The Solar Storm: Heathen Vegan – The Folkish Foundations of Our Rebirth (11-19-17)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan about a wide variety of subjects related to the ever-changing heathen hunt for knowledge and wisdom, how we have become convinced that individual freedom is all that matters, the notion of a world government, veganism and healthy habits, the afterlife and reincarnation, the succession of gods and apotheosis, Prince Charles making old comments about jews and the fate of the British throne, and far more than I care to write about here. Just listen. By the way, it goes for 3 hours.

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Hey Folk, When I was talking on the Etymology of the Boar, I actually pulled up the wrong research so couldnt explain it properly, so thought Idleave some of it here for anyone interested. Most accepted Etymology is Bairaz/Baira. Etymology for this is said to be ” Proto britonic” therefore pre Indo European so no root is given. Another option would be the proto-Germanic Buraz. this is where we get the word for the Boer in Africa. It means dwelling/dweller . It is the root of word like neighbor, chamber and bore (burrow ect). Also interestingly the word Burr in Icelandic meaning son, this itself a possible root for the mythical Buri. Then we have the proto Indo-European word B(h)er meaning to carry, burden. Root… Read more »

Hopefully you will be on again soon. Glad these ideas are coming together for you now. Really positive you got some out there, even if you didn’t get to present them as you ideally would have liked to.

I think the boar is a good analogy of our present predicament. From wild, natural and uncompromising; to docile, enslaved and wallowing in (their) filth. We haven’t completely lost the intelligence, we just need to match it with grunt!

Great conversation from two thinkers and leaders at the top of their game. Thank you gentlemen.

Thanks for the compliment and great analogy for our current situation.

On that note, I am not sure how many people are familiar with the term “happy as a pig in shit”. Well, the thing is, that a pig is not HAPPY per se in ;captivity, they actually go insane because a pig as a roving animal (the energies have nowhere to go except fold back in on themselves. Perhaps this is what we are displaying; madness in captivity. We look like we are happy but those are merely symptoms of some kind of mental damage.

Very interesting comments by Kyle about reincarnation. Let’s do everything we can to put an end to razor rape. I don’t ever want to go through that jew shit again.

I am convinced that the Heathen ways and gods were not just Spiritual but scientific models of the natural world. To the extent that they had working technology, that more than likely had “transcendental” qualities. For example, and this is a stretch, but that the Ulfbert swords were made with knowledge of electricity and possibly even “higher” energies.

Addendum: I forgot to mention Celtic Knots, which are actual representations of sound standing wave patterns. The picture beginning to unfold is that their aesthetics were not just beauty but a direct representation of the actual forces existing, one being the Braid which is a vortex, and a vortex is the path energy travels most naturally.

A fairly recent airing, actually on the BBC (3 part series) shows that Jewelry, Engraving and Gold Plating among other things were being done to finer standards than even today thousands of years ago by our Folk. Surely they must have has advanced Optics too. There was a thriving trade throughout Europe and much of the World.

Wow the Bullshit Broadcasting Company is in danger of leaping into being antisemitick, nartsie, whyt soopramacyst, enslaving, fashist, raysizt enslavers whanting to take over the world with that stuff! Joking aside (somewhat) I never heard of it but good call. Yes I have come upon some accounts of “old” technology being of far far superior grade, yet allegedly, our ancestors were rolling around in their own shit, communicating with clicks and pops, not knowing which hand to use to punch themselves in the face with, and killing everything in an orgy of murderous primitive stupidity…. But somehow, their creations still have anomalies in the most “advanced” experts opinions in the industry. Don’t know about you, but something doesn’t tie with my logic here…. The Ulfbert… Read more »

II think that they had everything plus more. And in the right way. Optics too I would add. I have seen (and I cant remember which docu) that there were some things they did that could only have come from knowledge acquired through microscope.

