Solar Storm: Harijs – Bach’s Brilliant Work and Our Dying Culture (1-20-19)

Kyle speaks to Harijs about his posts on the Tribune, diving into some depth about the life of Bach and the culture that surrounded him and then getting into how German culture was deliberately destroyed by jews in bombing raids during WW2, leaving us all with an increasingly sick culture of death.

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This show is interesting, informative and thought provoking.

“The swastika, called manji in Japanese, was originally the emblem for Shorinji Kempo”…

“Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese martial art that combines personal growth, health and spirituality with self-defense techniques such as punches, kicks, escapes, throws, etc.”

In this video, the Shorinji Kempo practitioners are wearing Shorinji Kempo dōgi (training suit) with a swastika emblem –



Kyle and Harijs, in the midst of all the crude, thank you for bringing us some culture and refinement.



Beethoven, who’s that? Isn’t he mentioned on “Peanuts”? Beethoven went deaf , Bach went BLIND two years before his passing. He lost 10 of his 20 children and two wives. Ask any aspiring classical guitarist who their favorite is, and many will say Bach. Listen to Bach’s lute (guitar) suites and you’ll see why. This is BWV 147 Jesu of Joy played with explanations on how to play.


Here is one of my J. S. Bach favorites in 432 Hz – Listen and Enjoy!


This was a wonderful programme, Kyle
Bach was an excellent choice to profile.


Great show. Does Harijs have a website?