The Solar Storm: Hebraic Hodge Podge and Aryan Light (4-29-18)

Kyle talks about some recent events that all appear to be WWE theater and gets into some recent suspicious deaths. He then brings on Thule, Wolf, and Georgian Patriot for a segment about controlled opposition hangouts. Then Kyle goes solo again to discuss Based Kanye West’s jewish friends and the many different ways jews have been characterized, including an in depth analysis of Jaws. Finally he discusses the star that serves as a symbol for the Aryan people.

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Jewsfor Hitler calls himself a National Socialist. He lied that many Jews were National Socialists during the Third Reich. Yes, a couple of quarter Jews were in the SS and Jews were in the army etc. Jews in important positions were the exception not the rule as JFH was trying to portray. I have been unable to find any info to show Jews were party members. Jews being National Socialists……….. lol, what a divisive idiot! “Antisemitism is in a way the foundation of the feeling underlying our whole movement. Every National Socialist is an antisemite, but every antisemite need not be an National Socialist.” He goes on to say. “National Socialism, like Antisemitism regards the Jewish materialistic spirit as the chief cause of the evil,… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

I think you are correct about them offing Avicii, Kyle. Once you sign that contract selling your soul to the jews, the slightest hint of you spilling the beans, and they will come for you, no matter what your age or ranking ( remember jewess Rivers? ) Much like their foot soldier masons, they control by fear and have an army of paid gov’t & mafia whackers. They will probably take out that poor Corey guy eventually; who exposed jewish paedophilia in hollywood. As more people speak out, they will have to expose their murderous ways even more to the world. We’re back to that race for the survival line again. Them or us? PS Good show Kyle. A lot more of us need to… Read more »


I’m very disappointed to hear about Alfred Schaefer being controlled or”gotten to ” in some way. I was very inspired by Monica’s speech and often use her as an example of the bravery needed to finish fight our enemies. I did pick up on something being off with Alfred during his talk with Stephan and Wolf and certain “Pastor” Dan. On the matter of Monica and her imprisonment, I don’t know what to think. Is this an example of heartfelt bravery and paying the price or did she do as she was told for some convoluted charade thought up by jews? Is there really any purpose in public displays of seemingly courageous words against these demons, only to find yourself sitting in a jail cell… Read more »


Apologies for the typos guys, seriously bad phone situation here

Ghost Man O; War

You’re a sweet, dear lady. ONE lady is worth a thousand women in my mind. After reading your comments for months now and your appearances on the show, I’ve gathered you’re my kind of conscientious, caring person. I hope all is well on the home front and look forward to hearing you chime in with a call in soon. No pressure. ahaha. Love and honor to ya’, doll. ps. I’m sorta’ befuddled about the Alfred thing. I see your point. He’s already, way more than proved he’s very intelligent, so him doing the over the top violence thing, being in the capital of “hate” crime country is quite odd and foolish, and he’s not in jail seems weird. Maybe they’re waiting on the perfect time… Read more »


Why thank you Ghost, for your kind and affectionate words. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll hear me and my big mouth soon enough.


I’m not the least surprised about Big Al being a phony. It’s all very hoax code-y when you get right down to it. Monica has the “cia” in her name (order is not important) and The “Sch” is a dead give away on these things. That’s not to say that everyone with a “cia” in their name or an “Sch” is a hoaxer, but anytime they’re in the national spotlight or touted about in “truther” type circles, you can bet the fix is in. (Truther……LOL to that bullshit.) When you’ve been around this topic long enough, you’ll find that damn never everyone you come across is a freaking fraud.


What? Alfred Schaefer controlled?

He has to stand trial in Dresden on 4 May

Can you please tell me at which time exactly they speak about this subject?


I think I found it at around 51:00. Is this Stefan speaking? He sounds like a veritable zealot not like a clear minded, composed German. Alfred on the other hand to me appears to be very agitated, triggered and understandably emotionalized by what they did to his beloved sister in the videos in German uploaded by Gerd Ittner. I think he will be more than ready to sacrifice himself if necessary. Where can I find the videos in which he allegedly behaves “robotic”? Could it be that you are still Hollywood programmed to find typical German behaviour “robotic”? Was Adolf Hitler behaving “robotic” sometimes?


Yeah! Alfred telling us to go string up teachers and that an unavoidable blood bath of 600,000 jews is “inevitable” are really good optics!