Initially I refused to watch it because I can’t stand the Bullshit it’s not British Corporation, but as it turned out, it was very good, probably because it was not specifically made with the BBC in mind, however, they do like to air some *Intrigues* to keep people believing other “news”.

Have the jews got knowledge of this natural (vril?) vortex energy, hence crop circles? They then organize & fund agents (known MI5 people) and artists to trample-create patterns all over the country, to cover up their experiments?

It is my hunch, but they must have something of that sort. Their “tree of life” is actually incomplete, the kabbalah TOL is a bastardised form of the Krystal Tree, which has horizontal and vertical symmetry. My guess, but they are using black magic and possibly some form of vril in a bastardised way. This is not just some ordinary subversion, I can’t prove it, but there is something not normal about all this, I don’t know what it is, but they are using our energy against us for starters. Movies and false flags get everyone thinking about the same thing, which is magic of sorts: people’s mind and attention is on the event which has symbolism integrated into it. It must feed some kind… Read more »

The problem with the whole “Vril” thing, apart from the number of tangents and mystique with it, including some mysterious Ladies, eg: Maria Orschitsch, is that the stories seem to have been contrived after the rubber stamped “end of WW2”, (a War that in reality, Never Ended.) This would also be true of “Crop Circles” much of which has been Popularized via the Internet.
There is something to these subjects, but it takes many hours of wading through the mud:

comment image

I agree though. Most of it is probably to prop up the idea that Germany was involved in all sorts of bizzare “world conquering” technology nonsense, to demonise them in all possible ways, and even impossible ways. Again, it adds sugar to things that were not necessarily true to get people hooked on exciting fantasies, when in reality is is far less glamorous.

I suppose it could be more propaganda to further enforce the anti German programming, much like media such as Wolfenstein and the movie Suckerpunch use machines/robots as the German soldiers to dehumanise them.

Over and over again we go full circle on the issue of capturing, murdering, and then eating animals. Peep, they want to live, just like we. And peep again, they suffer so you can eat ’em. I will keep going round, but I can’t let a round pass without pointing out the harm done to innocence. So sorry for repeating, but must.

Many of the animals eaten wouldn’t even be alive if not for the farmers. Farmers often have to protect their stock from animal predators as well. I don’t want animals to suffer though and any ritual slaughter should be banned.

I was watching some YT videos on lions vs buffalo. Nature has always been a balance between predators vs prey. It’s often much crueler than any farm. It was interesting though that the buffalo sometimes attacked the lions to protect one of their own. They run away from lions on instinct but a big group of buffalo when it decides to take them on can make short work of the big cats with their horns and sheer strength.

“Many of the animals eaten wouldn’t even be alive if not for the farmers. ” True WhiteWolf but they are only alive to suffer. There is a way to treat animals decent and kill them more or less humane but this is not what the way most of the animals are treated. Relatives of me work a little farm with a small amount of cattle. It sounds crazy but they love their animals which are given names and are in the stable only during the winter. They kill as many as they need for themselves and some neighbours. I respect what they do even though I would never eat the meat myself. The family owns the farm for many generations. They love their land and… Read more »
Maybe it’s my idealized image of farms but I imagine them to be like your relatives farm. I’m against animal cruelty and especially ritual slaughter like kosher and halal. Years ago there was quite a bit of publicity concerning Australian live sheep exports to the middle east where treatment animals is much worse than here. They never should have allowed export to any country that feels it necessary to make animals suffer to make them kosher or halal or whatever. Up in the northern parts of Australia the cattle are usually roaming quite free over huge territory. The stations up there are really big. Anything less than a million hectares is considered a hobby farm. Most of the time the cattle wouldn’t even see humans.… Read more »

Could you rip away a new born calf from its mother to steal it’s milk? Or could you shoot an innocent animal and cut up their body parts?

