The Solar Storm: Guarding Asgard (11-29-15)


Kyle discusses our present struggle and ties it into an awesome esoteric framework. Topics include: kosher censorship, autistic LARPing, Germanic paganism, the world tree, the rainbow bridge, symbolic subversion of the sublime, Stephen McNallen on the soul complex, and more.

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8 years ago

Excellent show.

I just wanted to point out to the listeners that the article you mentioned, Hooked on Weakness, was only posted to Renegade Tribune by me. It was authored by “Niflson’s Mind”.

Awesome new [Black] Sun background on the site, by the way.

William de Hewitt
8 years ago

A classic esoteric Kyle Hunt show! I miss them! I am sick of these clueless Alt Right goys who dance around the jew problem, cling to the jew system & are somehow considered edgy. How does this make them Alt Right? There is a christian image of some christ insanes chopping down Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) & staking their cross (symbol of death) in its place. (Not sure if I can post it here… I’ll try) Also… in my educated opinion, a church steeple with a cross on top is a counterfeit of Mount Meru with Yggdrasil on top. This is yet another of countless examples how jews have stolen, inverted & perverted our Aryan Pagan culture, history & the connection between ourselves & our… Read more »

William de Hewitt
8 years ago

CHI: As a former host used to say… Chicago! Where the CHI/KA/GOes bye, bye… thanks to the numerous jew slaughter houses within that damned city.
“You are what you eat & you are what you don’t shite out”
In other words… One eliminates the rotting dead flesh he eats, but one does NOT easily eliminate the animals’ released tortured energy he also intakes from the CHI/KA/GO slaughter house meats.

Eddie Wilson
8 years ago

I like it when you go to the core elements of our reality. These kind of shows are food for a hungry mind. Much appreciated Kyle! A strong mind is a strong body.

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