The Solar Storm: Frank Raymond – The Mass Production of Proles (8-6-17)

Kyle speaks to Frank Raymond, author of Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells, about his book (buy the paperback), the ongoing removal of White people from their natural environment, why White people have been targeted for genocide, the loss of civility and decency as discussed by Georgia (Aug 2nd), and how the proles of today are being used to further degrade our society in ways previously thought unimaginable. They also discuss some reasons for optimism, as there are some people with healthy instincts left, there is a worldwide awakening underway, and even the SJW activists can be deprogrammed quickly.

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Great interview. Frank made an excellent point about whites getting into yoga and Buddha and foreign religions and how that makes them ripe for a cultural takeover. However, I don’t know if it has occurred to him that this already happened hundreds of years ago when whites fell for the jew lie of Christ-Insanity. Yes, whites fell for that pile of horse shit and we most definitely had our culture hijacked and now brought to the verge of extinction. Christ-Insanity with it’s “turn the other cheek” bullshit and “do good to those who persecute you” mind-fuckery is a purely semitic creation and 100% foreign to the true nature of the white race. We whites would never had been laid low like we have been were… Read more »

Great points as always Renny.

I agree with your Renny, but the more I unlearn, and tap into the ancestral instincts for virtue, honor, and dignity, coupled with learning about my own families history of migration – I’m thinking that most of our ancestors fled the motherland and fatherland FROM Christ Insanity.. In my imagination I see it like this… there was no choice – it was convert or die, akin to modern day islamic take over. (They are the same religions aren’t they after all, the ”big 3”, just different timelines.) Americans are the South Africans, (and maybe the Australians) could be considered the same… white folk fleeing their homelands in search of one NOT being bathed in blood via parasitic mind viruses – or as they tell us… Read more »
What an extremely powerful show. This is the second time I’ve heard from this fellow here on Renegade , and I’ve passed this one along to my very liberal lesbians coworker. Despite these glaring faults of hers, a true Aryan spirit resides deep within her, and shows itself through her genuine love of nature, her work ethic, and her impeccable manners, as well a deep love and loyalty towards her family. I hope she listens objectively. For, I don’t know about you guys, but there were some things that I had to look at objectively as well. I may not be a loony liberal lesbians, but Ive been known to curse like a sailor, and occasionally get too drunk and even spit in public, and… Read more »

Yes, I really like Janice. Some of her stuff is really out there, but her basic message is very enlightening and helped me look at some things very differently than I had before. It was her that made see how important it was to turn the electric Jew off. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without taking that crucial step.

Jeanice, stupid phone

I stopped listening to her after I checked out what her obsession with that Ringing Cedars crap however.

Scarlett I did the same especially when Sinead made that beautiful birth of a new earth video in tribute of natural birth. I washed my hands of Jeanice after that.

Yeah, that keeps happening to me throughout this discovery process. Like, I started listening to Red Ice until I picked up on the woman bashing. Was really liking what I was hearing from Jeanice until it sounded cultist with that stupid book. Finally came across Heathen Women and foung Renegade. It’s hard to find any platform that doesn’t have a sinister agenda and isn’t bat shit crazy.

Frank Raymond is a better advocate for our cause than many of our so called White Leaders. He’s very intelligent and articulate. Jared Taylor would get his ass handed to him if he ever tried to defend his position on the SNEAKS. I really like this adjective. I hope it catches on. For some one to call you an anti-semite they have to admit that Jews engage in sneaky behavior. Stereotypes don’t arise out of thin air. That’s why they always have to present their “not all argument”. What are the Jews going to do? Become transparent to prove their not SNEAKS? I don’t think so. If for whatever reason you have to dog whistle; this is a good one! I also like using ”… Read more »
Here are the words from the opening of the radio show of Georgia, regarding the degradation of Caucasian society, and the loss of decency and taste due to the Sneak Ruler campaign to debase whites and reduce them to proles. “Our generation is not responsible for the deficiency of the modern world. Upon reflection, it wasn’t us who took the melody out of music, the pride out of appearance, the courtesy out of driving, the romance out of love, the commitment out of marriage, the responsibility out of parenthood, the togetherness out of family, the learning out of education, the service out of patriotism, the Golden Rule from rulers, the Nativity scene out of cities, the civility out of behavior, the refinement out of language,… Read more »

What a thoroughly delightful show! Thank you for introducing me to author Frank Raymond.

According to Douglas Reed in Controversy of Zion, he said he had it on first hand knowledge that Orwell, real name Brian Blair had gone to Spain to help the J Bolshevik bastards take over there was thoroughly disgusted in the Reds seeing that he was helping ruin a society that was 100 times the quality of what Marxist communists had to offer. His friend asked him, “If you think this is sick, go to their new Palestine and see what they’re doing to the natives their and get a real taste of “enlightenment”. hahaha The Reds were mass murdering nuns, children and old preachers. Then they dug up nuns they’d buried and propped them up outside the cathedrals with rude ass signs on their… Read more »

I’ve always thought of j bolsheviks as pathetic overcompensators. The modern ones are no different. It’s why I believe a lot of people have an instinctive dislike of them. I think Frank Raymond has a good understanding of both Whites and the jews. Jews want a debased society because only an extremely debased society could ever consider jews upper class. A jerry springer society might just be debased enough. Maybe.


Really really good show. The two hours just flew by. This one’s going into my archive for sure.