I wouldn’t steal the milk but if I had to kill an animal to eat meat I would. Plenty of people have no trouble killing fish to eat them. I’ve had a pet Oscar and even fish have personality. If we didn’t have supermarkets where you simply buy all your food people would hunt down animals to eat them or farm them. Not everyone but most people. Most people never have to kill people to protect their tribe/race these days. You have professional soldiers to do the job. It used to be all the men were trained to kill. Even today some countries have national service where all the men are trained to kill. That is brutal reality of nature we often overlook in the… Read more »
I have known smaller local farms that treat their animals very badly. Treatment of animals in “western” countries has been going downhill for a long time now since, for the most part, the processes are becoming more mechanised. Farmers are losing touch with the feelings of their animals and no longer tend for them in the same way. Even if there were some kind of ..romantic.. idea of farming animals for their meat in the past, those days are gone in this hell world we are going into. I think if anything people should stop eating meat because of where all this is heading, not necessarily for how things are now. Besides people are too busy with their artificial lives to care what feelings animals… Read more »

I agree, the soulless, zombie Hellmechanism plods on. It is like Hellraiser. Hell is mechanical and dead. Just because it moves like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, no longer really makes it a duck. It is most likely a robot lifelike duck from Japan.

Once you put that money value, it becomes the value and all else disappears. It is as though we are slowly being drawn away from nature, and animals are just flesh machines.

Bad situation.

I don’t think it’s romantic to farm animals for their meat. Exactly the opposite, even if the animals are well treated before they are slaughtered. But you are right Chris it’s often romanticised. The farm I described lies in the midst of a biosphere reserve and they do not use heavy machinery. My aunt married the farmer after my family had been expelled from Sliesia. They are subsistence farmers, mostly fruit and vegetables who have to earn money by doing extra work. Their land had been dispossessed under the soviet rule, they had to work on the co-operative, but the moment they got it back after so many years they continued where they had left of. Today it’s the next two generations. So yes this… Read more »
You should get your lands back. All lands stolen from Germans should be returned to people who are atleast 3/4s german (actual German stock from within the then borders 1939) with the other 1/4 being of good aryan stock. Nobody but Germans shall have that land, it is German. If that means it is not very populated at the start, then so be it. Let it be a sign of the genocide. Perhaps for the current borders of ((Germany)) a policy of 1/2 German stock from 1939 should be the minimum requirement to remain since so many other whites have been brought in or intermarried. After this a policy of upbreeding can commence. We can not allow Germany or Germans to die, this is more… Read more »

Sorry make that the 1914 borders, I sincerely apologise for even suggesting the borders should be any less than this.

How far back should we go ? Great Venea alt Germania:

comment image

@Paul Davey Now that you mention it: all the way. Back to the beginning 😀

I did not think that you believe it was romantic but supported your point that it is not. Therefore I wrote – But you are right Chris it’s often romanticised. I know that my language skills don’t match my wishes but now I’m confused.
I do think that I understand what you say about Germany and the Germans. And the answer is yes! I’m afraid to create more misunderstanding with a longer answer.

Don’t worry about it friend. It was just your answer when we were speaking about England made it seem I thought if anyone was proud to be English then it would be anti-german. I simply meant that for me being English is tainted, but that doesn’t mean irredeemable or not something to be proud in. Just for me at this time I find it very hard to be proud to be English. I did not mean to be harsh, it was just how you ended up wording that particular message. I can also misunderstand you, it is easy with text. I do appreciate your input.

@Chris H Czeckezlovakia (however you spell it) and Poland all have carved out land from Germany both as spoils of war and direct conquest, euphemistically labelled “border changes after WW2”. Yes, of course the jew would have to make the case using “legality” to mask blatant warfare, because: “IT’S OK, IT’S NOT ILLEGUL!!!” Germany is still occupied by the US and UK, and NATO is nothing to do with islam or protecting the West against the brown hordes, it is an occupation force to disable Germany from doing anything about israel and the criminal invasion of Palestine to set up Kike Central. It is a safety measure for the disgusting jew, so it can parasite away and use Germany as a slave for infrastructure. All… Read more »

@Skylgarir Gruesome Harvest: The Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany … there you go friend..

