The Solar Storm: Frank Raymond – The Deceptive Dialogue About ‘Dreamers’ (1-21-18)

Kyle speaks to Frank Raymond about the weaponized language being used against White people in our countries to try to convince us to give up all our land and resources while applauding our genocide. Kyle and Frank offer some ways to respond to common arguments.

Frank Raymond is the author of Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells, the politically incorrect book of the century. The book debunks many of the myths that have anti-White liberals befuddled, and has effectively converted every liberal who has read it. It is a good work of literature, and a thriller, in the bargain. Instead of the e-book, go for the paperback, it is superior.
The link to the book is:

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I think we also fall into their pre-set trap using “Muslim” for the invaders, instead of Arabs. They then promote the idea of whites converting to Islam, and can point to ethnic Euros who are Muslim. They appeal to the aryan ethic of respecting peoples’ beliefs that way and also to some Americans instinct to welcome those fleeing religious persecution (the myth of the puritans, for example).
I think using Arabs is avoided, like how they use Asians, because of the devastating historic precedents in Spain, Hungary, etc. And it also keeps Europeans from realizing it’s a race / heritage /dispossession wave that will forever change the ancestral homelands.


To me, Tucker Carlson is like the Richard Spencer of the jewish media. His father was a big propaganda player (Voice of America), and his role in this scripted drama seems to be to play a privileged eastern establishment guy. So to deconstruct it, you have to see him as controlled opposition. Interestingly VoA was involved in countering ‘Nazi propaganda’ too. They’ve gotten sophisticated with it, but I see this as more of that psy op and the script a mindf&ck for our people. I always enjoy Frank Raymond’s perspective, great show.


Calling them “muslim” is a general-narrative term, its a safe thing which is used in news nad “anti-immigration” sphere. I say it undermines the racial issue. I’ve never used it and never will, always calling them what they are, arabs. Also I never call negros/Africans “black” or Europeans “white”.


Frank mentioned how the Cohen character said something along the lines of “this is who we are”. The first thought that comes to mind anytime someone says that, especially a Jew is “what do you mean WE?” If you allow anti-Whites to define who you are then you can hardly expect to win.


Frank is right, whites need to develop nerves of steel and be able to be unshaken by these jew’s and their shabbos goy’s cutting ”one liners”. That’s all they are anyways. These delusional ”dreamers”, their instigators and supposed supporters fall to pieces when you are firm with facts. They only have a handful of pre-programmed ”gotcha’s” anyways. Being able to maintain calm in the face of a storm is a trait I believe our ancestors knew how to do very well. I have been in that position before, where I am just baffled by the absurdity of some peoples lack of rational that I am left speechless.. It is a very strange feeling once you mentally process the near total inability for someone to think… Read more »


Excellent show, Frank Raymond is superb. I hope he will come back in the future.l

Frank Raymond is a Legend. 🙂
Here’s a good one: If the remaining White People are “Nazis”, then this must mean that ?
“Nazis defeated the Nazis on behalf of Jews/ Yewes during WW2”. < There's the quick reply that is needed in just one short sentence. Furthermore, "We defended the Ungrateful".
Feck off Jewbags ! and stop using Immigrants for your Global Real_Estate Endeavors !


It is pure brute force insistence. The only factors are volume, ambiguity and repetition. The logic is contradictory and nonsense, which in essence in this case is secondary. Their main weapon is constant brain bashing and over saturation through all possible conduits as Frank Raymond says. Just total flat out screaming and repetition. It doesnt matter that it makes sense, because on the surface all it is is screaming, mouth foaming hysteria. They have set it up so that it resonates with psychology regardless of the sense, and that is the game of the filthy jew, to just bellow hysterically at the top of their lungs on whatever shitshow they are on. This is why there is no argument: because there is no argument. It… Read more »


It’s not quite just repetition and hysteria that is needed. As Frank points out the use of words is quite deliberate and sneaky. The words chosen were chosen for maximum effect and weren’t just the first words that came to mind.

Frank is one of the few people that has given the actual words of anti-Whites the attention they deserve. Words used sneakily as Frank described have a subliminal persuasive effect. The anti-White talking points which even the stupidest of sub-saharan Africans can use effectively work so well mainly because people aren’t dissecting the words and thinking about what they are hearing. Combined with repetition and hysteria the words do their black magic. First though the right words were chosen and chosen carefully.


Jewrassic Liars talkin’ ’bout Black-ish.–5HXw&bpctr=1516614722


Renny – Don’t you just love how Jewtube is censoring comments on videos with INAPPROPRIATE content now? Yeah, me neither.


From the Judaic racial supremacist control vantage, it is fair to say that the 60 to 80 million specifically non-White immigrants herded into this country since the Jewish Utopian 1965 Immigration Law was passed by an allegiance-alienated Congress -[ a condition that has remained the status quo ere since] – these masses of motley races- immigrants, who themselves are unaware of their purpose here, serve the specifically Racial Supremacist Jewry’s Purpose. And that Purpose is Jewry’s primary objective in America today: to use their weaponized Immigration Law of 1965 and their control of Immigration Policy & of a treacherous Congress, to social engineer White Americans into a minority in this country which will definitely no longer be their country nor be welcome in a land… Read more »


If America is an idea then anyone in the world can claim to be American.

Wilder Lee

Kyle mentioned in passing that Native Americans were among the first to weaponize language? Perhaps I heard that wrong, but I would be interested in hearing more about this. Is there an article you can direct me to about this topic?

The Good Dictator

Hello Kyle, great show! I love your guest Frank and they way he illustrates important points.
May I ask what’s the title and author of the song that opens the last break that leads to the final half hour of the show? It’s a beautiful eighties-pop-style song. Thanks

The Good Dictator

I tried to Shazam it, but it isn’t in their database.

Good Dictator

Of course it is not in shazam’s database! 😀

Adam NoMan

Raymond asks: What is the answer to the “meme” that “America” is an “idea.” It is more than a little surprising that Hunt doesn’t have a ready-made tactic for dealing with any such Jewist nonsense. One should never accept the validity of the lexical tropes offered from that quarter. One must never actually repeat the proposed vocabulary and always deconstruct such it by exposing the * motivation * behind it. In this particular case, it would be easy enough to retort: “Whose idea is it that America is merely an idea?” One might then pursue the question, Cui bono?,” as one always should, since all linguistic formulations are, in fact, magical incantations intended to bring about the condition they slyly pretend to only be describing.… Read more »


Adam, where is your interview with Raymond?
One (You) should provide the link here for others to listen to..
One (I) would love to hear your many, varied, invaluable, vital retorts.
Surely you must be doing all you can to save the white race, and the world, from the jewish death spiral one (we) seem to find ourselves in.
Thanks in advance.