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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

(((Parliament))) passed the “Organ Donation (deemed consent) Bill,” in Oct 2018. By Spring of 2020, the vampires can harvest the organs of any English person who hasn’t opted out. Wales has had this in place since 2015; and Scotland, plus N Ireland are changing too. The new law is called “Max And Keira’s Law,” after the two innocent children involved. Max wrote to Theresa May, because he needed a new heart. What are the odds of a boy named Max JOHNSON and an accident victim girl called Keira BALL? Is this more “M & K ultra” mind manipulation for the masses? Nah, just jewish supremacists mocking their cattle. PS Very important show, Kyle – thank you. We have to wake our people up to this… Read more »

5 years ago

I was not aware of the extent of Israeli involvement in international organ trafficking, especially in the developing world. Disturbing, yet unsurprising. Thanks for the show Kyle, err… can we have your liver? [link]

5 years ago

Regarding infanticide, there’s a #shoutyourabortion campaign that’s trying to destigmatize, with slogans like ‘abortion is normal’ and ‘abortion is freedom.’ Probably to counteract all the studies that show high suicide rates. addictions, lifelong regret, etc. Dark times we’re living in…

5 years ago

There have been 6,500 Palestinians young and old, abducted by Israeli soldiers. Where is the almighty UN while this is going on?

5 years ago

Georgia teen’s body missing organs, stuffed with newspaper.

This story is from 2013. You’d be a fool to think it doesn’t happen everyday here in the USSA.

and a more recent story, just read between the lines..

Kenneka Jenkins update: 7 things to know about teen found dead in hotel freezer

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