@ Chris H Thanks, but that is some reading that makes my blood explode. I won’t be leafing through that regularly.

We don’t really know the effect it would have on the environment if everyone went vegan. Fruit and vegetable production needs land and often that means clearing native vegetation and trees.

Here in Australia farmers caused major soil salinity problems when they cleared the existing trees and native vegetation to put down crops. Now the areas affected are useless for growing anything.

There is a good video which I saw a while back. It shows the effect that just introducing one predator to an area can have. I thought I saw it on the tribune but couldn’t find the link. Here’s the direct YT link:

It’s something to keep in mind when talking about sustainability and what is good for the planet.

It depends on where you raise your cows. They survive anywhere where there is grass for them to feed on and water to drink. Trees and such don’t need to be removed. With the right rotation you could probably leave the natural habitat reasonably intact.

With vegetable farming trees and other vegetation are almost always cleared to make it easier to harvest.

I’m not claiming to be an expert but that video shows how the changes we make can have huge repercussions. Whatever we do to feed ourselves has consequences that aren’t always apparent.

Fertilizer runoff from farms used to grow crops is also destroying river systems. Not to mention the pesticides used. Moden farming is harmful whether it’s crops or livestock. Both could be done much better. The oceans really could use a break from overfishing. Unlike livestock on the land where the animals are bred for food the fish stocks in the oceans have been drastically reduced for many species. Worse thing is we don’t really know how bad we’ve messed it up. That should be the first priority. If we kill the oceans ecosystem we are done regardless of what we do on the land. White countries without immigration would pretty much all have shrinking populations. The farming requirements would be much less than is the… Read more »

I know a lot of big commercial outfits work like that but it doesn’t have to be that way. Like much of our industrial modern world the fight for the dollar has hurt the environment. It doesn’t help that in many White countries immigration has kept population numbers artificially high as well meaning higher demand.

@renegade Not just burger cattle, but the cocaine fields and teak wood for furniture. The farmers are shredding acres of land to grow coke, but they drag-rape the land so much, and poison the soil with the chemicals for extracting the cocaine base, that the land becomes completely sterile. Nothing can grow on it after that and it becomes a dead wasteland, then they just move on to another patch of land and repeat. But look on the positive side, at least Wall Street is being fed 25/8 with refined cocaine so a load of jews can keep up the stock exchange…. Who needs forests and symbiotic organic systems of life eh?!

Hi WhiteWolf. You write: “We don’t really know the effect it would have on the environment if everyone went vegan.” You’re right, we absolutely do not. And the often-tossed-around idea of the necessity of “the thinning of the herd,” rarely gets any countering so I thought I’d weigh in on this: I don’t know if it comes from the innate intelligence we are born with, or from faith, or from experience, but I do believe that if all suddenly went vegan and all “thinning” stopped we would see planetary imbalance for a while, maybe a decade, with herds overtaking various environments. I see that time of imbalance as something to endure for a greater end because nature has a set of rules, so precise and… Read more »
Cruelty and nature often go hand in hand. You can go to a beautiful forest and be in awe of nature. Yet within it there are countless animals and insects being devoured by other animals and insects every day. Life is a never ending struggle for life for both the prey and the predators. If a predator doesn’t catch it’s prey often enough it starves and eventually becomes prey itself to vultures or other predators. Lions and wolves don’t go vegan. They catch prey or die. Their prey don’t go carnivore. They find grass and avoid predators or they too die. As for us all suddenly going vegan that’s as likely as us suddenly all going gay. It isn’t going to happen. You won’t find… Read more »

At some stage in the future there’s going to be a lot of starvation. Again. Population growth is a big problem in the third world. With them coming to our countries it becomes a worldwide problem.

