The Solar Storm: Heathen Vegan – Uncovering the Weird World of Words (3-25-18)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan about the power of the words we use, how we need to more closely investigate and connect them, the power of words to shape the future, the inversion of our verse and the conversion of our folk, and so much more.

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I really enjoyed this broadcast. Thor’s Hammer. TH. Turn the two letters 90 degrees. I see a hammer and an anvil with sparks flying. Thanks, Stevo


Amazing show with a very underappreciated subject. They conceive the lie and then equip it with the appropriate language, numbers, letters and symbols to birth the lie into our reality and make it very hard to distinguish from Truth. In essence, they are using natures beautiful principles and turn them upside down. All this ‘ reason aides ‘ deep down.Thank you both……


Re the Documentary about New Zealand, The Department of Conservation DOC has closed of an area in the ancient Waipoua Forrest to any public access and deemed it ‘ to sensitive ‘ until 2063.

Heathen vegan

Thanks you.

And I couldn’t agree more, you only have to change the angle of the sail by one degree and over a long enough period of time you’re miles from your destination. This is their art, they take, as you the beautiful principles of nature and veer them of course for their own ends. The Aryan will pride himself on his self sacrifice for his folk, they will sacrifice another for theirs. They apply the rules at their base level, their lowest arc, so why it can sometimes look similar, it is the total opposite in its construction.

A little bit off-balance, physically or spiritually, is all it takes to take people very far off-course if they’re not aware enough to correct it. Balance is key. Balance IS movement and dance, being the study of fluid and elegant movement that wastes the least energy, is the mother and father of all the arts, the original art born of movement itself, not some “feminine” nonsense that only non-masculine men engage in, the way today’s propaganda has framed it for the suckers. The most masculine of men, boxers and ufc fighters, have to have great balance and consequently dancing ability as did the great fighters and hunters of olden days. The best dancer was also the best hunter because his movements did not lose energy… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Negentropic, Firstly thanks for the time you put into this reply, it was long but worth the read. Firstly, yes Dance was an essential part of warrior culture. After Spartan children came back from the wilds the Agoge dictates the first thing they learn is dance. They have seen the world in its savagery learned to exist in it now to bring them back to society and turn their skills into potent weapons they would learn dance. Although this is seen a mostly military, I do also believe it was part of their spiritual development. This is why I believe it also figured in many our traditional pagan faiths. Dance liberates energy, and thus integral to spiritual development. Words are spells, in every sense.… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Id like to expand on Iphidamas and ask your thoughts. This is something I have struggled with for a long time, the beauty in the seemingly pointless. I first experienced this feeling as a child. I remember watching “all quite on the western front” Ironically, when I was about 7 or 8. At the very end when the young soldier dies whilst making a drawing, set something off in me. I remember even singing about it on the way to school. It is something that in its simplistic form appears as the heroic sacrifice, but here it lacks the obvious heroic part. When I first read of Homers Iphidamas I got that same feeling, that wringing of the soul. It is so powerful, can bring… Read more »


A light-full show, not a de-lightful one. The enemy has the advantage of currency / flow (not dammed up) across borders, and also language, spies watching and telling. On another note, Hungarian has a lot of words similar to sanskrit too, arany and hiranya (gold in Hungarian and sanskrit), close to aryan?

Excellent. Thank you.

Word that now has a derogatory meaning: Whore (a prostitute, a promiscuous woman). ORIGIN: late Old English hōre, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoer and German Hure, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin carus ‘dear.’

Citation for nazīniz:īniz
*nazīniz f
1 a healing, salvation, rescue

NLP information:

Murder trial of (((Richard Bandler))):

Re: using words in self-defense: I talked my way out of 2 rape attempts by strangers. Keeping coherent while having a gun pressed into my ribs was a challenge.

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” – Mark Twain


Pupil (of perception) or Pew-pill being given beliefs from the pull-pit (raised structure or stage for actors). I thought of this listening to Kyle’s 1-10-14 show on the black sun (yeah, I’m binging on the archives). The pupil relates to pupa (what is becoming) through perception, a student. Kyle you talk of the pupil as receiver of light in the eye, symbolic for the black sun. Also, I like your word play with the dawning of the Aqua-Aryan age, that’s a good one. HV might like that with the focus on water with our aryan folk.

My next article was going to be on the symbolism of the Black Sun


Is there a symbolic association with the pineal gland for our folk, as another type of eye with a retina. I’ve been sensing lately an effect on it with tech, more than is known, like a grabbing of that light via monitors. I’ll definitely read your article on the black sun.

