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Wise Goyim
1 year ago

Great show, I am having trouble with Gabpay, I have a local bank which isn’t coming up during registration, just found you guys a year or so ago, would love to support the network, 1488

Reply to  Wise Goyim
1 year ago

It’s kind of weird and they really make it difficult to link your account to Gab Pay. I have checking account through a big bank, but their automated way of linking the account doesn’t seem to be working correctly. There is a way to manually input your account info, but this is what it requires of you before doing this: The following is required before you can add bank accounts manually:Supply and validate both phone number and email address from the account settings page under Edit Profile.Please provide a Photo ID and a Selfie holding your ID. You can submit these on the Manage Required Documents page.Please make sure the First and Last names on your account match the name on your ID. We will not approve them… Read more »

Steven Barker
1 year ago

Rainbow is late 80’s

Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

What better way for the jewish supremacists to control their cattle, then by having them only using one form of energy – electricity.
Early symptom of MonkeyPox? Sleep Ape-nea.
‘Wakanda’ – bless you!
Very informative show, Kyle.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

The energy isn’t the problem its how it is generated. Electricity is the last stop when it comes to energy, but since the kikes already nailed Tesla with regards to “free” wireless energy, the job is to discover this technology again but from a grass roots level.

marty kvasir
1 year ago

In the film ‘Highlander II: The quickening’, the O zone layer is damaged beyond repair and people die of the radiation. The hero, Connor MacLeod, invents an electro magnetic device to stop this. Consequently, it also blocks out the sun and the people live in a perpetual nighttime.The device is known as ‘the shield’ and the film is set in 2024.

Just thought this was interesting as the film was one of the first things I thought of when I saw the WEF article about blocking out the sun. I would not be surprised to discover more films/tv shows have used similar themes as plots.

1 year ago

Food scarcity when supermarkets thtow away bins and bins of unsod food. The LoL is unreal.

1 year ago

Hell yes, the boyzzzz are coming back. My brain is so ready for Charles and his neverending wisdom and cussing. Bring on allllll the bullshit. Its not Bible bashing. It’s just reading the Bible logically. You guys don’t talk shit about it, it’s the damn truth

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