Waxing a bit New Age here, but have some deep-seated gnaw that ethics is tied in with survivability. In other words, making choices that honor all life, raises consciousness/awareness, wherein one is equipped to better deal with problems like poverty and starvation. I’m alluding to the clarity that comes from living ethically. It’s a bar I don’t always reach, but nonetheless, something to reach for.

Forgive me, but I do not recall ever hearing or reading that he made that particular statement. Do you have a reference ?
I do know that other inventors such as Tesla were Vegetarians to a lesser or greater degree.


“With them coming to our countries it becomes a worldwide problem.”

Good point but we know this is totally unnecessary, so there needs to be reeducation camps set up to cure the scourge of “Humanitarianism”.

WhiteWolf, I was just runnin’ with YOUR comment/speculation on what could happen if everyone went vegan; it was not my idea. I hold no illusions that that could happen simultaneously. In terms of the “cruelty” in nature, perhaps we are part of a grand experiment in nature that is moving evolution forward into something more symbiotic, more compassionate? Don’t know. But I do know that I personally have a choice, and though insects devour each other, and lions attack buffalo, I don’t have to succumg to such predation. That not only affords me peace of mind and spares me the anguish of participating in the suffering of my prey, but it also feels kind of cutting edge, like being out in front of something that… Read more »
I get that as humans there is a desire especially amongst Europeans to move away from the cruelty of nature. Frank Raymond described us well when he talked about how we like to imagine a world with friendly animals that talk to us and each other. A bit like a petting zoo for children. As someone mentioned on renegade we do tend to keep a sort of childlike idealism and creativity. Nature in it’s cruelty acts as a eugenics program. It’s beauty which we are driven towards also does the same. Going against that might result in dysgenics just like diversity is doing in White countries right now on a human level. It might feel good to not kill animals but humans are part of… Read more »

Well, WhiteWolf, seems we hold a different vision of our potentiality/possibility, at least in terms of earth. I have to accept that. And the type-thread grows thin. Hard to make a point with such slimness. Taking it as a sign to let go. I do believe in signs.


White Wolf, I do understand what you say and it’s true that many of us have a childlike wish for an all peaceful world. When my little dog came into the family, even being an adult, I truly thought he would never hunt and would share his toys with other dogs and never have fights. He taught me the opposite and after a while I changed my own perception and became proud that he had still a natural behaviour and would be able to survive in nature without me. I’m absolutely in love with ice age carve painting – it’s more than loving these paintings as art, it’s spiritual and those painters have been hunters. They had to be. But with all their intellectual superiority… Read more »

As Humans? I don’t see a move away from cruelty by anyone but the Aryan, or if there is it is influenced by the Aryan. Ofcourse there are some in other races who will care more than others. I am an Aryan, not a Human. It is not a problem to me if you Humans make yourselves extinct.

Absolute quality show.

Brilliant show!! Lots of fascinating, empowering and pertinent topics touched upon. Well done lads.

The Turkeys Of November

I look in their eyes,
they are suspicious of me,
A dark history of lives interrupted

I look in their eyes,
far-away reflection of full-belly pain

Bird Martyrs!
caught in a genocide they call tradition
Innocence beheaded and carved into family-love

Chew and swallow and offer thanks
chew and swallow and philosophize love
love that decides who not to love
love, blind to decency
love, lost in indulgence

I look in their eyes, an ancient appeal
a distant knowing that things must change

Thanksgiving, 2000

Brú na Bóinne, Newgrange Ireland;

Lebor Gabala: known in English as The Book of Invasions, the jews in Celtic studies call it pseudo-histories.

Today most Scholars regard the Labor Gabala as primarily myth rather than History [2] it appears mostly based in Medieval Christian pseudo-histories [2][3] but it also incorporates some of Ireland’s native Pagan Mythology [3] Scholars believe the goal of its writers was to provide an epic History for Ireland that could compare to that of the “Israelite’s” or the “Romans”, and which reconciled Native Myth with the Christian view of History [4][5] It is suggested, for example, that there are six takings to match the “six ages of the World”[6]

Here’s a simple meme of Rothschild and ol’ Mug Ears, Prince Charles I made a few years ago: (hope the link for image works)

comment image

I puzzle about Charlie’s antiSeptic comments. I really do.