Do you know what the Schumann resonance is? 432 hz? You will probably feel many changes occurring over the next few years something is happening that is impossible to explain all I can do is give you a playlist to watch

after you get through that we can talk on a level where we understand each other

Great show!

Great show I am thinking of writing an article soon “The Unified Field” explaining basically how literally everything in the matrix is connected but it is very advanced stuff so it will take some time for me to put it all down and I think it will be over most people’s heads honestly, but I am pretty decent at explaining things in laymens terms. I know you all will have no problem understanding it because you already have the gist of it which is apparent from your understanding in this podcast however you all are for more advanced than the average person in this area.

“If you to unlock the secrets to the UniVERSE think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Tesla


“If you want to unlock the secrets to the UniVERSE think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Tesla

is what I meant

Heathen vegan

One way I try to explain larger connections is divide it up. My site atm is just me laying the foundations of bigger things. To understand anything I always find it best to find its fundamental principles, from there you can find your own way without any assistance. So the best way to show people anything is give them the foundations, then they will be able to appreciate your larger construction.

Anyway thanks for the comment and I look forward to your article(s)

You’re welcome, it is nice to hear people be able to discuss these topics and understand the true significance and weight of them. Most people as you point out in the show are like zombies and they just don’t understand, can’t understand no matter what you show them or tell them. I mean in the article I wrote the other day about a lot of stuff you touch on in this episode I thought I had explained it all pretty simply and thoroughly and provided all the sources to prove it all yet in the comments someone posted a comment saying how it was random or insignificant or some such absurdity I don’t remember now but I literally posted CONCLUSIVE proof of what I had… Read more »

“Good even-ing lay-thees and gentile-men, late-teas and gene-tool-men” even the classy way of addressing people in English sounds like a chosen-foreskin insult when examined a bit further. And what is the even-ing than the time for becoming even and balanced through some form of leisure or re-creation? It can also suggest the even-ing of the light and dark, the blurring of the lines between the yin and the yang, the creative de-structuring of a life out-of-balance with nature through a false “equality.” As Nietzsche wrote in his revolutionary essay “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense,” even the very first word a baby learns (mama or papa with only the lips touching) is already two metaphors away from “reality” and arrived at through an… Read more »

I was just listening to the show again (it was so amazing listened a few times) I wanted to make a quick comment on something you said in it that may help you, you said that arc had roots in the bow, not sure what your source was on this but it is incorrect and probably purposefully so. The arc is a curved plane as you mentioned arch. But what is curved? Lightning, electricity. The arc (spark), electric Universe, Thor God of lightning, Thunder, ark of the covenant, the FuthARK, EL/electricity, ELite, ELection, ELder etc. This obfuscation was probably done by design. Just a quick note I wanted to make. The Fibonacci sequence no straight lines in the Universe etc. May help to keep this… Read more »


In the next instalment pls consider a review of this book (Jewish author?) and explain why maybe the “folk etymology” practice of discarding the rules of word evolution (e.g. Grimm’s sound shifts) in favour of association by vocalization has been adopted by “conspiracy theorists” specifically, like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell aka Russell Pine and others… of that ilk (incl. Dennis Fetcho?)

– author’s premise is that there was a primeval worldwide language of all humanity which explains the phonetic similarities, but he claims to have proved his idea only with respect to the Indo-European languages and some (related?) like Hebrew; so statistically significant? Maybe not.

Heathen vegan

I cannot of course comment on the book you mention, but I can give you a little insight into the whole phonetic, sound shift stuff and, well words themselves. Sound shift is not as complicated as some make out and can be easily seen by language comparisons. W > V > O for example, In English we generally pronounce a W as a “weh” German a “veh” in old Norse, this switches often to a “oeh” and when it does take on the V it spells it as such. This transition occurs so often it can be seen and with just saying words yourself it can easily be seen as to why. For example take the word Egg, this is spelled identically in Icelandic, but… Read more »

“There is a third factor which complicates everything, beyond any fixed set of rules and that is how a word is perceived, via environmental, social or phonetic similarity” – meme magic my dude meme magic, who controls the numbers, perception is reality

I have read that book and he is right, Atlantis my good man, the Ancient Aryans : )

Chris H

So Nomen actually has something constructive to add. I thought it was just a passive aggressive piece of shit. Well doesn’t mean it isn’t a passive aggressive piece of shit, perhaps it just likes to blow sugar up some peoples arses while knocking the legs off others chairs for fun.

I made a video out of the podcast if anyone is interested in watching or dl’ing

lol after I posted the video on the channel my ISP started blocking the renegade domain has to use a proxy to get here