Solar Storm: Home Learning for Renegade Families (8-12-18)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan and then also Sinead, as well as a numbers of callers. They get into the topic of “homeschooling,” why it is so important, the dangers of public and private schools, the connection between vaccinations and behavior issues and the drugging of young children, how the medical system and state want to intervene and own children from before even birth, how we can raise children in a more healthy environment, and some tips to help families.

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This is what a home birth baby looks like. Home birth babies are super alert after being born. We let the umbilical cord stay attached for 8 hours or so after the placenta was birthed, in order for all the vital nutrients, blood, and stem cells, to enter our sons’s body. The pic of my son and I on the bed was taken just a few hours after our son was born. I got to lay in my bed, and Kyle brought me fruit and tea. I can’t imagine having had to give birth anywhere but home.
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Wow! Thank you for sharing. Absolutely beautiful

Thank you! Scarlet, for your youngest daughter, I was thinking the site may be a good resource. They have free and low cost resources, made and sold my teachers. I use it a lot and love their free content. There are also sometimes “homeschool” groups that go out on social outings together.


I will definitely check that out, thank you Sinead. When the time comes I think I will need all the help I can get.
The pictures you shared are such a gift, and brought joy to my heart; but also grief. All four of my births looked more like your second set of pictures, the hospital birth, minus the c section. I commend you both for having the courage to do what you knew was right.

Thank you for sharing! You’ve got a beautiful little one and beautiful family! I really appreciate you putting yourselves out there to give a picture to encourage others and see that natural birth is not some scary thing while what most people are doing today and go through really is! I’ve been told by my better half that it really helps for a woman to actually see rather than just be told which of course I still forget at times. We will go the natural route for our future children!
Thank you Again!

You and your wife should watch this:
The full film can be purchased and it’s totally worth it.

Beautiful pictures of you and your beautiful baby boy! I have just recently become a grandmother for the first time – my new granddaughter is just three months old, and has beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful round face with lots of smiles, and such alertness! I am so happy for you and Sinead, that you have a healthy and wonderful family! I would love to share some experiences with Renegade about hospital births – much of it being negative! I hope that more of our peoples will be able to enjoy healthy families and healthy options!

Feel free to e mail me at


This was great. I’ve never commented before but it was really awesome to hear Sinaed! I miss her content. She was one of the first people that helped me wake up. I’m at really glad I found you guys! Keep up the great work!

Hospital birth:

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Does this look “safe”?

Dear Kyle, SInead, H.V. et al, Good show! I would like to share that when both my sons were born those were some of the most beautiful moments of my life yet also some of the most stressful and horrifying moments because of what went on at the hospital. Enough was said during the show that I feel no need to add anything but it was horrifying! I was scared for my son’s life the whole 11 hours before he was born. But when i first saw him my heart was changed forever and that love for your progeny is what motivates your racial love and I have corresponded with others that it is no coincidence that hosts and most of the listeners to renegade… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

This was a great show all thank you for the vital information. I would love to see a show about home birthing and natural pregnancy care. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that believed in and practiced home birthing. The first and only home birth I was present at was my brother’s when I was 3 1/2. I woke up instinctively and watched my Mom birth him on the bedroom floor. I’m thankful I wasn’t programmed into thinking that birth is how they show it to be in the movies. I was not homeschooled, but both my parents (who were teachers) spent time with me doing home learning in addition to going to public school. I did not like school at… Read more »


I was okay in small classrooms until the experimental Pod system of the ’70s in middle school. It was a sensory overload disaster for me as a sensitive child, open plan with three classrooms and very few windows — three teachers in same space in rotation.
If you sat in the back, you heard the teacher behind you in the other class. Usual suspects involved with that, Educational Facilities Laboratory, funding by Ford Foundation (CIA) 1958 to 1977.
I think it fostered atmosphere of you just being a number, because I remember thinking nobody’s paying attention to me, gives a shite. My brother’s learning disability went undetected for almost six months, when my mom found out he wasn’t doing any schoolwork, just sitting there.

