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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Why are all forms of media allowed to use the terms ‘supremacist’ and ‘privilege,’ solely against White people?

If any other race, religion or lifestyle group were put in front of these two words, it would be considered a ‘hate crime’ in many countries.

This clearly shows the total control the jewish supremacists have in govt, media and the legal systems of White nations. We need to push back now, against these obvious injustices.

P.S. Thanks Kyle for bringing some much-needed common sense to this fast-evolving, dystopian nightmare.

dedicated reader
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

I very much agree with you, Anthony. Thanks to both you and Kyle.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Because ((they)) invented these terms for specific use against White people. In the media they use them in specific ways to build up an public perception through repetiton. There is nothing accidental or incidental, this is all specific and targeted while made to look casual. And it works.

3 years ago

The Führer’s Jewish daughter is exterminating the German people, yeah, sure. A part of the anti-vaccine protesters also compared the Antifa to the SS. I hate these clowns.

Reply to  Einzelkämpfer
3 years ago

“Führer’s Jewish daughter”, who is that?

3 years ago

I like how the vaccine is being referred to as a “cocktail”. And if you’re not a drinker, well a lot of people like cock and just as many like some tail!

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