I’m interested in reading the studies that Kyle mentions about people shutting themselves in their houses and the loss of community when ‘diversity’ manifests. Could I get some more info on that, please?

twee I recommend the works of Australian Dr.Frank Salter who is an expert researcher on ethnobiology.I believe he covered this topic in his book “On Genetic Interests” & he has written many essays on the proven advantages of homogeneous societies.He also gave a presentation to the UN some years ago titled “The Humanitarian Costs of Western Multiculturalism” in an effort to stem the ludicrous efforts of the UNHCR who openly promote & encourage migration as a “progressive” inevitability with zero scientific basis.

Another really gross habit proles are getting into is sticking out their tongues. I see it in pictures all the time.

and that whorific ‘duck face’ was a thing for a spell.. poor kids.. they have no idea how embarrassed they will be in ten years time.

I have a small up and down business and a person offered me a 50 k injection floor plan of money plus juice for inventory.I accepted and a few years went by and slowly the 50 k dwindled to 22k in inventory as he was making 100$ per item sold.Sometimes he would write a check for a thousand and make his hundred in a couple of days.He averaged about a thousand a month ,about ten items a month,sometimes more sometimes a little less,but the old inventory was not selling and depreciating in value..At that time he pulled his money and I justified not paying him what I owed because he was charging me juice in excess of what I thought was fair but I agreed… Read more »

Good insights into the jewish, ahem, euphemistically sneak rulers, sophistication in implementing White Genocide. Instead of straight forward extermination of the remaining White ethnicities after the defeat of the German Third Reich, they are experimenting to create compliant useful proles using the genetic human farming material and social engineering at their disposal.

The deprogramming secret techniques that Frank alludes to use must be fully explored in future shows. It is extremely difficult overcoming the mind-control programs that keeps the leftist-oriented White lemmings happy to be goys on the ZOG plantation, worshipful of jews and obliviously indulge in the toxic jewish filth culture.

The deprogramming techniques used by cult busters would be well worth looking into. I’ve read one report where a cult buster was called to bust someone out from the hari krishnas who joined after his brother died. The move that worked was asking if his brother would have wanted him to run off and join them on his death. The guy laughed knowing deep down his brother wouldn’t want that and left soon after.

Having followed the late Bob Whitaker for a while his methods were along similar lines. Show the absurdity of the current system in simple words to break the spell. He was great at wording obvious things people overlook into obvious statements they couldn’t refute.

Here’s some amusing examples I like. ##################### “When a liberal once accused my friend of being a racist, he simply turned around and asked her: “racist of WHAT race?” She was mum. She did not know how to answer. Her mind probably went blank. If she had said “of white race”, we could have easily then responded: “then why don’t you say ‘whitist’”? And then: “so being a whitist is racist, but being a blackist is not racist? Oh, you are say brainwashed!!” Another good response is: “the word racist has NO definition. There is no federal or state statute that defines the word ‘racist.’ It is a silly bogus term. I am very disappointed that an educated intelligent person like you uses such non-sensical… Read more »

Great show. Thanks Frank and Kyle. All good info. However six weeks ago I started attending hot yoga bikram style classes. It’s really doing me a lot of good along with a plant based diet.

Some very interesting points and as a long term listener but reluctant contributor I’ll add my two pence worth. I think within modern Democracies desired outcomes are determined by the powers that be by way of total cultural engineering and that this has been the ultimate purpose of Democracy itself, which is diametrically opposed to social order as a means to elevate a people to greater and more sophisticated levels of existence. Too many seemingly logical but opposing ideas, and when combined with mass immigration and identity politics, the popular causes of the day become rooted in petty personal perceptions of inequality rather than a collective and racially based common objective. In essence, the human being and human nature are adapted to maintain existing power… Read more »

What was the name of the Jew that was quoting during the halftime break?

Much insightful analysis here – but two problems. (1) How, in 2017, can a discussion of this nature take place without mentioning the ever more present threat of Islamisation? The ‘harsh hand’ Kyle Hunt refers to is coming – it’s Islam. (2) It’s nonsense to identify homosexuals with the ‘sneaks’ agenda. Most gay people come from normal families and do not resent heterosexuals or believe that people who do not support gay marriage should be doxed or lose their jobs. This is insane. The extremist nut cases in the gay population are like nut cases in any community – a small minority.

Much insightful analysis here – but two problems. (1) How, in 2017, can a discussion of this nature take place without attracting jew homosexual trolling? The real and ever more present threat jewificatinon. The ‘harsh hand’ Kyle Hunt refers to is coming – it’s jews and their proxies. (2) It’s completely proper to identify homosexuals with the ‘sneaks’ agenda. Most SAD (Sexual Attraction Disorder) people come from “normal” families where they were diddled at a young age and sent into the hell of normalized faggotry. Faggots do resent heterosexuals and do believe that people who do not support gay marriage should be doxed and lose their jobs. This is insane. Faggots are by definition insane and should be barred from attempting to indoctrinate children into… Read more »
Hear! Hear! Thanks Pat for beating me to it & telling it like it is! I have always considered “tolerance” a/the major weakness/flaw in many, if not most, of our own kind that the parasite exploits to the fullest. Unfortunately it is the worst & most common form of race-traitorship due the simple fact that the perpetrator is constantly duped into placing all other “minorities” above one’s own race/kin “because they are human beings too” whilst at the same time being bombarded by messages from every angle that “race is bad mmmkaay”. It is very simple but very effective psychological warfare & it has been waged for longer than any physical war ever fought. The fact that most of our people fall for it truly… Read more »

I agree with you. Tolerance is a character flaw and the mark of a coward.

I find this a brilliant description of tolerance. Thank you.