The Solar Storm: A History of Heroin and the Opioid Onslaught (11-26-17)

Kyle speaks about the devastating impacts of the opioid crisis, particularly on White Americans, and then gets into the long history of opium, the medicinal uses, the British wars against China, the jewish traffickers, the discovery and marketing of heroin, drug laws and the rise of organized crime, the CIA’s role in the trade, Vietnam and Afghanistan as foreign wars for poppy, the Sackler family and oxycontin, the big money of rehab facilities, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

The drug epidemic also enables the gov’t to take the children off these poor victims, and put them into their “care” system. A ready supply of future offerings, sex slaves, criminals or drug addicts.

Thank you Kyle for condensing this vital info into three hours. The jews control everything and everyone at this point. We must change that by trying to wake our folk up. Renegade is the only true antidote to all this misery.

Circus Maximus

One of the best shows I have heard in awhile. Well put together and probably could not have been presented any better!


🎆🎆🎆Best shoah of the year!! 🎆🎆🎆

Chris H

Does anyone know much about “Siegfried” Sassoon the “war poet”? In school we were taught about war poets, and mostly him. I thought he was damn ugly at the time and felt instinctively that something may be wrong in what we were being taught. The Sassoon family, known as “Rothschilds of the East” due to the great wealth they accumulated in trade < wiki … yes "((trade))" anyways how innocent was $Siggy Stardust$? Are we simply being given a cover story. Perhaps WW1 was party because people had enough of the heroin problems, and so the family largely behind this had to be presented as heroe$* afterwards? My ponders.

Chris H

Very, very, very good show Kyle

Wow, that was Sensational !

CIA: One hand does not know what the other is doing because ? Compartmentalized. Hmm. It’s like the Two Pillars of Freemasonry, on the left you have the black hand, and on the right, you have the white hand. Isn’t that how it works, you know, to give that air of Plausible Deniability ?
(I’m thinking of Valerie Plame blame game)

The Yidds put the Hey-Bros in MuzRael, and you know that it is ok to criticize the Policies of Israel, just so long as you do not expose who and why it was put there.

Thanks Kyle, Excellent !

Come to think of it, I know why Kissinger said to Putin: “America has a death cult”. and Putin Smiled slightly. If Putin was a “good guy”, the Russian Military would flame throw all those poppy fields, but no, they sit back and watch the West Disintegrate before they make their move with China. People that think justice is coming are fools. The United Nations and All of it’s other affiliate Corporations are simply Theater for the Stupid to take seriously. Iran and Syria are No Threat to Israel, they hate us just as much as the Yewes do. Al Assad Sulayman (Solomon) etc are Frauds in the big Pantomime which is why the West should simply Pull out of the Mid-East and protect its… Read more »

ZOG Occupation = Heroin Epidemics = White Genocide

Dennis Wise is working on a new documentary:

Rollie Quaid

Looks bad ass! I’m going to buy a copy as soon as it comes out.


It cuts to the chase. I think if there ever was a punch line that is is The Red blanket to cover up White genocide. It all converges on that, movies, mainstream “Kulture”, the science, the tech, all of it.


Thanks, Kyle.



Very, very informative. Downloaded and saved. Thank you Kyle.


Cracking show, that Disgruntled Leaf Network has a good overview of the heroin trade, which was the reason trade happened in the first place. Makes sense.


Soory, I meant Corbett Report, it was the one linked in the RT article, never mind me.


Ten or more years ago when I was listening to Darryl Bradford Smith and his guests such as City-financier-gone-White-Muslim “Muhammad Rafiq” I heard a show where Rafiq asserted the British opium trade from Bengal into China really got under way as a result of advice from one Sassoon advocating opium as a new exchange currency for exports of Chinese tea as the Brits had rapidly near-exhausted their stock of silver which had been used to settle international transactions in the commodity. I never did get round to verifying his assertion, but it has a “horribly realistic” ring to it. The caller around 2h 49m (iirc) is I do believe one Charlie no-planes whose remit seems to be (((damage limitation))). He ranges beyond Walter Mitty and… Read more »