Now I listened to the snippet in which Alfred is talking and Ruben (?) and Brian Ruhe (?) until 1:00. This of course is very, very stupid, to say the least, given his situation and that of his sister, but it would not imperatively mean that he is controlled, but on the contrary, he appears to be totally driven out of his mind due to personally experiencing the real situation in the FRG, which is completely different from looking at it from outside, from a far away country. And it is true that you can easily become a tool when you are surrounded by the “wrong” people, who can easily manipulate you in such an emotionally exceptional situation. Let’s wait for the outcome of his… Read more »


62-year-old convicted of Holocaust denial
Alfred Schaefer spoke about the bombing of Dresden at a rally – and downplayed Nazi crimes.
Before his verdict the Holocaust denier grins
Alfred Schäfer sentenced to 5,000 euros


Being fined is not being “sentenced”.


Who is downvoting links??? This makes no sense at all.


What you are saying, Scarlett, makes me wish you were able to understand the videos in which Monika and her brother speak German. I guess you would no longer doubt their decency. From my point of view they are as German as can be to the core of every cell. Thus I don’t get it what makes you say what you said: “On the matter of Monica and her imprisonment, I don’t know what to think. Is this an example of heartfelt bravery and paying the price or did she do as she was told for some convoluted charade thought up by jews? Is there really any purpose in public displays of seemingly courageous words against these demons, only to find yourself sitting in a… Read more »


I’m not defaming anyone, I just have to be wary of anyone publicly in this movement. It’s chock full of shills and turncoats. Personally, I’m pretty sure Monica is the real deal and I hope to hear of her release soon. I did find her speech to be speaking the truth and very inspiring. Unfortunately, it is necessary to err on the side of caution due to rampant controlled opposition. And just like you can’t know what it’s like to be a person living in America, I don’t know what it’s like to be German because I’m not German. I admire the brave spirit of those Germans that speak up and defend their folk from vicious anti German propaganda.


And I never even reached a conclusion. I didn’t declare Alfred controlled , simply posed a question to the other listeners to get their opinion on the matter. Thank you for your input. That was kind of the point of my original post.


How Lyor Cohen Built Def Jam, Reinvented Warner, Launched 300 + Reimagined YouTube Music | Blueprint


I knew a relatively close family member of Peter Benchley’s, author of Jaws. Dreyfuss’s character is based on him.

Benchley was pure anglo – blond, blue eyed, quintessential ‘wasp.’ His trust fundied passion for sharks and marine biology – and saving of the blonde female from its menaces – was the complete antithesis of the nature-opposing jew.

This is perhaps the most important lesson of jewish appropriation of that novel’s story.


English is not the primordial language so I would not interprete too much into the term ARYAN alone.

“Aar” for instance means eagle in German.

Aryan is “arisch” in German and Aryans are “Arier”.

“ihr”, pronounced like in Arier, means you (pl.).

So Aar-ihr means “you are the eagles” in short.

This is only one example which came to my mind right away.

Anglo-Americans tend to appear a bit self-centred sometimes, viewed with European eyes 😉


Oh, and “ar-isch”, Aryan, means “I eagle”, “isch” meaning “ich”, I, in vernacular pronounciation. 🙂


I did not know that even light-hearted banter criticism can lead to a decent contribution being downvoted in this place. 🙂 Self-centred but not self conscious enough? I will attribute it to a lack of understanding German humour.

Heathen vegan

“Aryan” is not an English word, its a Sanskrit one. It is theorized it is more akin to Germanic words like Ehre, and English (via Latin) words like Honor. But probably has some link to English words with “arian” at the end, because of words like Barbarian, which in Sanskrit is Barbara meaning “non Aryan” . In early Greek and later Roman forms though it just turns into a word for “foreigner”.

I haven’t done an in depth look into this word mainly because its forms are in the west are not generally accepted. This is not to say it has no forms here just no one really wants to look into it since WW2.


Thanks for your friendly response, Heathen vegan. There are theories that German, which is said to be closely linked to Sanskrit, is the primordial language and thus I think it might be interesting to explain terminology accordingly. In the best case people are willing to discuss various aspects and opinions, which are all not proven yet, respectfully and, knowing that ‘they’ turned everything upside down and inside out, I am usually lesser interested in what is “generally accepted”, than in the contrary. There is good reason why Himmler’s Ahnenerbe findings are kept hidden in the vaults of the eternal destroyers, but some of us, can access the primordial source of knowledge. This is all I wanted to say for now.


