Solar Storm: Hebraic Hoaxes and the Heroic Struggle (10-28-18)

Kyle speaks about the Tree of Life shooting and the drill that preceded it, the faking of mass murder in the Holocaust and how Robert Faurisson struggled to expose it, the silencing of dissent, the Bolsheviks of the right wing, and what it means to live an NS lifestyle. Wolf and Sean call in.

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Jack Duilio

I was unsure on what really happened with the “Synagogue Shooting” but that active shooter drill cinches it. I just wonder how we can use this event to our advantage.

Like I said almost 3 years ago already, these fake Psyops will be done regularly with entirely fake Jew “victims” to set up Frump passing holohoax denial laws and hate-speech laws to protect these “victim playing” criminals. They don’t need “active shooter drills” to have PsyOps. All they need is actors, a studio and their brainwashing psychological warfare experts working together to fool an already vastly idiotic and gullible, well-primed and fear-hypnotized and triggered public. “Active Shooter Drills” are more often part of the PsyOp in order to make researchers think that it was all done “live” in one take or a few “live” takes in a row, done under pressure because “they might get caught.” Nonsense. Absolutely silly nonsense. No one is “watching” them… Read more »


where is the proof that the attack on the synagogue was a false flag? Do not make affirmations without foundation, please!

Where is your proof that it happened? The jewish media telling you it did?


Katemayer, the burden of proof is always on the claimer not the denier even though the denier may be kind enough to go out of his or her way to prove that the evidence alleged by the laughing claimer about how his or her relative was brutally murdered is insanely full of holes and inconsistent.

Foster XL

“Truth advocate” is probably a better description than denier 😉 Hey Katejewishname, can you please provide “undeniable” truth that this event actually happened exactly the way it was portrayed? Unless you can you’re just yet another annoying mosquito buzzing around our ears that needs to be swatted!

Ghost Man O; War

The smiling dupers are, one would think, the best “witnesses” and most “credible” they could find. Am I wrong? Their roster isn’t that deep obviously. Why would not only one lady but almost all be talking about the so called gruesome and evil attack they had as they said, “seen it all with their own eyes the terrible murder of their relative and best friends” and be laughing and grinning fiendishly on national tv?” Doesn’t sound like it was grim to them one bit. It’s not proof but it is surely evidence. If on a jury and you saw film after film of this, then the armed “soldiers” marching sloppily had what looked like army surplus equipment, holding it like untrained rogues wearing random pants… Read more »


If the media reports bs like the gunman shouting “allah akbar” or “kill all jews” you can be pretty certain it’s a fake event. In this instance the actor playing the shooter had some viewpoints that were similar to many here. Except the part of the script where he thought it a good idea to shoot up a synagogue of course.


The best use of this fake news is to point out it’s fake news. Anything that kills the credibility of the msm is good for us. When people fully comprehend just how fake the news really is it is a real eye opener for them.

Great idea, WhiteWolf!


Gab has now been shut down. Was even that site integral part of that psy-op? After all, its mascot was stylized frog. I’ll quote: “ is under attack. We have been systematically no-platformed by App Stores, multiple hosting providers, and several payment processors. We have been smeared by the mainstream media for defending free expression and individual liberty for all people and for working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in Pittsburgh. Gab will continue to fight for the fundamental human right to speak freely. As we transition to a new hosting provider Gab will be inaccessible for a period of time. We are working around the clock to get back online. Thank you and remember… Read more »


Some may criticize Gab as a Jew site whose purpose is to dilute us. But the albeit temporary closure of Gab, is PROOF it is a bona fide site. Plus Gab has MONEY, and the Jew smells it. Pittsburgh was about Gab and other sites.

Foster XL

HAHAHAHAHAHA! “PROOF”, “bona fide”… ok “mate”, thanks for the heads up! LOL! 😀

Ghost Man O; War

Just thought I’d lend friendly assistance. See, I’m trying to be a good boy. It’s in my blood and raising. Pappy said, “Sonny, if I tell you that ant over there can pull a load o’ bricks….don’t ask me how Sonny, just hitch ’em up!” Why? ‘Cause Pappy said so.” haahahah There. I kept it down to 5 or 6 lines. Just for Foster. You’re a good guy and where I come from ya rib those you find worthy and ya care about just to keep their fire stoked. I had an old uncle who would ride our asses working out clearing his land he was to put cattle on. Following the tractor with a flat bed linked up and heaving stones upon it. Brutal… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

The chosen are programming our White men to be neo-bolsheviks, who will then naturally group into turf/rape gangs when their planned civil war kicks off against the other races. Having White skin will not save you from these crafted psychopaths. I despair to think any White male, with an ounce of decency and no matter what age, would stay associated with a sick group of degenerates like TDS, after having read that disgusting article about the poor young SA lady. But they do. PS Good show Kyle, but how many more times do you need to point out all this theatre and filth? We can honour the memories of this brave man and woman (RIP both), by standing up and speaking out now, while we… Read more »


And they will make up the big groups too. Just come to think of a recent event here in Germany. 18yo girl got raped by at least 7 “refugees” + 1 immigrant that the media portraits as german because he has a paper from our US occupied so called government. They simply found together spontaneously. It is estimated that up to 15 subhumans could have taken part in the raping. How many times you hear of a group that spontaneously found together and burned some rapists or cut off their “weapons”? But it’s worse than that. I have not heard from a single father, husband, brother, son or whatever who took revenge or at the very minimum started to be a pain in the ass… Read more »

Hallo, my fellow German! I care – it bothers me SO much that our peoples are being so abused, raped, murdered, and that these horrible monsters are even stealing the Germans’ housing! I have family in Germany that I never got to know, and am so worried about the horrible situation that Germany is in, and the terrible state of the government (yes, US occupied since the end of WWll)! Our peoples are still being murdered, plundered, and raped by the same people who started both those horrific wars, and to add insult to severe injury – still has on its books in the rotten US – the Morganthau Plan written by Henry Morganthau who was then secretary of state which called for the extermination… Read more »


comment image

The faces of evil of a mixture of lefties, antifa and straight up reincarnated bolsheviks it appears, are protesting against a protest for the rape victim run by the controlled opposition party AfD. Enlargen to get a good look at their unfounded psychotic hatred. They have a problem with a political party using stuff that happens for their agenda, outrageous I know! And of course German men rape too you know, so there is nothing wrong here with people who allegedly flee war and prosecution (they are all prosecuted truthers coming to us all right…) finding together and group raping native girls.

