The Solar Storm: Frank Raymond – Proles Protest Honor, Nobility & Nature (8-20-17)

Kyle speaks to Frank Raymond, author of Sweet Dreams & Terror Cells, about the recent events in Charlottesville and Boston, the Orwellian assault against Whites, Ernst Zundel’s heroic struggle to reveal the truth, the way proles grovel, how they hate the natural man, and how Whites show their racial patriotism in crisis situations.

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One of my favorite guests. Insightful, as usual. Thanks


Mr. Raymond is a great guest.


…Still listening. Can’t say enough how much I like this guy. Fascinating


I fell asleep listening to this conversation. It incorporated itself into my dreams. Woke up and listened again. I’m on my third helping right now. Would it be too gushing to call this an intellectual orchestra? Ha ha!


Wow…me too. Finished listening today.

Adam Noman

Raymond has a fishy habit of demurring on the question of eliminating persons embracing their Euro heritage with “extreme prejudice” as @ 17:17 of the mirror of this podcast @ While the label of “Nazi” was once reserved for latter-day Europeans who openly expressed a desire to reprise the Third Reich and was then broadened to include anyone expressing “antisemitism” as defined by the organs of international Jewry, it has now morphed into a kind of “empty set” pejorative for use against any Euro-ethnic who does not fully accept the orthodox neo-Bolshevik dogma on race — namely, that it doesn’t exist — and the public policies that derive from it. Race-hatred and misandry have replaced classic Soviet class-hatred as the core of today’s neo-Bolshevik… Read more »


Great show. Frank is a good story teller and quite perceptive. He talked a bit about racial instinct even amongst race mixing Whites. I think he’s right and most people underestimate how much Whites have. The election of Trump who was labelled as a White supremacist and a nazi (of course we know he’s not) shows that Whites haven’t quite swallowed the diversity line as much as anti-Whites would like. The fact that Trump is controlled opposition doesn’t change the fact that a decent majority of Whites voted for someone labelled a White supremacist by every media outlet. That might be misguided racial instinct but it’s still racial instinct. It’s pretty impressive when you consider how much anti-White propaganda Americans have been subjected to. Only… Read more »

Alexander from Flanders

Fascinating show. I enjoyed it alot.


Though in Soviet Union was more free then in modern West? Tell that to dissidents, who were put in the nuthouse, Frank…

Anon 1

Robert David Steele of #UNRIG agrees with Kyle that Charlottesville was a total false flag on both sides. This ex CIA guy nails it in this interview.


Anon 1. I am SO glad that you provided this link. I listened to this podcast and then I listened to some other podcasts. I hope that Kyle interviews this guy as well. IF you go on his website, he writes much of the Zionist agenda etc. He does draw a line between run of the mill American Jews and the Zionists. Frankly I am glad that he does because I cannot get on board with anyone who hates all of ANYBODY. I have too many good, kind Jewish friends whom I love and who love me and my family and who SUPPORT my Irish pride and roots etc. Zionists?? Oh don’t get me started. The double standard, the agenda of multi culturalism for Europe,… Read more »


Seriously, is anybody ex-cia and still taking oxygen? Frank Raymond is a first rate guest. I look forward to your next chat.