I would like to address some comments made by Thule. “…and you know as well as I do that the purpose of our movement, it’s been like this for decades, has been to unite the white race globally, because only united we stand a chance against our enemy.” The “white race”? Until now I thought this was something of the alt-right. This is the identity you want? And Kyle you apparently agree with that as well? Who else does and why? Have you found our white family tree and I missed it? Until you’ve showed it to me I’ll keep considering myself German :P. “…he keeps talking about Jews joining our side against our enemy and I got to say (unintelligible), excuse my language, are… Read more »


What he said was Hitler was too nice, not nuts. Clearly, English is not his first language, so perhaps you misheard. And yes, there is a white race, involving our folk from all over the world, that speak many different languages with different accents and dialects. I’m surprised you haven’t encountered this and gotten better at deciphering since you claim to be interested in saving…what exactly? Your people? Who would be….????


So I must have misunderstood him concerning Hitler being too nice, my bad. Still not getting the white race thing though. Our folk all over the world? You mean like people who share the Aryan spirit? What was wrong with me stating that blind hatred vs every single Jew is stupid? I made the comparison with me hating everyone of a country that fought against Germany, wouldn’t that be more reasonable? Yeah some Jews lied about the Holocaust but who was the driving force behind it? The US & Hollywood perhaps? Who raped women & children like crazy, the Wehrmacht or the US soldiers? The US soldiers even raped some 3000 French women (who they were allied with). We still have 40k US soldiers here… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Micha, Hello. Do ya think they don’t run everything in America? They do. Nesta Webster said back in the first few years of 20th century that the J’s control EVERY aspect and British life. In mid-early 19th Lord Beconsfield aks Benjamin Disraeli PM and mentored by Lionelle himself said, “Germans university seats, art, blah blah blah and the revolutions are entirely being run under the auspices of the J’s. Another, “There is only ONE power in Europe and that is ROTHSCHILD. In 1820’s early on the tribe took over all Catholic Church banks and finance worldwide. Back early on j Lord Palmerston said if America doesn’t basically give back the banking to us we will burn their east coast towns to he ground…oh, then they… Read more »


I didn’t deny that there are Jews pulling strings, I said it is retarded to blame normal ass citizens of Rothschild’s Israel. Yea they are hypocrites occupying the land and they believe it is theirs, just like Polish people believe 1/2 their land belongs to them while it is actually German, if you give a damn about the law of nations that is. Also blaming J’s for the crimes of your country is hypocritical, it’s like you only want to blame the guy who bought the hitman but not the hitman himself… Or in a religious context it’s the same with “The Jews killed Christ”… “No, the Romans killed him”… same shit. I couldn’t care less even if the Devil himself made you do a… Read more »

Foster XL

You’re twisting yourself in circles now & sounding like even more of a douchebag than ever. There are many better analogies but I’ll use one of yours just to spell it out clearly – in the case of the hitman & the guy who sent him – you would deal with the immediate threat first & kill the hitman THEN go hunt down the guy who sent him & wipe him off the face of the earth. Complete problem solved. As for “normal ass citizens of Rothchild’s Israel” who sit back in their lawn chairs cheering on & celebrating the night-time bombing of Palestine like it’s a fireworks display is it really “retarded to blame” them for being complicit in the suffering of others? No… Read more »

John from NC

He said too nice.


Do you wear a maga hat?


I don’t think so… according to Micah, ”All Americans are either deceitful backstabbers or rapists,” … ”End of story, nuke the entire US, the wickedness is in their genes and they can’t be fixed.” But not ALLLL Jews are ”bad”… so we should let the good one’s make their Islamic Aliya back to Israhell, then finish the Jews stated and clearly expressed work of killing every living thing on the North American continent.. and beyond. It’s what YAWAY would have wanted. Either Micah is a retard plant, a jew, or he just has a bit more learning to do. I’ve come to the conclusion though, that some white folk just can’t be saved. They are jewish in thought, word and deed, will die for the… Read more »


I do believe, ” NEVER trust a jew” is the point of this at the end. I’ve met a few that seem alright, might even wish them well,( if, by some miracle they aren’t infected with evil), but trust? I don’t think so. After a few thousand years, if we haven’t figured that out,we have what’s coming to us.

Ghost Man O; War

ahahhaah You’re a great diplomat and that’s what we need more of. You’re fire AND ice. You can play the whole table when situations call for either. You’re one of my favs. Have a great weekend, what’s left of it anyway.


Oooooh, another version of the ITS NOT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL JEWS, bullshit excusing of the kike cancer. And a t what point has the jew made a point of not AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL gentiles ?… NONE. No, blind hatred for the jew is a rational response to he parasite scum that are destroying the ground you exist on. In fact, it is only because the world has been kikeblind, that no nation has come together to utterly erase this fucking blight from the face of all time. Fuck the jew. Jew hate is not just necessary it is a completely natural reaction. The sticking point is that the rest of the world will not club up and react accordingly to remedy this infestation.

