The Solar Storm: Hebraic Hoaxes, Kosher Control Freaks (2-25-18)

Kyle ties together some loose ends regarding gun control: the role of the Talmud, the nature of Purim, jewish youth groups as starring actors, a history of jewish gun grabbers, National Socialist gun laws, and much more.

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This is one of the reasons why they want us disarmed:

Imagine if these ladies were unarmed and dependant on rat-faced judeomasons like Sheriff Izghael and his pets to come and “save” them from the Dindu.

Anthony Roberts

Good vid Yrton. Those ladies are awe-inspiring – so brave. jews want Americans defenceless when they pull their FF switch, and there is blackout and chaos.

If you have a permit, wear your gun 24/7, even by your bed. Put aside money so your teenage children can practice at the range. Meanwhile back in Blighty, we’ll rely on pithy comments and irony as our only weapons :(( Gods bless you all!

PS Fantastic show Kyle; will be advertising this one in a few hours.


That was a good video. In fact, I went on a bit of a binge and watched a dozen or so of his video’s, as he presents valuable scenarios to learn from. Not to denigrate his other videos, since majority seem to be worth viewing – He has one on ”thoughts about Parkland” where he buys into the media story, and seems to push the mental health hold thing, which is BIG TROUBLE. If it goes, anyone with a thinking, reasoning brain – those ”intelligencia” left among us, will begin disappearing at alarming rates. The days of ”arm chair activism” are over. The amount of people who are swallowing the ever more confusing and changing prescribed narrative without question is beyond alarming. Kyle’s right. This… Read more »


Amber, on top of all that he’s a Christard Cuckservative. His videos are only useful for learning about real life violent scenarios and how to act.


They want us disarmed so they have a completely disproportionate power differential. The only time a jew will show aggression is when the opposition is a baby with candy, and the jew is in a tank with 20 others all holding assault weapons. They are dangerous because they are fundamental cowards.


Parroting the term “gun control” helps those who want to illegally disarm Americans. Illegally disarming Americans is a criminal and anti-American act. It is not gun control.

Ghost Man O; War

Put’s whole new meaning to, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Haman, lend me your ears, so my insane children can eat them and dance around the bloody may pole.” Oh goody. I’ll start wearing my earmuffs, reinforced with stainless steel plating if I’m ever in Florida. Hear that Gabby, Sarina, and Shit Doich? ahhahahh If they come to my door with a nice tray of ……EARS, for sale. I’ll be sure to use my lasso and rope them in and toss them in my oven I bought at a garage sale from this little ol’ lady at the candy house. Signed, Hansel and Gretal. ahahaah Good grief. These J’s are over the top lunatic. I picture those two kids holding hands in that dipshit Jack Nicholson movie… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Saul Alynsky’s mentor was none other than FRANK NITTY. ahahahahh Say it isn’t so Ma. Say it isn’t so. ahahahh Nitty was an over the top murderer and mafia bad guy. “Meanwhile, back at the warehouse, Nitty and his boys were planning a fur heist in S. Chicago. Eliot Ness and HIS boys were poised across the street with their Tommy Guns and ready to greet them with a WARM welcome.” hahahahah I think they’re in high gear and starting to realize the goyim aren’t going to “go quietly into the night”. Not by a long shot we’re not. Man, I don’t think so. Do your push ups and ya better keep a clear head. Tesla said, “…an insane man can think deeply, but only… Read more »


They just want the jew to have a shooting gallery. That is the only way they can actually have the balls to come out and “fight”.

Ghost Man O; War

Vat Vee doo that’s illegal vee do immediately and vats against zee constitution, vee take a little time…. — Heinz Kissassenger. You’re out of the gate like a 3000 lb prancing heavy horse Belgian fell horse, Kyle. I’m settled in for a great show. Oh boy. I’ve done some great sings, lately. hahahha I shut down massive liars about “hacking” lately. It’s fake. Hacking is only possible with back doors and stocks of files of passwords they know already due to them already having your password info. The jr. “geniuses” tussled and squawked “laughing” at the old stupid man that I am until I told them, “Give me a 20 inch length of wire, a handful of diodes, resistors, and gate switches, a few zenor… Read more »

U Wot Mate?



How do we know that there aren’t already backdoors in most computer hardware and software?


Watch “Hardware” with the filthy jew Gene Simmons, very revealing. Besides everything is made “compromised”, it would be harder NOT to make it backdoored. How easy is it to send information and build chips with inaccessible areas? Too easy. The people who make the viruses also make the “remedy” Hmmm P-R-S method implemented again for loadsamunny? I think so. How the fuck would you know what viruses some greaser is supposedly making in order to also make an antivirus in the same time frame from a completely different entity? They are all in collusion, and the creators have TOTAL control of what happens, and can make it IMPOSSIBLE for the end user to access parts of the system even if you are a coder. Fucked… Read more »