Is it possible that some of these whiter looking people could be hateful yids that want to rape German girls and women? At any rate, this is all to sick and disgusting! Vielen Dank mein bruder.


Afd is controlled opposition: hate the enemies of israel (Islam), love israel.

they are also in favor of miscegenation / integration.

Most people in this picture are not even white – many people with dark skin or Asian features.

I agree, Anthony! We need bullhorns and lots of brave, decent, grass roots people!


The image of the character makes me sadder than the pharma’d up mk’d autistic images they used before. I see what they’re doing here – gearing up to demonize en masse. I’ve already seen tweets about how the “Nazis” were your bakers, your grocers, your next door neighbors. He’s the poster boy though for the longest-running hate crime – the one against the hale and hearty Germanic/Anglo-Saxon and kin that are mostt feared by those that have subverted, robbed and demographically fuk’d our nations. In this character’s sad eyes, I see the ghosts of all the wars, the sweat of the brow and treasure of Germany, the art and music and heights of culture that never were, and the high suicide of our folk here… Read more »


I feel like something is happening organically, where whites are trying to find their center again. This decentering thing was a social science weapon – TV is decentering, most content decenters whites in their role. It is relentless. The newest thing is decentering humans with technology. I feel so sick of the convoluted dialogue of the jews – it’s their identity crisis that seems to shape our entire reality! But the antidote is to recenter firmly in our own values and culture – and be matter-of-fact about this as a basic right of any folk. I find mountaineering documentaries inspiring, and they’re mostly Aryans. Touching the Void, or the ones about Sir Edmund Hilary are good and harken to a time when we were at… Read more »

Jan Swinnen

These sick bastards are not our people indeed. Scum of the earth, lower than the dindu perpetrators themselves. I can’t fathom how one can even think about the poor child that way.


Well, let’s see. We know for a fact that Anglin used to publish Joshua Goldberg, and we now know that not only is Goldberg Jewish, but he’s anti-white (and anti-Muslim) and his fake personas were being publicized by Rita Katz of SITE Intel as both an “anti-semite neo-nazi” as well as a “radical anti-semite ISIS terrorist.” There’s the fact that Anglin was a full on philo-semite and anti-white and within 2 months decided to go “full fascist.” there mike enoch , TheRightStuff jumps to defend Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) when they are criticized. They call themselves “sister sites” and do fundraisers together. (((Daily Stormer))) is for the young kids and the lower IQ, while TRS is for 20s/30s and people who went to college.… Read more »


GameTimeWoo covers Inside Edition’s lame-ass sin-of-gog “shooting” hoax story. He cracks me up every now and then. For telling the truth about this crappy hoax, he got his JewTube channel shut down. No fucking surprise there.

Yes – YT loves to shut people down – I know several people who were yid-wise, and were either shut down, or finally just left! My account was permanently suspended for a “perceived” violation – there was no detailed description, and no previous strikes! I think too much truth got out, thanks, Renny.


One caller mentioned Bob Whitaker and the bugsers with regards to talking points. Bob always advised to try out different talking points or memes to gauge their effectiveness. The bugser talking points are geared to putting anti-Whites on the defensive. Accusing them of White genocide is still effective. The charge is accurate and they really have no reasonable defense to it.


Plus it doesn’t make sense to talk to a “normal” person about how anti-racism is anti white, they don’t see any value in whiteness anyway. First you need to make them stop hating themselves again. That whole campaign was a little bit off and goofy.


Actually I thought the “anti-racism is code for anti-White” line was the best line in the mantra. It doesn’t really matter if it’s goofy or not. If it works its good. That line destroys the virtue signaling value of being “anti-racist”.


But whitey is an evil oppressor so they deserve it, right? That’s what they’ve been indoctrinated into. I really like to know how many people have you made to see the light with that magic phrase. Also I like to know what that while rabbit symbolism means. Aren’t rabbits usually in nature the ones who run away, when confronted? You’re a wolf, you should know.


I remember when even online everyone was still very pc. Places like Stormfront were the only sites were there was some sanity. Now it’s like the whole internet has become Stormfront hence the censorship push. To answer your question I have no idea how many people I’ve made to see the light. I just posted the mantra or similar talking points in high volume areas online and hoped for the best. I didn’t expect instant results. It’s a matter of using consistent talking points repeatedly just like anti-Whites have done for decades. Repeated exposure is what eventually makes people see the light. Do you think the fake synagogue shooting by someone who supposedly just happens to have viewpoints close to ours is a sign we… Read more »


CNN’S Don Lemon: Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men:



Smiling, laughing jewess caught in tangle of lies on GMA. Is anyone surprised?


I also believe that young woman didn’t consent to anything, rape for a woman (I am not talking about fake rape stories to usually revenge their boyfriend) is extremely soul crushing thing and many of them have committed suicides after the act. More likely nigger lied about it, to get lighter sentence. It doesn’t make sense to threaten her life first, usually gangs don’t play around, they just do it, after raping the victim . So the whole story stinks. Consenting to rape is same as losing your honor…