting NS ideology in general without actually crediting Hitler is a lot harder to discredit as far as the general public is concerned.… Read more »

It does have to be sold as an ideology. Hitler wasn’t doing two or three speeches a week for the hell of it. He was selling an ideology. The racial part should be natural and is to most people but other aspects will take more convincing. A hell of a lot more if you call it NS. A way of living doesn’t need a name.

That guest you had on seemed a little too well spoken for someone new to broadcasting. Also his background story seemed too long and well rehearsed.

What’s with this “seige” business you keep mentioning Kyle?

There’s been a Troll calling in, ‘apparently’ the writer of the book Seige (look up “Seige James Mason” and you will find him/the book).
Him and a host of minions that follow him. According to Kyle he is a convicted pedophile parading around as a National Socialist, from what I read into him.

I didn’t mean to offend Kyle’s delicate sensibilities. Truth is, I am a very busy man. I suppose I should have done my homework a bit more. If I had, I might have known that Kyle had excommunicated BPS, Jared Taylor, Jack Donovan, Anton LaVey, Ragnar Redbeard, David Lane and Bill Rhyes. Here’s a thought: just because a guest references a source you see as a shill doesn’t mean that the ideas he has gleaned from the source are without merit or value. A useful idea is still useful even if it comes from an unlikely source. Some of the best ‘anti Jewish’ quotes come from the mouths of Jews….like Marcus Eli Ravage: a source I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for Kyle’s… Read more »

I don’t know enough about you to say for sure you are a shill but you have set off a few alarms. Even more so promoting Brevik and Roof as role models.

You’re about 95% confirmed. The other 5% is the possibility you’re just an idiot.

So what makes you qualified to decide who is a shill? What is your definition of a shill?

Spotting shills is easy. You simply look for incongruity.

You a playing a part of a renegade listener and referencing known shills that have been mentioned numerous times. Then when you are called a shill you promote senseless terrorism as a tactic. You have to try harder than that here.

You obviously have some company here too looking at the voting.

You have daughters and are listening to a jewish sex tourist that blames White women for what jews have done. You “enjoyed” what he had to say. You should be paraded through the streets as an absolute retard and mocked and scorned for your inability to think critically.

Your daughters need a father who isn’t easily manipulated by jews. I fear for them. You state you listen to Renegade, yet went through the list of OBVIOUS shills as if they were legit. You deserve to be shamed for being this naive (even though I don’t think you are, I think you’re full of shit)

We should start acting like jew lovers that killed innocent children? (Breivik) GET THE FUCK IN THE VOLCANO! Obvious provocateur is OBVIOUS.

Will, you said you discovered Renegade through Bill Rhyes network, after Dave from Texas was long gone. At least get your lies straight.

Manoz said the ((( leaders ))) have SOLD OUT Brits (and other whites), a betrayal of genocidal proportions. So why don’t more non-whites acknowledge this, that they’re reaping what white Europeans have sown, acknowledge they’ve gotten STOLEN goods / lands and do the right thing, return to their own nations?

Muslim countries as well as non-white countries have “leaders” that sold out too. Where they didn’t sell out, they got destroyed and plundered by western countries. The whites have much more self-evaluation to do then non-whites. Of course you know this don’t you?

Renegade has a lot of content to do with Zog’s plundering of non-white countries, which is done using the military, and is not the will of the people. Basically we have a global entity we’re all dealing with here. But you must know that the flood of muslims into UK and Europe is an act of warfare against the indigenous population. We’re all victims of the same forces, but I’m not sure you’re in a position to be moralizing the natives or renegades who strive to know the full picture.
You’re using the narrative used against us to accept the genocidal act of mass migration.

jews are not white. Whites have never plundered any nation, and it isn’t as if there was anything there in the first place.

Whites definitely need some self evaluation but I don’t know if we need much more. Maybe on the racial front we do. You seem to think non-Whites are somehow superior in withstanding subversion. In some respects you could be right but as a White you’d see the world differently. You’ve seen the propaganda in White countries but it hasn’t been aimed at you. Apart from genetic differences that makes your outlook quite different. Most Whites think of Muslims as quite fanatical in their religious beliefs. We aren’t middle easteners and we haven’t had that propaganda aimed at us since birth. We might think we would be immune but history shows that Christianity once had the same hold on Europeans. The people behind the propaganda are… Read more »
Why? I would say non whites have more self reflection to do because they are the implements of the jew, which puts them into direct relationship with them, at least as far as their plans go. That won’t happen because there is no other validation for your premise. If your intent is benign then they you are not doing a good job of it. And also here comes the “blame whitey card”. It is always in the deck somewhere, which is the real reason isn’t it? The “blame whitey” punchline because we are having fun taking from your system thanks to the jew. I really don’t see what you have to gain by aligning against the jew with whites. It is the jew that has… Read more »

Show’s been no worse for the idiots in the first part, even better, showing the ‘movement’ for what it is. As to allying with arabs, can’t see how we can reach/influence them, that ‘smart’ arab is an exception, their herd is totally controlled by their imams, which in turn are jews’ allies. We’re on our own, glad Kyle’s broadcasting this thought out. I’ve come across some advocates of getting arabs onboard, but they can offer no sequence of steps as to how this can be acheived. Concentrate on ourselves.