How sad! I’ve worked in a lot of daycare settings and have had the child care workers nonchalantly tell me, “That kid needs an ass whooping.” Scary. Allowing a stranger to change your child’s diaper, and potty them is extremely troubling to me. People are way to naive about how child predators operate.


Yeah, I’d love to work with children, but I’d be troubled by what goes on too. My relative whose a teacher said children say things they’ve heard on super violent video games, and then the wifi, I really grieve over what’s happening to our children. But heartened by the homeschooling trend — an immune response to a sick society. One thing with tech entrainment is it inculcates sensory deprivation / derealization, and that was studied by mk’ers as a way to create hyper suggestibility. Even as an adult not growing up entrained, I was starting to feel that weird sense of de-realization, until I cut back to grounded ‘net and emf minimalism. So learning from the sensory world, nature and trusting what you observe, that… Read more »


My son is is in his teens now. I / we were never able to homeschool because of our split when he was young. I do believe I was and am still able to provide balance and reason for him and I do know he can see much of the madness around him.
And thank you for sharing your amazing pictures with us…………..


Thank you for sharing those pictures, Kyle and Sinead. A true and natural miracle!! You will help many young future parents escape the toxic delivery process.


Quintus Sertorius

Thank you Kyle, Sinead, HV, and Scarlett for giving us the benefit of your experiences with home learning and child rearing. This was quite simply an outstanding show! Your struggles and successes are a great inspiration. The prospect of raising a family in our debased and dangerously anti-White countries is very daunting. I hope this show was just the first of many more on the topic of teaching our young folk how to be learned, well-rounded, and ultimately confident and creative autodidacts. Any thoughts you have about how to prepare our children for the realities of our predicament, particularly the jewish problem, without (as Sinead mentioned) turning them into pariahs or exposing them as targets, would be a most welcome follow-up to your discussion so… Read more »


Aww shucks. I’d have liked to have heard the 30 seconds from Inebriated Bicycle Guy. Not to enable, but sometimes such an indulgence has something of substance to say. Sometimes.



”In this school children are the teachers to each other. In this school the sciences, concert tours, sports and technology go side by side. In this school pupils get their High School Diplomas at the age of 13-14, they complete one University and enter another one when they turn 17…”

I’m pretty sure the forest school Sinead mentioned is this one in Tekos Russia

An amazing documentary, well worth the watch.
Even if you don’t have children, it will surely gladden the heart seeing children meet their potential and excel beyond.

Anthony Roberts

I was a naturally happy and sunny child, and had no problems at school ( not knowing then what i know now of course), but their system is designed to produce anxiety and a fear of authority. It’s something i’m still dealing with to this day.

We need to set up our own Aryan learning centres in all our lands. Take our children completely out of their rotten indoctrination system, and make them happy and healthy. Folk will be attracted to that model.

PS A much-needed show for young couples, people like Scarlett trying to escape , and even childless folk like myself. We can all help. Thanks to the hosts and callers, and it’s wonderful to hear Sinead again.

Hospitals weren’t always so dangerous. I wish women who wanted labor support could have a safe place to go. Our families and babies deserve better!

Mark Have you seen this for home schooling? Just like regular school but all online. We have them in NV and I punched in your zip and looks like FL is one of the 26 states that have them.


Thank you. I am a homeopath and my kids have not been vaccinated, or taken any medication at all. They have never been taken to the GP. Unfortunately I only managed to have them through C section, after trying hard and long for a natural birth. They are 17 and 13 now.Unfortunately I also did send them to school as I was not aware of white genocide and Marxist indoctrination of our kids back then. I have been trying to teach them everything I have been learning about out folk and about what has been done in schools.


Kyle, might there be a way to get that English Muffin recipe? I ask here since I’m not on Gab. Anyhow, wow! You did a beautiful job.

Somehow I think a person’s soul is reflected in the breads he bakes.



wolf GT

Although I don´t have children etc. all very interesting and such a “warm” friendly show.


Related, sorta, and hmmm…

One can certainly read a lot into this.