Foster XL

Hear! Hear! It wasn’t eskimos or pakistanis that have been punished & expelled AS A WHOLE from many. many nations ALL THROUGH HISTORY for a host of wicked crimes against indigenous peoples. It was JEWS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL JEWS!!!


Yea congrats on this cult up & downvoting lolol, especially renegade’s post which makes no sense whatsoever.

You’re not better than christ-tards after all, blind hateful hypocrites, it’s pathetic. Hypocrites like you don’t want any truth, you just want to be told it’s not your fault but somebody else’s.

All Americans are either deceitful backstabbers or rapists, Their nation has been at war over 90% of the time since its existence, was created by a bunch of faggot masons and built on genocide by monstrous slave owners. To top it all off they fought alongside Stalin & Churchill.

End of story, nuke the entire US, the wickedness is in their genes and they can’t be fixed.

Foster XL

You sound like you’ve got this whole thing completely figured out! So AAAAAAALLLLLL Americans “are either deceitful backstabbers or rapists” and the entire US needs to be nuked but not AAAAAAALLLLLL jews are bad? And “this cult” is downvoting you? You’re obviously a paranoid delusional idiot, probably have way too much kike DNA & you’re a weak-sounding douchebag who couldn’t debate himself out of a paper bag to boot! Did you come up with all your “truth” browsing the internets or maybe you were forcefed it by your pastor? Synagogue more like it! What a joke! Take your meds & fuck off back to that hole you crawled out of!


By what you have written you have shown that you were too blockheaded to understand that I was arguing in the same fashion like you on purpose.

Waaaaah Waaaaah the Jew made me do it! Have fun arguing like that in front of your Gods (if you have any).

But who knows man, maybe those Jews do use magic spells on innocent Americans,..

Ghost Man O; War

“””You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. The Century Magazine January 1928 Volume 115, Number 3 pages 346-350 Marcus Eli Ravage Jewish Leader “We (Jews) intend to turn Europe into a mixed… Read more »


You must be writing to us from the safety of Israel I presume?
Please correct me if I am wrong as to the location of your utopia.

Ghost Man O; War

The masons you speak of, and all other “backstabbers and rapists to a man, WERE J’s. So it’s not America, that’s the name of a place. J’s as per your own finger pointing, to put names on them would be every single one, J’s or THEIR masonic butt buddies. Gentiles aren’t the boy rapists. If so, VERY rare. But on the other side of the human type, the J, they’re prevalent in it. A lady I know had a mag article where a j-ess said after being with them 60 years said she wouldn’t be surprised if 70% of J men were gay and/or bi at LEAST. So who is the wickedness in? As you verified? Yes. It is the J’s. It’s their genes. We… Read more »


Ghost Man O; War, nice rant but you should calm your tits, I’ve already stated I’m German. Such a level of paranoia can become unhealthy. It’s interesting though that all it seems to take here is to question what the “white race” is supposed to be as well as stating that there’s no way that all Jews can be involved in a conspiracy against all non Jews… “That’s it! You must be a tribe member!” I believe in national Gods and not Gods of an undefined “white race”. But what can you expect if the guy who runs this site claims to be a pagan but thinks Europa was/is a Goddess xD… Not sure where as you claimed you guys (from this cult here) stated… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Micha, I did go off the deep end. hahahah That part about killing all Americans, then you saying WE grouped people when in mine and the other commenter agreed that it’s surely not all j’s. But jiminy xmas, man. Look at them all. You see it all day and night and never the same demonic face and smile twice damn near. I’m for ALL good people, brilliant or not so brilliant as long as they aren’t attacking mankind and especially blatantly trying exterminate MY bloodline. It struck close to home with me but I won’t go into it with ya. If the same happened to you or yours and I knew about it, I’d apologize to you. This is why I’m back to apologize and… Read more »

Foster XL

I forgot to add this to that comment. While I most certainly don’t condone or align myself with the “faith” of these 2 gentlemen (CI/Christardism) or their general position in the “movement”, they did do a good series of 8 broadcasts recently entitled “The Jew Refugee Invasion Of America Through Immigration And What To Do About It”. I think it was based on a book of the same name & in it they outlined jewish “happenings” & expulsions chronologically through history. Much of the documentation they cite in the show is even from the jews’ own mouth about all the expulsions & “mistreatment” they “suffered” (muh persecution!). This particular series of broadcasts is worth a listen & possibly something of value for educating those who… Read more »