While it is highly likely some Christian influence got into “The Book of invasions” That is true of all our ancient texts, they were all sadly either written by Christians or enemies like Rome. To dismiss them entirely is idiotic and only shows they are trying to hide something.

I have not done an in depth study of The book or invasions” so i couldnt personally add anything at this point either way. It is though something on my list to go in more depth with. so thanks for reminding me.

That’s very well reasoned & why I presented it.

Brehon Law, thought this might be interesting too:

comment image

“Dracon” is Greek for serpent/snake “ouranos” is Greek for “heaven”.

The kike “tree of life” is a broken structure, or it is missing a part at the top. There is something called the Krystal tree which is complete and has the top the same as the bottom.

Also have you heard of Star forts? There are loads over Europe, pertaining to the part of the show about land division and where you can build.

Hello Heathen vegan, I loved this discussion and hope you will be on again soon and often. There is one thing I want to throw in though: I think it is faulty thinking that we “do not deserve to survive” if we do not stand up to the jewish plan for us, because we are weak and it is the rule of nature that the weak go under. That is true in open and honest combat, it is not true when the prey is entangled in a web of deception woven for the purpose to kill it. One might say, we have to wise up and see through the lies to be worthy of surviving. But “it takes one to know one”, that goes for… Read more »
Hey Helene. I understand your concern with the wording. I was merely stating it as it is in nature and it is not always fair. Predators always employ tactics that give themselves clear advantage. As distasteful as it is, it is the law of the world, resist or fall, Fair or not. The people subjecting us to this are criminals in every way and I am certainly not excusing their behavior. But if a man gets beaten everyday by a bully, when does his inaction to defend himself become part of the reason for it happening? These are hard questions and the world is not always fair, never the less we are duty bound to resist our own destruction and this must be realised. I… Read more »

Oh I forgot to say , this message is more for us “in the know” as it were.

As I have expressed on a few shows, I do not blame my folk, they are indoctrinated from birth. I love my folk, it is why I am here. It is though important that we know the reality of the world, to inspire us to lead them out of this mess and it is a case of us leading.

Good show. Have to disagree on soy though. I looked into it years ago and large amounts do suppress testosterone. An occasional tofu might not do much but regular drinking of soy milk probably would have a noticeable effect.

Beer definitely has a suppressive effect on testosterone. Probably more so than soy. It’s ironic that regular beer drinking men would probably look at soy drinkers as effeminate yet they themselves usually look like they are pregnant.

re the soy’ studies they were bought & paid for the dairy industry. All medical journals inc journal of dietetics are shared source to fellow uni students &graduates, ie not mainstream. Its insiders who make these studies accessible to the public. re bodybuilding it is a sport & i question anyone ‘bodybuilding’ who arnt intending to compete, being a former I.F.B.B. & I.N.B.A. competitor myself in both figure/fitness & later on bikini. The overall stripping down cutting up & insane amounts of protein isnt healthy & a petrede dish for health issues later on which will include inflammatory (positive nitrogen balance increases inflammation & inflammatory markers – signatory to to high levels of protein & animal ‘hormones’ from ‘consuming’ animal produce). Most fellow athletes in… Read more »

*aiming for high testosterone via animal produce results in lower testosterone/performance

The only thing I eat to help increase testosterone is avocados. They supposedly contain a lot of zinc and fat, both of which are supposed to be essential for testosterone production. If you do weights that raises t-levels anyway but when you are trying to push through barriers every bit helps.

I eat meat because I like eating meat. I never claimed otherwise.

You vegans really are fanatical about defending your diet choices. If only we could get all the vegans defending our race just as hard.