The Solar Storm: Heathen Vegan – Hail to the Heroes! (2-18-18)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan about what heroism is, how much we need it now, and the many different ways it has inspired our folk throughout the ages.

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Great show by Kyle and Heathen….Another great mention here of our heroes would be the Aryan boy soldiers who died defending Berlin and other parts of Germany at the end of world war jew….We’ll never know how many of them sacrificed their lives…..

Ryan Guest

Excellent show Kyle and Heathen , I really enjoyed it , I have just finished reading a brilliant book by an Rhodesian SAS Soldier it is called A Hand Full of Hard Men , what these guys went through against unbelievable odds shows what we as a people are capable of doing , it also points out how Britain and America stabbed Rhodesians in the back , yet he the author looked upon Israel as an ally , shows how these double speaking subversive bastards play us .


I don’t think I’ve ever experience two hours go by so quickly. Thanks for another great show. That was a very powerful reading of The Lion of Ireland. “Service is selflessness. Again, this is shown to us most clearly in the occupation of the solider, who makes great exertions in order to be ready for battle and ready for death. One does not die in order to make a profit from it. The highest demands are placed on his physical and spiritual bearing. For whom? For all of us and for the future of our children! Let us learn from the solider! His service is a sacrifice. No such comparable sacrifice is demanded of us. We even earn through service. Wherein lies the selflessness of… Read more »


Thanks Kyle and HV. Sorry for the late post. Just listening again. Great job on the heroes theme. Much appreciated. Stevo


J.L. from Jewrassic Liars has been suspended from channels 20, 21, 22, and 23. Jewrassic Liars 24 will soon be up. The butt-pluggers really do hate the Truth.


We know the name to look for.n We are steps ahead in that respect.

Rhys Vegan

Jewrassic Liars thinks Hitler and the Third Reich was a Jewish psyop.

Rhys Vegan

He’s also a christard.


He calls out the controlled opposition like Duke and Anglin and the whole alt-right. That more than makes up for it.


No, this is unfortunately not the case from my point of view, although I generally appreciate his work.

Rhys Vegan

In this video he just talked about the O being a satanic symbol. This is next level retardation.


The O is being USED as a satanic symbol, remember that it is the use not just the symbol. The kike is bastardising everything and stuffing it full of their shitfuck energy when they broadcast it. Not sure I have seen the one about the Hitler psy op, but Hitler was absolutely saturated with the jew pestilence by ’45 so in that sense I agree.

I wish there’s a parade banner, that says “Restore Traditional and Ancient European Culture”, along those lines, like the one from a Falun Gong parade, that says “Restore Traditional Chinese Culture”.

I say not, that Falun Dafa practitioners are in league with the Racial Marxists or any other evil group, but still, here’s an example of a Falun Gong parade:

Esther Brown