Mullins said Chabad is top level. He didn’t miss it. He also said Hitler was double crossed. Read the sequel to Secrets of Fed, called, “The World Order.” Just sayin’.

I’m glad you brought up Chabad Lubavitch. This is a topic that needs more coverage for sure. The name of the organization itself, which is derived from the Kabbalah and a town in Russia, could cover some time. Also, their interpretations of scripture are revealing, and how these coincide with atheistic Jewish interpretations provides a fuller understanding of the Jews inner workings. They appear to be the intelligentsia (learned elders) who are making sure the Protocols are being followed, and have the ears of every world leader.

The basis of NS was Blood and Soil. Not idea or belief, or some abstractism, but tangible REAL premises.

NS was still an ideology based on Blood and Soil. It didn’t just happen in Germany in the 30’s. Hitler and co first promoted the ideology to be voted into power. Then came the hard work of implementing it.

Sure but the premise remains the same.

An LOL alt-version of Kyle’s alt-right pic art for the show.

Ya’ll might have a chuckle.

The handicaps in the comments are too much to bear. Another problem with the internet and democracy is that it gives voice to the lowest common denominator that eventually end up flooding everything with bollecks.

O/T but HUGE case everyone should be following, James Tracy’s crusade against the jewish control of free speech in academia

Strange guest, almost all he promoted were some kind of weirdos or straight shills. Is he a shill himself or just inexperienced in white nationalism, I can’t say. There are surely lot of naive people walking around, that’s for sure…

Hey, say what you will about David in Texas, he was the one that really set off the alarm about Bill Rice causing trouble for Renegade.

You’ll always have problems selling NS when you call it NS. You generally get one of two reactions:

1) Muh holohoax
2) Muh cool uniforms (they were cool uniforms as you’d expect from Hugo Boss)

Also calling it NS makes it harder to adapt it to todays conditions which are a lot different than the 1930’s.

Selling is a jew activity. Truth is not for sale.

The truth will remain hidden if you aren’t prepared to sell it. Anti-Whites don’t sell White genocide as White genocide. They sell it as diversity. That’s the power of a name change.

I listened to this show, but eventually had to shut it off. Seriously, Kyle, I typically am a big fan of your work and I know you want to keep things as pure as possible, but I think your insistence that everyone reference what you deem to be the “right sources” is getting a bit ridiculous and is going to keep people from wanting anything to do with you. That guy was admittedly new to the movement and was trying to connect and you cut him off for referencing the “wrong” types of people. But unfortunately, these are also the sources that get people to places like Renegade in the first place. Hate to break it to you, but without platforms like Red Ice, or… Read more »

” Hate to break it to you, but without platforms like Red Ice, or BPS, or AmRen, etc., etc.,- most people that are here, wouldn’t be.”

Not really true at all. Most people from Renegade come from Truther/Conspiracy, I’ve noticed.

Also, your shill and troll radar is busted. You should look into getting that thing fixed.

Red Ice WAS truther/conspiracy big time until the last couple years. As far as the other comment. See my response to renegade.

I didn’t know Weev was Jewish?? Can anyone verify?

Your jewdar needs calibrating.

How can white nationalism ever win, if they can’t identify even obvious tools? Maybe only then, when they wear big signs “I’M AN AGENT” on their chest. Pathetic. People, go learn some basics of psychology…

Pretty sure he had an OK Cupid dating profile that said he was jewish, plus he looks like the illegitimate son of Allen Ginsberg and David Cross.

And purposley staged a photo in the exact same pose as Ginsburg. They’re laughing at the gullible goyim.

The cigarette photo? Reminded me of typical Ilya Ehrenburg and Golda Meir smoking photos.

But…. but he’s wearing a Thor’s hammer! He can’t be a Jew! <:o

😀 😀 😀

Thiscomment image He’s a midget, isn’t he?

Three comments in a row by Dennis Fetcho on Auernheimer and he did not even mention Raoul Auernheimer, nephew of Theodor Herzl:

I feel like I see a lot of pretty tall Jews though, and a lot of “short” white people. In my area atleast (NorthEastUSA).
But I have also seen many short Jews. So I don’t know if height is a prime factor there.

But ((((((Weeve)))))) is obviously a Jew. I could see this from the first time I heard of him, and looked him up. Bam! And he’s a “Pro-Hacker”. Very interesting.

And he works with Andre Anglin, the guy who also looks like a slimy Asiatic-ish Jew himself.

They could be cousins. Same gene pool 😉

Are you serious? All he is lacking is a yammiker and a semen stained temple robe.

“Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way bought from the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many “journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case.” –… Read more »