The Solar Storm: Gerhard Lauck – Truth Smuggler (6-5-16)


Kyle speaks with Gerhard Lauck of and Third Reich Books about his decades of experience printing millions of pieces of banned propaganda and smuggling them into Europe in order to see the rebirth of the high ideals of National Socialism. Topics include: Gerhard’s influences as a young man, his formation of the NSDAP/AO, the swastika stickers all over Germany, the newsletters and literature in many languages, leading a double life as successful businessman at a jewish company, his arrest in Denmark and extradition to Germany for 4 years in prison, and much more.

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8 years ago

Nice, looking forward to listening to it

simply said
8 years ago

Mr Lauck is truly amazing in his quest against the Jewish lie and domination, if his story is true. His website certainly is a hit piece against the Jew.

Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Thank you Mr Lauck. What a brave man. It just goes to show – we can all make a difference. Our careers or family situations should be no excuse – there is always a way. Do as much as you can to wake folks up. Don’t waste a single day!

Ingrid B
8 years ago

Found this comment from the past which I saved, enjoy. BTW, Phil was/is of German origin: Have you seen this guys? It was posted on Darkmoon, by a German guy called Phil, quite funny.. Some Italian jokers have requested for information at Yad Vashem concerning their grand-ma allegedly killed by gasing at Maifdanek. For that they filled out the official formulary and sent them there. After a time, the site presented that lady as a real victim of the holocaust with all the infos provided. Only problem, it’s an invented person with following identity: Name: Edith Frolla (anagram of Adolf Hitler) Date of Birth: April 20th 1889 (the same day as AH) Profession: painter Lived in Rome at 29 via della Lungara, which is the… Read more »

8 years ago

i looked it up.
“USA” – Unser Seliger Adolf (our blessed Adolf)

I found the NSDAP/AO website in the late 90s, seemed like an excellent troll operation with its plain swastika stickers. Great to hear from this guy.

Konrad Rhodes
8 years ago

Dear Kyle et al,
I cannot express the depth of my admiration for Lauck!
For Germans and we German-Americans who realized after decades of brain-washing or attempted brain washing that we have nothing at all to be ashamed of! to discover that our great people and Fatherland served ultimately to be the uniting force in a pan-European Crusade against Judaeo-Bolshevism and Judaeo-Capitalism! we can feel nothing but gratitude to those courageous few who served the cause of Enlightenment of our benighted race languishing in a collective Niflheim. It is heartening to hear from such a great Comrade and latter day Werwolf!

7 years ago

This guy is a freakin’ genius.
Lots to learn from his methods!

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